Room Paint: what color to choose? –

Room Paint: what color to choose?

painting ideas for living interestingColors have the power to reflect our desires and feelings. They are able to change our moods, to talk about our personality, as well as playing the role of a wall that hides the rest of the world.

Our interior colors act as a filter of the porous surface of our personality masks that we are obliged to wear and the roles we play in our daily lives. The different colors cause tastes, smells and different feelings. They also carry various meanings and energies. They tell stories, they sing us songs. The colors represent the entire structures of values ​​and they transport us through time and space. This is why the painting for living room that we choose is not only a physical experience. It has a much richer meaning than just an element of the decor of our home.

modern living room paint

paint red room idea

Paint the living room means traveling through the meanings of colors. Do you want a living room that fits your personality? Want to create a room where you can relax, read a book and relax? Or rather, you would like a living space invite friends and feel comfortable in a friendly and open environment? Then all you have to do is choose the right color painting for living room!

Original Deco furniture in indigo blue

paint color for living indogo idea

If you opt for the orange color, your living room will be transformed into a warm and informal space: it is the expression of your adventurous spirit. The orange walls of your living room will breathe optimism and enthusiasm, self-confidence and creativity. The red will give energy to all your interior with waves of sensuality and passion. With the right furniture, the red living room will become a real triumph of passion and love.

orange Room Makeover

paint lounge orange design

The green room will be perfect for your moments of relaxation and meditation, these rare moments when you can finally rest. Generous, compassionate and high green door a very positive energy. And what about yellow? Yellow is cheerful and original. Its energy is a real challenge and it symbolizes the logic and wisdom if you have the courage to look beyond its powerful shades.

Living room with blue walls and gray sofa

paint blue lounge

Blue is peaceful and compassionate - this is the color of truth. The blue room is extremely elegant, a bit conservative, but can also be surprising and intense, everything depends on the chosen colors. Purple is original, often a color chosen by people who love the mysterious and very creative. Indigo is the color of integrity and sincerity, regulations and structures. If you are a responsible person, you aimerer indigo. And if you are convenient, friendly and stable, go for brown. Or if you choose pink, you will express your femininity and your romantic soul. Do you like the gray? Gray is mature and professional, formal and elegant. It is very similar to the money that is a little more daring and modern. Below are some ideas images:

Idea brown living room decor

brown paint lounge design

ultra modern living room with red accent wall

red paint for contemporary living

Living room with wall decoration in yellow and orange

painting for living modern design

Deco salon with yellow walls

deco lounge elegant yellow

Blue Design Show

indigo decoration contemporary living

Contemporary Deco furniture in gray

lounge decoration elegant gray

elegant living room decoration pink

Modern blue deco lounge

deco modern living room brown

gray deco living room idea

Modern blue deco lounge

painting red room idea

paint light blue lounge

paint yellow elegant lounge

elegant red paint lounge

paint yellow living room idea

paint brown lounge

paint orange modern living room

modern paint red room

paint white orange lounge

paint blue orange lounge

paint red room

paint green room

paint white green room

painting for modern green living

paint light purple lounge

deco white contemporary living room

Original gray deco lounge

White lounge contemporary design

white gray lounge contemporary design

living color design taupe

white living room modern gray design

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