shading pergola and Sails: 50 ideas for the terrace –

shading pergola and Sails: 50 ideas for the terrace

sails'ombrage triangle modeles terrasse bois

Explore our selection of ideas for shade sails, awnings and pergolas modern style and create a beautiful space to relax on your outdoor patio! Did you know that just as the decoration of the interior of the house, that of the outside area also follows different trends?

Yes, the appearance of your patio has an impact on the look of your home and this is why it is important to pay attention to its decoration.

Shade sails and pergolas for terrace: idea of ​​light canvas and modern

sails'ombrage piscine jardin toile terrasse

So, in early spring, we take care to adorn plants and flowers, to clean our outdoor living room furniture or replace ... In short, we are preparing for the arrival of sunny days! During this time of year, it is also important to think about the protections you prefer to provide your outdoor space a shaded area that will be pleasant even during the hottest months of the year. At present, there are several ways to create such a zone: the pergola, of course, but also the gazebo, awning, canvas and shade sails.

Pergolas, gazebo, awnings, canvas and modern shade sails for external terrrasse: which do you prefer?

gazebo terrace shading exterior design

The pergola is one of the most popular choices for those who have the chance to enjoy an outdoor terrace. It is modern, available in versions made of different materials and can be decorated in many ways. Yourselfers are free to make their own. As for those who prefer to design products, they have the opportunity to choose from several brands and elegant models. Only downside of the pergola, it is not easy to install in all outdoor areas. Mini gardens and terraces of small surface are not always suitable for the installation of a construction of this type. So instead of beautifying your exterior, it may clutter and deprive you of that sweet feeling of freedom that gives us the time spent on the terrace.

Idea shading with modern patio awning

awning shading modern terrace

In this case, as well as for homes whose owners would not like to have an extra built in their gardens, there are other modern possibilities. The canopy is one: it is convenient and takes up less space than the pergola. Depending on your wishes, it can be permanently attached or be foldable so that it opens only when it will be used.

Prints and shade sails for a chic and trendy terrace

sails'ombrage pergola terrasse

Net curtains and shade fabrics are another interesting option that is available today. Manufactured in different fabrics provided mostly a water-resistant layer, they are very easy to set up anywhere in the garden, including over a pool. Thanks to the lightness of the materials they are made, these products never appear bulky. In addition, they bring you a fresh feeling thanks to their ability to let the breeze through them without hindrance.

Protection from the sun on the modern terrace: the solution of choice is endless!

wood awning modern decoration Terrace

As contemporary tents, some of these paintings and curtains are also covered with a film that will protect your skin from the sun. Their original forms, like the triangle and circle, give a beautiful look to your patio. The images available in our gallery illustrate models of all these means of protection from the sun on a modern terrace:

Example design shade sails models Corradi

sails'ombrage exterieur jardin design moderne

Shade sails for modern style of garden design

pergola fabric sails home for decoration

Shade sail and Deco terrace with views

sails'ombrage piscine decoration terrasse

Sail shade and shelter from sun modern models terrace with chaise longue

sails'ombrage chaise longue piscine

Triangle shade sail to large terrace

sails'ombrage resistant idees terrasse

Modern Shade sails: flexible and adaptable to the pool

sails'ombrage jardin exterieur piscine

chic terrace with veil black shade

sails'ombrage toiles terrasse deco design

Terrace with canvas shading triangle

sails'ombrage style moderne amenagement terrasse

Deco idea terrace with canvas and shade sail

sails'ombrage terrasses idees deco exterieur

Small sheer shade and shelter of modern sun

idee decoration modern sailing pergola terrace

Modern Pergola with canvas: idea for terrace

wood awning idea terrace pergola

Small outdoor area with shade curtains

Shade Sail triange terrace Layouts

triangle shade sails in two colors for Deco chic terrace

Photo sail shade terrace house

modern canopy and sheltered sun terrace and patio

Shade sails outside patio home

pergola terrace balcony modern canvas

sheer idea outside terrace wood

Modern sailing garden terrace pergola

ideas shading pergola terrace sails

triangle shade cloth terrace Layouts

Triangle terrace shaded deco modern style

pergolas canvas shade garden and terrace Layouts

canvases'ombrage terrasse design moderne

terrace of canvas'ombrage pergola moderne

design wooden pergola corradi

shading terrace pergola canvas ideas

pergolas shade sails terrace modern design ideas

pergolas shading model sheer terrace

deco sheer contemporary terrace pergola

outdoor pergola shade cloth terrace

Shade sails modern deco exterior pergolas

Modern pergola sheer fabrics

pergolas terrace garden decoration modern style

garden terrace pergola shading contemporary deco

bamboo pergola shading canvas modern design

pergola sheer modern wooden terrace

Modern wood gazebo terrace Layouts

patio awning outside Layouts

make a terrace shaded pergolas shelter

pegolas deco wooden terrace bamboo

Sheer modern decor terrace pergola

canvas awning shading terrace house

Outdoor awnings shading sheer terrace

terrace awnings idea sheer modern decoration

modern decoration terrace awnings

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