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Art and decoration, the ingredients of an exclusive lounge

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Reconciling work of art and decoration living without living provided in a museum? For art lovers, it can be tempting to want to keep as close to self small artistic treasures which one holds the most.

Over time, the impulsive side collectors of art objects can risk making it look like the rooms of the house to a motley mess in which the finesse of some works might go unnoticed, given the avalanche and many acquired works.

reconcile art and interior design

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Which would be a shame, because a work of art, regardless of its size or its price, needs a rational layout and a policy in the style of our interior. If you are this obsessed with owning art, and that your home is awash in artistic abundance, you better think about devoting a room that is the exclusive showcase your passion.

keep a policy in style

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For an ideal integration of your favorite works in the interior decoration, keep a certain extent, and design a room layout that is the receptacle of affection that you design for art. The lounge is an ideal place to exhibit your favorite pets, and the subtlety of the operation will reside in that the entire room functions as a showcase, highlighting the creative talent that is on display.

the show becomes a showcase for this Artwork

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This design that integrates art and decoration is in itself an artistic approach, and that's the best way to pay tribute to an artist to continue his work, in a way, by exhibiting in a context that is entirely its advantage in terms of lighting, composition of forms with the surrounding furniture, continuity of the tone being used or voluntary choice to bring a contrast. Examples salon where art is camouflaged with the rest of the development.

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this magnificent carpet mimics the sober decor

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