Deco mountain chalet in the lounge 50 interesting ideas –

Deco mountain chalet in the lounge 50 interesting ideas

deco mountain cottage contemporary lounge

The style of living deco mountain cottage has a simple elegance, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The cottage decor is characterized by shades and warm colors, as well as by natural elements such as wood and natural stone.

Decorate your living room in the cottage style means creating an atmosphere "return to nature" and elegant comfort inspired in rustic design. In this article we will share with you some practical tips and many inspiring ideas to help you transform your living room into a place that is both modern, pleasant and welcoming.

Deco mountain chalet lounge

deco mountain cottage modern idea

The colors of nature form the color palette of the deco mountain cottage. These shades are warm, cozy and inviting. Earthy brown, deep black, forest green, the rustic red and burnished gold - these are the typical colors of the lounge decorated in chalet style. Bright white buttons, red and blue can also be found in the interiors inspired by nature. The decorative themes like wildlife, fishing and hunting are also often present in the cabin decor. Conifers, hummingbirds, pinecones and colorful tree leaves are included in various forms in the decoration of rustic lounge.

Modern Deco style cottage living room

Deco mounting elegant cottage living

Furniture used in the installation cottage décor are especially comfortable. Opt for large sofas and leather armchairs in rich shades allow you to sit and rest. You can also use padded Ottoman, decorated with plaid fabric or patterns inspired by nature. The coffee tables are made of bronze or black metal and glass surfaces to give texture to the interior decoration. Avoid still overloading your living room wood furniture - especially if the wall decor is also with beams or wooden boards - not to create too monotonous scenery.

lounge decorated with wood and stone

deco mountain cottage fireplace

The natural light and exterior views are typical for the living room of the cottage decorating. So it is better to have large windows or windows. As for the windows, you can very well opt for blinds or wooden shutters that allow you to adjust the brightness in the room. The tinted windows are another choice, very successful, to protect you from harmful UV rays without preventing you from enjoying the view. Depending on their color, they can also create some privacy.

elegant chalet-style Salon

deco mountain cottage contemporary idea

Decorative accessories in the living room cottage style can be compared to icing on a cake - it's always better with. Be creative and incorporate skis, snowshoes, paddles, fishing rods or old black and white photographs of scenes of outdoor activities in the decoration of your walls or the mantel. The plush carpets, blankets and decorative pillows will help you create a warm atmosphere. As for the lights, go for table lamps sculptural wooden or metal wall sconces and chandeliers for more elegance. Add candles to create a cozy, warm atmosphere and complete the decor of mirrors and decorative lanterns. Here are some ideas in pictures:

Interior design decorated in rustic style

cottage deco modern design

Eclectic Deco furniture with natural elements

Deco mountain cottage interesting idea

Modern living room with wooden ceiling design

Deco interior mountain cottage

Deco salon with rustic wooden shelves

deco wooden chalet lounge

Chalet-style room with large gray sofa

deco idea cottage living

deco, modern chalet idea

deco mountain cottage original lounge

Deco cottage mountain bay windows

Deco design mountain cottage

Deco mountain cottage interesting idea

deco mountain cottage living room idea

Deco interior mountain cottage living room

Deco chandelier design mountain cottage

deco mountain cottage cozy lounge

Deco modern mountain cottage living room

deco mountain cottage parlor

deco mountain cottage living room

Deco mountain cottage living room wood

deco mountain cottage contemporary lounge

Deco mountain cottage living decoratuon

deco mountain cottage living room idea

Deco mountain cottage living room interesting idea

deco mountain cottage modern lounge

deco mountain cottage red buttons

deco cottage living gray sofa

cottage deco modern lounge

cottage decor modern living room

deco style chalet living room idea

deco interior modern chalet style

deco interior modern living room cottage style

deco interior style cottage

cottage decoration modern living

decoration style cottage living room

deco lounge cottage idea

deco modern lounge style chalet

deco modern lounge style chalet

Deco style cottage living room

deco lounge modern chalet style

Deco lounge modern chalet style

idee deco style cottage living room

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