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25 design ideas for the decor cozy lounge in winter

deco salon horny fireplace modern style

When the days get shorter and the weather getting increasingly cold, there is nothing that could give us more pleasure than Deco cozy lounge and comfortable.

In this article, we'll give you 25 ideas in pictures and some tricks how to turn your living room into an inviting and comforting place this winter.

Deco cozy living room in beige shades

Deco horny Scandinavian living accessories Photo

To create a warm and cozy in your living room, you have to play with the senses and especially sight and touch. Choose soft furnishings that give you the impression to dive in. From Caterpillar, fake fur or mohair - these are perfect material for cold weather. As for the colors, opt for golden yellow, ocher, brown-red, orange or olive green. If you do not have a fireplace, it's time. There are various types of chimneys for all types of spaces and housing. The light should be soft and inviting - go for the beaded lamps or warm colors. Look:

Room Makeover inspired by winter

Deco horny lounge interior design furniture

pale gray decorated lounge

deco salon color combination chalereux

Decoration of ultra modern lounge

deco salon horny coating wood furniture

Decoration chalet-style lounge

decoration design contemporary living room

living room decorated in bright colors

deco brightly colored lounge

Living room with elegant decor

Modern living room decoration wood

warm beige and yellow living room

Deco cozy lounge yellow

Living room with wood ceiling and stone fireplace

deco stone fireplace lounge

warm colors in Room Makeover

deco living room warm colors

modern brown and yellow living room

deco lounge bright colors

Design living room with yellow couch

deco orange modern living room sofa

Comfortable living room with fireplace

deco modern lounge chminée

Photo living room with cozy decor

Deco Modern cozy lounge

Idea warm decor for living room

deco beige brown cozy lounge

contemporary interior with warm decor

white decor cozy lounge

Image lounge and cozy living room in pale gray

Deco warm living room gray

Deco rustic living room with fireplace

ultra modern living 0design

cozy living room photo

deco lounge red beige

How to revamp his living room for winter

deco ultra modern lounge

Fireplace in living contemporary stone chalereux

deco stone wood lounge

warm deco lounge

deco elegant modern living

white modern deco living room

Wall deco lounge interesting

original white gray deco lounge

deco living room Scandinavian style

large living room fireplace library

Modern red gray living room

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