Modern living in 25 new inspiring examples –

Modern living in 25 new inspiring examples

modern living room design idea gray sofa lamp design

What makes a living room or a modern living room design? First is its layout: is it functional? Our living space for our needs.

It must be nice and pleasant to inhabit. Then it is his appearance. It should match our personal tastes, but also respect a line style director. In contemporary design, the big trend is Scandinavian style: minimalist interior with little decoration to create a mood of lightness and comfort. Discover our selection of 25 ideas that represent design modern living.

modern living room with nice green sofa and lighting design

modern living room furnishings idea green armchair white ottoman carpets green sofa lamp deco design plant

The above example is a large room that includes the kitchen (in the background) and the living room. Everything is very minimalist: the kitchen is white inside and with a light wood surface. The living room consists of a chair and a sofa in the same green, gray cushions are the same color as the three ottoman. The small metal coffee table is placed on a carpet of khaki green. Luminaires are an amazing and very original structure. For a slightly more natural element, a plant was set to decorate the living room.

dark and elegant interior of modern livingidea modern living room sofa table deco black white low white table

In this inside, we have a large black sofa placed on a light gray carpet. Three small tables, two white and one black, with it. The colors of the small cushions are in harmony with the picture of abstract art. The hard wall behind the sofa adds a luxurious side.

modern interior Living contrasting black and white black design contemporary chair design space carpet pendant light white floor

minimalist interior with black sofa and three abstract art framesModern design space black sofa style'intérieur contemporain

Decoration with constructivist style tablesofa gray carpet floor lounge coffee table glass table wall decor

Modern Outdoor Diningmodern design furnishings living room sofa blue wooden table

Soft colors, soft atmosphere develop modern living room sofa pink white coffee table

Living in industrial style, Allison Burkedevelopment space living room sofa floor lamp deco black pool mat Modern living room including sofa in dark gray and white coffee tablemodern living concept development couch black white coffee table green kitchen

Light colors for more light, Emotion School modern furnishings living room sofa cushion white gray floor mats original horse Deco

Industrial Style and designPlanning living original idea gray sofa white armchair coffee table contemporary living space sofa furnishings gray purple floor mats orange ottoman modern design Rustem-urazmetov modern design furnishings gray ottoman lounge sofa under the beatles Modern design studio apartment atviz Modern living room sofa table white design gray deco lounge aquariuim deco salon design frames gray sofa low furnishings living sofa white wood table table wall deco armchair modern living room furnishings suspended luminaire design living black design composition white frames furnishings living sofa black black library floor mats Planning living room sofa beige carpets wooden table lamp hanging open living area atviz lounge design sofa table black deco pendant light white furniture design furnishings modern living room sofa idea lamp dark gray mat contemporary living room sofa design idea gray furnishings furnishings living room sofa cushion black light gray mat design

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