Combine colors for the perfect decoration for the living room –

Combine colors for the perfect decoration for the living room

combine colors deco lounge

The living room is certainly room in your home where you spend the most time with your family to discuss, watch TV or simply relax.

So when it comes to decorating the living room and combine colors deco, choose a design that reflects your personality. But if you are not sure whether you should choose a monochrome palette, bright or rather neutral colors, read these helpful tips and watch our sample images to help you combine colors in your living room or in your living room.

Idea how to combine colors in the living room

combine colors living room idea

There he has a lot of natural light in your living room? If the room has small windows facing north, dark wood and purple are perhaps not the best choice. Opt for light, neutral colors, pastel or clear the gray. For their part, the bright rooms bear darker colors as well as light, neutral colors. If you have already chosen the carpet, the sofa or curtains for your living room, they also play an important role in the choice of colors you'll do for the decor of the room.

Combine colors in a modern lounge

associate coulers ultra modern lounge

The colors that blend well are the three basic colors - red, blue and yellow. The secondary colors, like green, orange and purple, for example, are obtained by mixing the primary colors. The pairs that blend well are directly opposed to each other in the circle of color and contrast that they create makes them even more intense. Conventional pairs that blend well together are red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple. But you are in aucin cases forced to use the most vivid shades of these colors. Thus the clear blue and amber are a perfect combination for a modern living room.

Association of modern colors in the contemporary lounge

combine colors contemporary lounge

If your living room is a room where you like to be quiet and meditate, get inspired by the nature and use of colors like blue and green. Green is the color known for its calming powers and its power to restore the inner balance. But if the room is a place for inspiration, go for a contemporary decor in bright colors like green and pink lemon candy, for example. Lex red, turquoise and citrus shades have an energizing power to the decor.

Deco salon with colorful furniture

associate the color yellow blue living room

Once the pattern of main colors decided to start looking for ideas of fabrics and materials that inspire you. Remember that the colors of the furniture are also part of the room decor. Here are 50 images of modern lounges and living rooms in bright colors, neutral or pastel that can serve as inspiration. Choose your favorite ideas and try to incorporate them into your home decor:

yellow and blue in Room Makeover

combine colors deco lounge

Salon design with colorful carpets

combine colors design living room

Deco salon with original sofa

associate the idea living color

Contemporary living room with elegant design

combine colors equipped with modern living

elegant living room with wood floor

combine colors modern living room

Salon design with purple chairs

combine colors living room

Room Makeover with colorful carpet

combine colors elegant living room

Modern living room with orange sofa

combine modern living color

decorated in red and white living room

associate red white colors

Salon design with accent wall in green

combine colors deco living room

Deco idea of ​​contemporary living

colorfully deco modern lounge

Design Show in red shades

combination living room colors

color matching design lounge

color matching elegant lounge

combination of colors modern living room

combine colors decoration living room

associate the idea colors

associate bright colors lounge

combine colors deco idea

associate the neutral colors lounge

combine colors deco living room

combine colors lounge

combine colors design living room

combine colors shabby chic lounge

how to combine colors idea

how to combine modern colors

how to combine colors in living room

how to combine colors lounge

decoration living room green sofa

red decoration white contemporary living room

decoration living room spacious design

elegant living room decoration

Modern living room decoration color

decoration original modern lounge

deco modern living room 2015

colorfully deco living room idea

modern living room decoration idea

deco lounge neutral colors idea

deco elegant blue walls lounge

Neutral living room painting idea

Design living painting idea

paint yellow living room idea

modern living room painting idea

ideas deco beige orange lounge

ideas deco contemporary lounge

ideas deco room design

elegant living room deco ideas

ideas deco gray living room

ideas deco modern lounge

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