Decorate his garden with artistic and original items –

Decorate his garden with artistic and original items

decorate her terrace garden idea wood chair mat floor striped armchairs

Decorate garden is a fun and very creative activity that will allow you to spend more time in your outdoor space. Today we will look at garden decorating with salvage, artistic and original.

Discover our file 24 ideas and transform your garden into a real work of art!

Decorate his garden with recycled objects for artistic side

decorate his truck garden recup original idea deco flowers

The garden is a space for rest and relaxation. It requires a thoughtful and regular maintenance. The design, build and decorate the is a very nice job in general, but sometimes difficult. With many ideas that can be found online and in stores, we selected decorative items that you can make or buy for a successful garden decoration.

Beautiful composition: old chair with a pot and plant grasses¹

wood chair tray flowers transform idea succulent ceramic pot

Decorate his garden with original objects and flowers

decorate his original object garden design idea wood flowers

It is not surprising that garden decoration is always related to flowers! Finally, why have a garden, if one does not plant trees and aromatic flowers? That's what he always preferred and what increase in the layout and decoration of outer space.

Stone house with large flower garden and original decoration

decorate her home garden flowers idea stones decorate outdoor terrace

The garden is a living space that hosts a variety of different plants and vegetables. To keep its natural look, avoid the presence of objects, decorative or furniture, synthetic materials. If you opt for metal furniture, consider painting it in bright or light colored to suit the environment.

butterfly-shaped Bench: practical and decorative

garden bench outside decorate idea butterfly white metal

To decorate a space, inside or outside, we do not need to invest a lot of resources. By cons, some DIY projects take time.

Old wooden chair, painted blue, ceramic pot and decorative sun

wood chair tray flush exterior decorative ceramic pot

Your old chair will turn into a real art object and make your garden more personalized and original. His transformation is easy and requires only few resources and time.

Old painted blue chair and invaded by the beauty of succulents

succulent wood chair decorating idea develop modern exterior

Old wooden chair transformed into original planter

decorate outdoor garden wooden chair flowers idea develop space

One of our favorite garden decor ideas is that of transforming an old chair. Its seat is broken? Do not throw the above, but turn it into decorative and creative object.

Turn your old desk and chair in your original decorative objects

decorate wooden office space outside garden idea wooden flowerpot home plants

How to do ? Once your painted chair, instead of sitting out a hole large enough to place your flower pot. The pot can be fully integrated and fixed to the seat or removable. If the chair is old enough, choose a pot of light material.

Garden armchair vintage overgrown with moss and flowers

Deco idea moss garden chair recup vintage decorate outdoor space

Our advice is to opt for a flower pot in geotextile fabric that allows plants to breathe and keeps moisture inside. It is possible to make a planter in itself geotextile or buy online or at the store.

Old wooden chair transformed into original planter

wooden chair idea develop modern outdoor space decorating

Indeed, it is possible to transform any object potted flowers, even the old barrels, beds, desks and drawers!

Decorating idea with the back of a chair and old wooden tray

outdoor space decorate her old garden recup idea of ​​wood chair flowers

Another idea for recovery and garden decoration is that with old carts that you can also turn into original flower boxes.

Small decorative wooden wagon with small flowers

decorate exterior wooden cart flowers garden idea

Online, there are a wide variety of mini trucks have all the facts. It will be cheaper if you make this decoration yourself.

Small yellow truck with some soil and bright colors in flowers

trolley trolley flowers decorate outside metal lawn garden ideas

These miniatures will adapt to all design styles and can be placed on the garden table or directly on the floor in a corner of your choice.

Decorative yellow truck with tiny green plants

decorate outdoor garden idea trolley yellow metal decorating space

Decorate with small objects is an ideal solution for those who prefer the interiors and exteriors of refined style.

decorative design trolley inspired by gardening tools and flowers

Deco metal trolley garden idea arrange outdoor space decor

Small wooden cart with flowers

Deco trolley original idea decorate garden space

We all have items in our cellars or garages that take only dust. Instead of throwing them away, try to imagine how to transform and decorate with.

Birdcage transformed pot with succulents

deco garden modern outdoor space succulents decorating

Another great idea for garden decoration is to create a mini garden! For this, you will need a large pot flower and small objects of recovery you can tinker and create a miniature garden, for example.

Create a mini garden with small salvage

Garden outdoor space decorate modern idea arrange pots

Another idea for garden decoration is the transformation of old car tires decoration or furnishings. The latest trend is making a beanbag ropes from an old tire.

Turn your old car tire in modern decorative object

Deco idea tire garden flowers develop outdoor space

In a garden, it is the nature and presence prevail. Always accentuate the living, plants, flowers, plants. The non-living, the furniture is also important, but its presence should be less deep and more discreet.

Large flowered garden with garden furniture in wicker

landscaped garden garden furniture resin arrange space deco red cushions

Having a garden means having plants and perhaps vegetables and fruits. Create a landscaped garden is quite difficult, but with more inspiration and creativity, you can transform your outdoor space into paradise corner. Never place too decorative items in the same space, especially if it is small. Prefer natural materials and soft furnishings and you'll be sure to pass the layout and decoration of your garden!

Wooden house with large exotic garden and flowers

garden decorating outdoor living garden flower plant pots wooden house ideas

minimalist garden with fountain, arranged symmetrically

decorate his garden garden fountain white garden bench red cushions

¹Source: In Joy

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