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45 ideas minimalist and Zen garden to create a relaxing atmosphere

Jardini minimalist exterior design

For some a jatminimalist rdin may seem too simple and boring, while others find it beautiful and elegant. Indeed minimalist garden is a perfect family garden which offers moments of relaxation and calm.

To arrange a Zen garden of Japanese inspiration we must know well use the space. We must plant and defined materials in combination with a simple and structured design. Here are some simple tips to follow if you want to arrange a Zen garden.

modern minimalist garden

Outdoor decor ideas minimalist garden

Creating a minimalist garden begins with the delimitation of outer space. It is vital to create a color scheme and well-defined materials within a limited space with a fence, hedge or wall. The colors are neutral and natural. Limit the materials used is also very important to achieve a minimalist and uncluttered appearance. The paving seem like a natural choice for the Zen garden but provided it is done properly and taking care of the details.

Zen garden with elegant decoration

minimalist garden outside Layouts

The grass is another option for a Zen garden and simple because it is a neutral base that easily combines with surrounding stone or wood. This type of garden does not require many kinds of different plants - try to limit your choices to three different kinds in the same color but in different shades. The box is often the favorite plant minimalist gardens. The plant pots you use must be contemporary and sleek design. Water is an element that has a very important place in the Zen garden. Try to find a small decorative fountain or create a pond of water will create a calm look on the general space of the garden. Some pictures that show the beauty of this wonderful garden:

Zen garden decoration idea

decoration minimalist zen garden

Garden landscaping Japanese-inspired

deco modern minimalist garden

minimalist garden decor

minimalist garden decoration idea

minimalist decor idea for outdoor

deco design garden miniamliste

minimalist design garden decoration

minimalist garden pond

minimalist Landscaping

Zen minimalist design garden

Zen and minimalist decoration for outside

minimalist modern design garden

Garden with simple design

deco single garden Layouts

interesting Japanese Garden

Layouts minimalist garden idea

minimalist garden decoration

deco interesting Zen garden

Garden landscaping with relaxation area

deco garden zen relaxation area

Garden with modern decor

deco modern Zen garden plants

original garden decor

deco original Zen garden

contemporary garden decoration idea

simple modern garden decoration

Garden with decorative fountain

elegant decoration modern garden

Garden with Japanese design

Layouts Japanese garden idea

Beautiful little Zen garden

Layouts small garden idea

elegant garden decoration idea

deco zen garden idea

For a minimalist and Zen garden effect, opt for a clean grass that you can embellish with a natural stone path. Attention maintenance of the grass is very important and must be there to watch at least once a week.

garden decoration idea

When you think Zen is referred to relax, rest and nature. What better way than to create its own small pool of water in his garden? Another option would be to design a fountain. The sound of water is very relaxing and some benefit for a good nap in the afternoon.

Zen decoration idea jardinz

A minimalist garden is a symbol of purity and linearity, combining sober colors. In the spirit of simplicity to your home you can switch pretty plants with decorative pebbles, sand and natural stones.

modern Japanese garden idea

As already mentioned above, water has relaxing properties. That is why it would be a good idea to arrange your outdoor jaridn a table and chairs to profitrer most of your outdoor lunches. Opt louse also a hammock or deckchairs for your siestas.

interesting modern deco garden

Which plants to choose a minimalist garden? If you do not have much time to engage in the maintenance of your green paradise, choose shrubs and plants that do not require too much attention. Plant them without cluttering your garden, always in a minimalist tyle.

deco design minimalist garden

For a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere just find the style that makes you suitable for you. Some prefer to have more greenery, others rely on the decoration of natural garden, stone and wood are among the favorites.

minimalist modern deco garden

Everyone likes to enjoy its outdoor garden during the beautiful seasons of spring, summer and fall. But what about the rest of the time? Opt for a glass building to enjoy your garden throughout the year. As seen stay warm and shelter while enjoying your green paradise around.

Simple elegant deco garden

And do not forget to keep harmony in the garden it must be maintained periodically. Your lawn requires to be mowed often and your bushes must be carefully cut to keep their shape and do not let them Dryer Exhaust Fan.

Japanese garden contemporary design

Shrubs are plants that should not be missed to incorporate into your garden. This is the basis of your garden decor. Be sure to choose them so that some bloom in spring and summer, the other in autumn and winter. So your garden will be beautiful and cared for throughout the year.

garden modern contemporary design

Being smaller than the trees you can plant your shrubs not only around in your garden, but also in pots.

Zen garden contemporary design

Remember to insert in your minimalist decor garden a rest area. You could hang a hammock, swing trays or small benches decorated with cushions for comfort.

garden modern design

Bamboo fountains, rocks, plants - all these elements assossient around water, vegetable and mineral characteristic of a Zen atmosphere.

Garden Zen design pond water

Exotic plants have quite place around your pool of water. For concervoir your minimalist garden decor it is important to be well organized because the priority is to achieve a harmonious result.

Modern Japanese Garden

To put some romantic atmosphere in your garden, use a small wooden or stone bridge that delineate your green space in two.

minimalist Japanese-style garden

Not Japanese stone garden, wooden paths - all part of a minimalist deco design for your garden. Natural materials are the priority for a zen and refined style.

Zen garden landscape

The rollers are often present in a minimalist decor garden. But it is important to place them. So before you launch it, make a plan in your head for good finalize your project.

Zen bamboo fence garden

Zen garden deco bamboo

Zen garden pebble deco

Zen garden deco single

Zen garden interesting design

Zen modern design garden

Zen original design garden

Zen garden fountain water

small Zen garden deco

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