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Water Gardens: 101 ideas pools and outdoor fountains

water garden design ideas outside

The water gardens make dream ... If you have the happiness to enjoy a garden, big or small, maybe it's time to rethink its furnishings and decoration.

What to do to create a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere in the garden? There is nothing more magical than a garden with ponds and fountains. The water basin models are varied: fountain, small waterfall and many others. These components will translate the atmosphere and the natural landscape of the garden. They soften the harsh textures such as stone and ceramic. Furthermore, their presence promotes moisture in the air and it even has a beneficial effect on our health.

Water Gardens: pools and garden fountains 101 pictures

water gardens fountains'eau deco style moderne

All that is needed to create and maintain your water garden is available in the large garden centers or specialty shops. There are, however, some rules to follow if you want to achieve a harmonious and balanced, to create a space that is pleasant throughout the year.

Terrace and pool of water with big fish

water garden fish pond idea long wooden chair plants acquatique

Having a pool of water in his garden with small fish, this is a dream! How to install it, what are the rules to follow during its installation and its maintenance? First, choose the basin type. In general, there are two possibilities: the cover and the shell. The tarpaulin is difficult to install, but allows freedom to choose the shape and size desired. It is also economical and extremely weatherproof. The second option, the shell is often chosen for its easy installation. It is ideal for small spaces. Just dig a hole in your garden in the shape you want to create: square, round, oval, etc.

Fontaine to decorate the garden

Garden basin'eau idée aménagement extérieur fontaine

As for the equipment, be aware that installing a pool involves the installation of a pump, a filter and a water jet. To maintain good health of your pond, there are a few key rules to follow. First, be aware that filters and pumps operate continuously, day and night, between April and October. With the arrival of the cold season, one must disconnect and clean.

A large and beautiful garden terrace

Garden design pergola basin'eau idée extérieur aménagement moderne banc bois

The pool requires sunshine 5 to 6 hours a day. Plus it is deeper, it needs sun. It is recommended to expose the southeast and to avoid exposure to the north or south. A pool under the trees is romantic, unfortunately, in the autumn leaves fall, causing slime formation.

Water basin decorated with stones

Water Gardens idea Designers basin'eau pierre

Which plants to choose for its water basin? The climate is precisely one of the first factors to consider to choose vegetation that can adapt better to the temperature and weather conditions in your area and location of your property. It is advisable to identify shaded and sunny areas of your yard to determine how best to allocate the different plant species. The garden plot your configuration is important. Access to water is an essential point for maintaining the plants in your garden. Having access to water pipes facilitate their watering.

Way of large stones

Water Gardens idea landscaping stone path

For landscaped garden, it is obviously important to consider the environment in which it is located: urban or rural. He must also register in the style of your home. Create a common line between the two environments is important.

Water basin decorated with large rocks in a dream garden

Natural stone garden decor outdoor landscape

For small gardens or for land that does not allow the installation of a large pool, there are other models that do not require much introduction. The hull is ready to use and very resistant. The miniature ponds quickly can satisfy the urge pool without touching the garden! Often those who only have a terrace or balcony, opt for this choice. It is recommended that small basins in shaded areas to avoid water heats too quickly and thus avoid the appearance of algae!

Small urban garden with water basin

small urban garden idea Designers basin'eau salon de jardin

decorating idea for small gardens

small Zen garden pond design original stone decoration idea

wooden basin for small spaces

Deco wooden garden pond garden idea Designers

Cascade wooden water basin

pond garden fountain decoration idea creek plants

Small black water pond with water liliesidea plant garden basin'eau déco extérieure

Grand majestic garden

planning water basin stone garden idea Deco plants

Zen garden with water basin

Water Gardens development idea Zen garden pond

Decorative fountain with frog

decorative fountain garden decoration idea plants stones

Stone fountain and bamboo

exterior decoration garden idea bamboo original exterior decor garden furnishings

Mini decorative basin

small white basin garden landscaping idea

brown decorative waterfall

brown wood decorative fountain garden modern exterior design plants decorating ideas

original Cascade

stone fountain decorating outdoor garden idea

Decorative fountain for small and large spaces

Water gardens decorative fountain garden plant design idea

Stone fountain

Garden fountain idea original modern exterior decor garden design idea deco fountain stone plant small urban garden idea deco exterior small outdoor space Fountain stone waterfall outdoor garden decoration idea water gardens cascading outdoor garden decor idea water garden waterfall garden stone plant metal timber garden idea waterfall outside nénuphares deco design idea wood floor Water gardens idea basin outdoor garden wooden bench waterfall basin idea outdoor garden furnishings stone garden fountain outdoor decoration idea cascading plants small decorative garden pond waterfall deco idea Deco idea Zen garden stone pondDeco waterfall garden landscaping pond original ideafountain idea siren outdoor garden decor solar energy ration Designers idea cascade'eau original bassin déco plante outdoor garden decor idea stone basin'eau basin'eau pierre idée aménagement extérieur moderne décoration Deco stone basin flowers modern landscaping idea waterfall basin idea stone fountain design Deco Stone Garden landscaping idea pool basin'eau idée jardin aménagement déco pierre fleurs idées small fountain idea wicker outdoor garden decor waterfall garden decorative idea original landscaping Deco idea garden small fish pond idea outdoor garden decor furnishings basin Strategic planning outdoor garden decoration idea plants landscaping idea basin'eau pierre déco jardins aquatiques Water gardens idea basin deco stones Deco idea Deco flowers cascading stone basin Decorative garden stone waterfall original idea landscaping garden design idea basin'eau pierre déco Deco idea vegetation outside round basin development garden design idea deco fountain outside modern decor stone original idea deco fountain garden pond plants stones Deco fountain idea outdoor garden stones water garden fountain deco furnishings figures garden design idea basin'eau cascade Romantic Garden fountain idea Deco Designers water gardens vase deco fountain idea extéireur garden layout idea water garden plants pond stone decoration idea Designers basin'eau idée pierres décoration originale basin'eau pierre poissons idée aménagement pont bois extérieur garden furniture design idea basin'eau pierre déco plantes Designers water gardens water garden pond fish stone exterior modern idea original decor Basin nénuphare modern deco exterior idea plants Garden Designers modern design idea idea exterior stone fountain Deco furnishings Designers Fountain small stone waterfall prices deco flowers idea garden design idea cascade'eau chaise longue bois Zen Asian garden waterfall idea deco outdoor plants outdoor waterfall garden idea deco furnishings flower pot basin'eau original jardin aménagement idée déco Deco exterior stone fountain landscaping idea Designers basin'eau idée pierre pont bois design Outside stone basin development deco exterior stone modern idea garden pond water lilies stone idea development waterfall garden idea basin'eau aménagement extérieur déco pierre Water Gardens idea exterior stone basin development garden decor idea nénuphares basin'eau moderne basin'eau jardin pierre déco végétation fleurs moderne arbre design garden decoration idea landscaping pond Zen Asian garden decor design idea Garden design for basin'eau bois idée éclairage extérieur moderne bougies contemporary modern garden pond flowers Solar ceramic fountain garden green idea development water garden decor idea wood cascading fountain water garden design idea deco fountain stone plant design Asian garden design idea deco plant native vegetation Deco steel fountain garden design idea modern garden

basin'eau pierre rectangulaire idée plante végétation

modern garden design idea exterior stone basin Garden idea development round outdoor pool decor Deco idea Deco pierre fontaine outside garden plants modern garden design idea Deco stone garden furniture Deco fountain outside nénuphares vegetation stone idea Deco idea stone fountain Designers pebbles decorative stone fountain idea deco stones Water Gardens Deco fountain outside idea

Water Gardens basin'eau idée jardin extérieur plantes déco

Water Gardens idea outside plants
Water Gardens Landscape deco exterior

gardens modern ideas-aquatic water basin

Water Gardens basin'eau idée aménagement extérieur pierre déco idée

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