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Deco living room in red color – some wonderful ideas and trend

Deco red living room sofa wall deco design table

Are you looking d`idées to beautify your living room? If your answer is yes, check out our great selection of pictures deco salon red in color. Whether you want to paint a wall or add furniture to beautify your space.

You will find, no doubt, your inspiration. So enjoy!

Deco living room - nice cushions in red

Deco red white living room sofa cushions red table trend wall

If you have not n`osez, for example, an entire wall painted red, just opt ​​for small accents such as pillows. They can accompany d`une impeccably sofa in gray. Look at the picture above! The clean lines are supplemented with coffee tables rectangular shape.

Deco living room - luxury and style to your space

Deco red room red sofa trend idea shelves

Embed a sofa in red color or paint a wall in the same color, is a long-term investment. So you have to think carefully before starting. However, the end result can be successful. Look at the picture above! The red color brings style to your space, and is well accompanied by white, black and gray. The parquet remains an option preferably lorsqu`il s`agit d`un flooring because it cleans very easily l`aide d`un vacuum and mop; in addition, it is less expensive compared to solid parquet. So enjoy! Please find below more of d`idées Deco salon.

Leather sofa with red cushions

Deco lounge cushions red leather sofa Deco Wallfloor mats red and gray sofa and armchairfloor mats red wooden coffee table trend gray sofa

trend Living room with red curtainsdeco salon color-red-original-idea-curtain sofa lamp ceiling

red cushionsDeco-living-color-red-original-idea-red cushionsmodern living roomDeco-living-color-red-original-idea-wall sofa

Accents in red color for your living room


original forms as deco salon


Set sofas for the living room

Deco-living-color-red-original-idea-set sofa

red carpet and chair


Style for your living room

Deco-living-color-red-idea-original-table-cushion sofa

nice table with storage space


Beautiful combination of red and white

Deco-living-color-red-idea original curtain-glass-table

red chairs for the living room

Deco-living-color-red-original-idea-chairs, sofa cushions

Deco living room in red color for your ceiling

Deco-living-color-red-original-idea-sofa-glass round table

Sofa luxury leather

Deco-living-color-red-original-idea-sofa-table rectangular glass

Beautiful light to brighten the living room

Deco-living-color-red-original-idea-sofa-red rectangular tableLuxury sofa in red and white for the living room

Deco-living-color-red-original-idea-sofa cushions-scratch

Deco living room sofa red rectangular wooden table

Deco-living-color-red-original-idea-red sofa-table-low

Deco living color red sofa white armchair

Deco-living-color-red-original-idea-red sofa chair

Red is a color character which can represent simultaneously love and hate. Being a very hot color, it symbolizes fire and temptation. Ideal for a give pep to your interior style.

Deco-living-color-red-original-idea-sofa chairs

Red is a strong and powerful color, so if you want to incorporate it in a room of the house would be perfect for your living room decor.

Deco-living-color-red-original-idea-accent pillows

The red room designs are always dynamic and full of life and are often very entertaining. The red makes your salon into a warm and welcoming space.

Deco-living-color-red-original-idea-sofa cushions

How emphasize the color red? Being a very strong color it is important not to overdo it. The red goes well with pure design and black.

Deco-living-color-red-original-idea-corner sofa leather

You do not need to paint the whole room red to achieve the desired effect. You can simply use red for accent pieces such as carpets, curtains, decorative pillows, etc. You also have the freedom to use several different shades of red like red-orange hues for pillows or burgundy for the curtains.

Deco-living-color-red-original idea fathead wall

Because red is a powerful color, it does not have to be the dominant color in the room, to attract attention. A red living room design can also be composed mainly or white and neutral colors with only small red accents here and there. The most difficult task is to find the balance between colors.


The modern living room decor could benefit from massive and dynamic accents. A red sofa in the living room could be the perfect accessory. If you want to create a more advanced setting, you can also combine red tones with blue and other pastel colors. It is also best to use neutral colors for the rest of the decor when you decide to opt for the red-light color.


Red is also very beautiful when combined with black and white. In addition, you can use the red in combination with brown and blue for a more traditional look. The orange-red is perfect for modern living room decor and red brick is rather whether to create a more cozy feel.

large fireplace living room design open house red accent living room decor grand piano hanging lamp

The colors chosen for your interior living directly reflect your personality. Although most of us do not spend much time thinking about the color of the living room, it affects us every day because it can influence our daily moods and thoughts.

pink sofa coffee table red room white wooden chair idea deco salon

You do not have to worry about trends to have a beautiful home. The color trends come and go. The importance of good you feel and if you opt for red, we advise you to mix colors until a pleasing result.

Deco living room sofa idea burgundy decor accent red frame

In addition, each color has the power to change the shape and size of the room itself. The red tends to make your living room too spacious, if you keep it as part of focus. If it prevails, it may become more cumbersome.

red armchair sofa design coffee table wood glass hanging lamp

Red increases the energy level of a room. This is the most intense color from the entire range. This is a good choice when you want to create romance and passion. The color red in a dining room or living room lounge is known Collated people and stimulates conversation.

red living room wall deco table sofa White Leather Design wooden table

Warning ! If you opt for a red color for your decor red room be aware that this could reduce your space. It is known that the lighter colored caps have the highest air, while those who are darker give the impression of being lower.

white red lounge chair cushions black coffee table decor wall art home

Anyway, first make a plan in your head before you put in the work, because with this strong color must be very careful not to do too much.

design of'intérieur salon idée déco tableaux murs canapé gris foncé tabouret en cuir

Original design lamp modern living room mirror hanging decoration idea lounge chair

desgin living room wall idea orange chair sofa table decoration bamboo

design modern living room sofa red white black table hanging lamp design

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