Contemporary Living Room: 75 decorative examples –

Contemporary Living Room: 75 decorative examples

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For decoration salon trendy and modern, but not too cold or monotonous, choose to arrange a room contemporary living in your house. You do not see any difference between modern living and that of contemporary design?

Do not worry, many people share the same view and consider that the words "modern" and "contemporary" mean one and the same type of style. To clarify this, start with a small excursus on the difference in the meaning of these two words point of view of decoration and art history.

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Etymologically, the term "contemporary" comes from Latin and means "who lives at the same time" or "time is now." The word "modern", meanwhile, indicates that belongs to the present time or recently. In other words, the point of view of the French language, these two words are synonymous. Hence the common idea that the contemporary design and modern style are the same thing: a kind of decoration typical for this time.

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But even if this idea is not necessarily troublesome point of view of language, it is otherwise in the design field. Here, the "modern" term refers to a specific movement, which has its origins in the late 19th century, which developed later to have more branches and to extinguish finally, in the early 1980s . in this context, the word "contemporary" is about a current decorating style, that is to say that is of our time: it constantly evolves and changes in parallel with changes in taste of our society. In short, as paradoxical as it may, the modern style belongs to a period prior to the present time and it has different features contemporary design.

Furniture proposal for contemporary living arrangement

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The contemporary style that dominates the world of design since the beginning of the 21st century is more elegant and sophisticated than modern type of decoration. Compared to the latter, contemporary interiors are characterized by versatility. They do not have the sole purpose of being functional but, instead, rely on creative freedom and the fusion of influences and trends from around the world.

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Contemporary living room furniture idea

What does all this more practical point of view? In short: for a successful contemporary décor, it is necessary to focus on the harmonization of colors, textures and shapes in a room. These three elements must be combined elegantly, able to create a pleasant and functional interior space in question. here are some tips on how to coordinate these three elements.

Contemporary living Decoration: practical advice

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The contemporary design of interior design uses as a basis for neutral colors or pale colors. Think of your favorite shades and choose the ones you like to paint the walls of your living room. These shades are suitable for carpets, mats and curtains in the room, as well as some furniture such as sofa, chairs and armchairs. In addition to these basic shades, contemporary living room is completed with more vivid tones keys. They are integrated into the inside through cushions, rugs and mats.

House with wide open space and contemporary living

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The living room of this style offers a quiet and soft atmosphere. This is achieved not only through colors, but also through the materials and tissues present in the interior. For this reason, consider introducing furniture or wood or rattan accessories. Metal and glass items are also often used in contemporary settings. You are free to sevrir you to give a personalized look to your living room, counterbalancing their appearance a little cold and reserved by suitable accessories. The shape of furniture is one of the key distinguishing features of contemporary style. While modern furniture is generally simple, straight lines, this contemporary residence is rather with soft and curved shapes. The padded surfaces and those made of leather are also typical for a contemporary decor.

Room furniture, contemporary living

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The contemporary lounge is a comfortable and convenient space, but that does not lack some luxury decoration. Here, no question of accumulating objects and too ostentatious ornaments. Instead of doing that, go for contemporary art paintings, figurines or wood and ceramic vases, and on lighting design. These accessories should not be crammed into the living room, but posed the right to become endoits accents and highlight the decoration as a whole.

Decorative and contemporary living

Interior decoration contemporary living

The contemporary design of stay can be a very attractive and inviting space. Its soft and cozy atmosphere will put you at ease and provide the perfect backdrop for activities for couples, families and meeting friends. See photos in the gallery below and find more ideas to develop the contemporary ideal stay for your home:

Design contemporary living room by Lomma Derby

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Contemporary Living Room Layouts

Living room with contemporary furniture

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Contemporary Living Room

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Design Contemporary living room

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contemporary lounge furniture

Living room furniture with contemporary decor

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Contemporary living room furniture

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contemporary living room furniture

contemporary living room furniture

Living room furniture and contemporary retreat

Contemporary living room furniture

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Contemporary living room furniture

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Interior modern and contemporary living room

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Contemporary interior design living rooms

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contemporary living room design idea

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Contemporary interior living room

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