The red brick stylized living in 35 examples to share with you –

The red brick stylized living in 35 examples to share with you

living room red brick inetrieur Layouts

Discover our magnificent examples for living room red brick perfectly decorated, is typical of the New York American lofts. This building material gives the spaces an unparalleled decorative touch.

A living room is often the cozy space in the house where you can gather with your family and friends and each designer, or just the owner, trying to make it as attractive as possible.

red brick room with modern decor

living room red brick modern style

A fireplace, plants, fur and, of course, a stone wall or brick would make your bathroom beautiful stay! Yes, it's hard to believe, but the rough bricks make the space comfortable and happy and complement the style you have chosen. In fact, a red brick living room is easy to fit your interior colors.

red and white brick with vintage furniture Salon

living example of red brick

In their natural state, slightly varnished or simply brushed, brick walls fit into the interior without problems. No space resist. The parquet or polished concrete enhance their essence and, blended with refined furniture, industrial touch reach a perfect blend Deco. Just choose the size and color you need - white for shabby chic or dark gray strictly for industrial space. Often, a fireplace is made of brick and the wall behind it continues the decor. Take a look at these examples to choose the perfect example of red brick living room and find ideas that you can use in the decoration of your home!

salon interior with brick wall
living room red brick color match

The brick wall joins the industrial design became trendy in recent years. How can one explain its success? It is the fact that this style has a significant Recycling side. The industrial style is elegant and bohemian at once. It will not be wrong to say that everything inside housed in this design style has a brick wall.

Modern living room decoration idea with brick wall
lounge deco idea contemporary red brick

The great advantage of the brick wall is his strength. Durable and attractive, the brick wall does not even need any special maintenance. If you can not afford the installation of a real brick wall, there are perfect imitation solutions: wallpaper, siding board, tiles.

Brick wall in a spacious living room and open lounge chair brick red leather

Install a brick wall in his living room, it's making it more cocoon. Combine it with the furniture DIY wooden palette for a 100% Recycling industrial look. Floor mats with ethnic patterns can be integral to the industrial style lounges. The industrial style and ethnic style mixture is still very successful.

well-lit industrial style living room

living room red brick floor mats

Basically, the lofts were designed in industrial areas where the brick wall was already present. It is in this way that the latter is introduced into contemporary interiors.

Open space living room and dining room

living room red brick chair design floor mats

Nowadays, many people appreciate the robust appearance of the brick. It is also installed in the bedroom contemporary. If you wish to do so, please see our publication with special selection of interior bedroom design with brick wall.

in white painted brick Salon living room red brick wall deco table mirror

The red brick is a classic. To provide a more modern look to your living room, you can paint your wall white brick.

Lounge with white brick wallThe red brick stylized living in 35 examples to share with you

The leather chair - one of the great stars of the industrial fair. Look at this beautiful interior room and the perfect combination of brick, leather, wood and metal aged:

original and refined decoration

refined decoration original

brick and paddle Salon 100% Recyclingwell lighted living room industrial style

Decorative plant

brick wall open spacious lounge

Loft with red brick walls

loft brick walls red

living Image and brick walls

wood floor brick wall living room view

The brick wall can also integrate with other styles of interior. We see more and more often interiors and minimalist Scandinavian style with brick walls. Dare to mix styles to create the interior of your dreams. The brick wall makes any aesthetically interesting and inviting room.

Photo of a modern minimalist living room

modern minimalist living room view

View of a small glass coffee table and an industrial style wall

view coffee table glass wall industrial style

Photo of a fireplace in a modern living room

chimney clear view modern living room

Living and dining room with brick wall

rustic modern living style

Inside the image below is a perfect example of a modern industrial loft. Ceramic brick color dresses the walls. The sound is coated polished concrete. The furniture is vintage. The interior is composed of a large abstract painting, an ethnic floor mats and a green plant in pot.

solon modern industrial style

To heat an industrial interior, there is no need to install a chimney! Put some potted plants, wooden objects and furniture and woolen carpets to make your cocoon lounge.

Indoor fireplace lounge

rustic but artfully decorated

Finally, have a home in his living room is the dream of many people. The brick fireplace is one of the classic interiors in rustic style. It is also a convenient way to introduce the brick in your living room.

Indoor fireplace lounge idea

ground wood decoration minimalist

rustic interior brick fireplace

country style living room

The wall of white brick adapts perfectly to the Scandinavian minimalist style lounge.

Interior brick wall white

living room walls white bricks

Modern living room with brick wall

wood floor modern minimalist living room

Wooden false ceiling, brick wall, ethnic carpets and color palette: an interior that mixes several styles and is seen very cocoon. Check out the rest of our living room wall suggestion red brick and find inspiring ideas for the design of your:

Interior mixes styles

living room decoration bright colors

Light comfortable living room furniture

modern and spacious lounge with a fireplace

chic and elegant living room with a wall of red brick

brick wall painted white convenient living
originals Furniture wooden walls red bricks

black furniture floor wood fireplace view

comfortable lounge furniture chic

large windows wood wall red brick
Original gray wall decoration

brick fireplace living room coffee table dresser

orange chair storage cabinet white books

sofa red brick wall

sofa gray brick wall

sofa white window view

white sofa comfortable lounge

lounge minimalist brick fireplace

living room red brick modern decoration

living room furniture painted white brick vintage

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