The minimalist apartment – five selected designs –

The minimalist apartment – five selected designs

Poteet Architects minimalist home

The minimalist style is known not only for its clean lines and simple forms but also for its sophisticated aesthetic. The lack of decorations and patterns makes it chic and sleek minimalist style.

That does not mean it is boring, look at these five stylish minimalist apartments.

Design minimalist apartment

minimalist apartment yellow contrast

Appointed by Poteet Architects this modern luxury apartment is minimalist white theme. The sharp accents of red, blue and yellow in the mural and furniture contrasts perfectly with the all white design.

The minimalist luxury apartment Poteet Architects

lobby minimalist home artwork Poteet

contrasting furniture


Minimalist dining room with yellow pattern

dining room minimalist contrast Poteet Architects
The minimalist loft Romolo Stanco contrasted by red and pink

sofa minimalist loft contrast romolo stanco

Romolo Stanco created this minimalist-style apartment in white theme with pink and red accents. The main level contains a large living room, kitchen and dining room under the staircase and the loft where the bedroom is located. The attic room with a vaulted ceiling and includes a modern luxury bathtub opposite the bed

minimalist loft main level

minimalist loft romolo stanco stay

View of the dining room minimalist

dining room minimalist loft romolo stanco
Attic room and luxury baignore

minimalist loft bath room stanco

Bathroom loft with pink pattern

romolo stanco minimalist bathroom

The minimalist apartment designed by the Dutch architectural studio Hofman Dujardin

minimalist apartment hofman Dujardin

The Dutch architecture studio Hofman Dujardin has created a minimalist design in this apartment of 100 square meters, using white theme with bright accents. The living room is naturally bright, thanks to skylights and glass wall. The floor is dark wood and the furniture is upholstered in royal blue.

minimalist fireplace Dujardin

The kitchen floor is dark stone, the chairs are orange and red patterns and the same kitchen is white.

kitchen minimalist apartment hofman Dujardin

minimalist penthouse hofman Dujardin

The fascinating minimalist architecture Reinhard Jung

storage minimalist apartment jung

The project Berlin Apartments Reinhardt Jung was inspired by the concept of the human body, comprising two decided linked apartments in the white theme. The result - a minimalist apartment with stylish furniture repository and fascinating architecture.

white theme minimalist apartment

The attic apartment with black accents by Norm Architects

minimalist apartment norm architects

This minimalist loft apartment designated by Norm Architects in Copenhagen was sophisticated, combining the theme of white with black accents. The interior consists of integrated surfaces and wall color supply, adding architectural detail design. The decor is simple and elegant and sophisticated at the same time.

fireplace minimalist apartment norm architects

minimalist apartment office norm architects

Norm architects minimalist room apartment

minimalist apartment kitchen design

Norm architects minimalist bathroom

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