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37 creative ideas for an absolutely breathtaking Japanese garden

Japanese modern design garden

There is something particularly soothing and deep in oriental style and especially in the Japanese garden. Maybe it comes from the philosophical influence of the Eastern regions or perhaps a combination of the way of life and the connection with the nature of the Oriental peoples.

Japanese Garden with a red tree

Japanese red tree garden

These factors are the basis of the creation of Japanese garden which with its serene atmosphere is a wonderful gift for the outside of all modern homes. Here are some pictures of Zen gardens that can possibly become a source of inspiration for your own garden design at home. Each garden design is unique and has extraordinary individual elements. Watch this oriental beauty with its shapes and beautiful colors to make ideas Deco Zen garden:

Garden decor with carved shrubs

Japanese garden deco shrubs

The Zen garden is a place of tranquility and meditation. It is composed of sand, gravel, moss and rocks. We find only rarely other plants, from which it takes its other name: dry garden. In the collective consciousness Zen garden and the same as the Japanese garden. Indeed, the Japanese garden is planted, large size and the water is always present. The Zen garden is usually small. He favors the presence of rocks, sand, gravel. The foam is not the only plant organism. In a Zen garden, it does not install the garden paths or curbs. Today we no longer differentiate between the two because Zen has become synonymous with "relaxing". When talking about Zen garden, we imagine a nice green outdoor space and predispose to relaxation.

original garden decoration

Original Japanese garden deco

The Japanese garden, as its name suggests, is from the Japanese culture. In Japan, the development of outdoor spaces is a highly respected artistic activity. This type of garden seeks harmony and tries to idealize nature. By combining simple elements (water, sand, stone, plants) that creates the desired soothing ambience. Neither the Japanese garden or the Zen garden looking to recreate a balanced landscape. Instead, the asymmetry is considered as the basis of harmony. Hence the need to have rocks and odd number of plants.

oriental inspired decorative composition

Japanese garden composition deco

If you create your Zen or Japanese garden in an urban environment, think to hide all items that do not suit him. Installing bamboo boards blackout's a good idea. Avoid any kind of steel fences, concrete or metal.Japanese bamboo garden stone fence

Is it possible to combine several elements of Zen garden and the Japanese garden? Yes of course ! It's up to you how to design your exterior in the best way possible. The most important is to create a space you like.

Japanese garden decoration idea basin'eau

Japanese culture inspired many people. It has already introduced long ago in our contemporary gardens. Plant species such as Japanese maple, pine or five leaves and boxwood are ideal Japanese garden. We also find oak, beech, willow, giant bamboo and dwarf bamboo. And of course, a must for any garden is said Japanese, Japanese cherry with beautiful flowers pink. Apart iris, magnolia and camellia, flowering plants are virtually nonexistent in the design of this type of garden. It also chooses its plants according to its space and orientation. If you have a small outdoor space, balcony or garden area, it will be difficult to plant large trees. He is advisor to bet on shrubs and small plants development.

Japanese garden pebbles idea

Deco idea Japanese garden with large stonesJapanese garden stone decor big idea pool

Small Japanese garden with gravel in front of a houseJapanese garden pebbles pebble deco tree

The first Zen garden was created in the city of Kamakura in the twelfth century. The Buddhists were the first to design and Japanese Zen gardens in their temples. Kamakura is a small town, far from Tokyo, situated on the coast of the ocean. Today it is famous with its numerous temples and much visited for its beaches.

traditional Japanese garden Photo

Unique Japanese garden tree-red

Asian garden with interesting decor

Lawn original decoration

Idea Japanese garden with miniature trees

Japanese garden extravagant carved trees

In the Japanese garden, you can install garden paths. Also as in the Zen garden, the foam is present, but we find much more vegetation. The Japanese garden is very green and mineral. It fascinates with its large trees and plants beautiful flowers. It is as if the Japanese were trying to recreate the beauty of nature in a single table.

Garden decor with wooden door

Unique Japanese garden decor

Listen or watch the water has a very soothing effect. Since Japanese gardens are places of meditation, installing fountains, water basins, streams and others.

Japanese style house with garden Japanese garden design Aménagment

Exotic and surprising, this is how we define the Japanese garden. As soon as one is present, you feel fascinated by vegetation and harmony born of the imbalance of elements present.

Beautiful garden with flowers Japanese garden design extravagant

zen garden with bamboo fence Photo

single original decoration Japanese garden

Asian Garden landscaping Layouts Japanese green space

Modern Japanese Garden decoration outdoor garden decor Layouts

It often installs small bridges and lanterns to decorate. Indeed, all the elements are trying to recreate a true paradise on earth.

The typical Japanese style Layouts Japanese style garden

A waterfall deco to JapaneseJapanese deco waterfall

Japanese house with garden bloom Japanese home decoration

Jardina deco with callous and rocks Japanese garden design decoration

Oriental-inspired green space outside decorative garden plants

Japanese decor Lake Original Japanese style decoration

Green area of ​​Asian design Asian design space

Outside Asian design space

outside Japanese design space

Japanese-inspired outdoor space

Japanese outdoor pool area

Japanese original deco space

Japanese decoration space

Deco green space

Japanese garden deco Layouts

Japanese garden deco ispiration

Japanese garden extravagant stones

home Japanese garden design

exteieur Layouts Zen garden

Layouts Zen garden outside

Layouts modern Zen garden

deco minimalist Zen garden

decoration Zen garden outside

Japanese garden decoration idea

Japanese style garden water

Japanese rock garden

minimalist Zen garden

exotic Zen garden house

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