The wooden hut for children: original decor ideas –

The wooden hut for children: original decor ideas

cabin for child idea

For your children are really enjoying themselves with their cabin for children, it must be decorated according to their desires and tastes. So the most logical approach that seems to let your children participate in the construction and decoration of their cabin project.

Today, we will focus on the elements that will make the cabin for child a magical place where your children spend a lot of time to play and have fun.

children's wooden hut in the garden

cabin for child swings

The slide is a great idea to decor for the cabin because the kids love it and it also allows small, accident, get out much faster than the cabin. The swing is another idea that your kids will love and it should be quite easy for you to find a place under the cabin to install a swing. Consider installing several swings in case you have more than one child.

cabin for children with spiral walkway

cabin for idee child

And who does not love hammocks? It attracts not only adults but also children. By installing a hammock in the hut of your child, you are going to offer him a place to play, have fun, relax and even take a nap in the afternoon. The gateway is another element that will appeal to your children. And especially if you have built a castle-shaped hut or if you have two cabins you want to connect.

Wooden hut on tree in the garden

cabin to bridge child

If you have done the cabin on a single tree, then it is almost impossible to decorate the cabin with a veranda. But if there is a hut made of several trees, then make a porch or balcony is something that the little ones will love. If as a child you also had a cabin, then you must remember very well having a cabin with a door was truly magical.

cabin for children with Deco veranda

cabin veranda child

Continuing with the periscope or the telescope. Because being in his cabin, it's really interesting to see the world through a periscope or a telescope. Your kids can have fun watching the stars at night or just play pirates or explorers. And speaking of pirates, why not decorate the cabin of your children with a pirate ship wheel? They will be happy, especially if you have boys with a great imagination.

Decorative wooden hut with wooden bridge

cabin for child bridge

Many birds live in trees, so if you're trying to build a log cabin on a tree in your garden, remember that you may be going to destroy their nests. Therefore, make a birdhouse next to the hut of your children is a good idea. Small also will love watching closely how the birds live. Here are more ideas for the decor of the cabin child in images:

Original wooden hut Ideas

cabin ideas for kids

blue wooden hut childcabin for child idea

rustic cabin for childwooden hut idea child

wooden children play house ship-shapecabin child ideaWooden hut for children modern, Kyoto maxicabin for child

child wooden hut decoration with post box

cabin for postbox child

Deco cabin with balcony

wooden hut castle child

Small wooden house in garden for children

wooden hut deco child

cabin decorated in green and blue

Exterior wood deco child hut

Exterior wood deco child hut

child decoration wood hut

wooden hut child modern design

wooden hut child original design

wooden hut idea child

wooden hut idea deco child

wood interior cabin child

small child wooden hut

wooden toboggan hut child

wooden hut child slide swing

cabin for bell child

cabin for child deco idea

cabin birdhouse for child


cabin for door child

cabin for sound tube baby

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