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Original idea planter for patio decor

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The original garden idea seems difficult to achieve. What to do to build a unique home decor on the terrace? This article is an attempt to give some tips to help you!

An original garden idea that is still often overlooked is how to plant small flowers in shoes

shoes green flowers deco terrace pots

There are several types of boxes. There are those placed on the floor, others on the wall, on the parapet ... Which to choose? It is for you to make the choice!

Planter Cradle is very pretty and functional

original white brown gardener idea

However, consult someone who knows and it would give you the correct information to arrange your flowers. If your patio is to the north, it is better to put plants that love the cold, for example.

The planter is an excellent way to show the beauty of the waterfall type plants

jardiniere flower cascade original idea

There are flowers that need a lot of sun and will flower on a south terrace. Consider the fact that even the idea of ​​the most original garden will not be enough if you do not have healthy flowers.

Simple wood and various colors in pots form an original garden

jardiniere original idea coloree metal wood

An interesting idea - which is still often forgotten - is to plant small flowers in shoes. boots can be used, sports or elegant shoes. If you are not going to use them, do not throw them in the trash!

Planter wooden wall that is made self -

original idea gardener flower pots wood

They can resurrect if used pots. Fill - with the ground and attach them to a wooden planter. Well, this deco house made self - transforms your patio into a lovely space!

Wooden Planter and simple plastic for modern terrace

jardiniere original idea terrace flower pots

The pretty white wooden cradle is another original idea for your garden terrace. Put two pots in the white spaces of the model of the cradle and you're ready to impress.

The bars are an original idea gardener few expected

original idea gardener flowers pipes

Sometimes the flowers are so many and so large that the pots and planters are not visible. This is a better option if you want to create the impression of a waterfall The planter is a basis consistent dismantle the beauty of plants.

A board, three or four glass jars and a little dexterity are a perfect gardener

original idea jardiniere pot timber glass flowers

Another idea original garden is a wooden or metal grid. It contains several vacuoles are arranging for flower pots. Opt for various colors in pots and for different plants. In this way, you will create a real fairyland of colors on the terrace!

Pots and wood impressive garden

original idea gardener brown pots

The grid to the wall is a variation of this type of planter. The bars to the roof can be converted to accessories for plants. Flowers floating like waves that reach the ground.

This is a better option if you want to create the impression of a waterfall

jardiniere original idea for terrace

For a romantic atmosphere, install a few hooks on the walls or ceiling. Then, get your flower pots and hang pendant-type -the.

Imitation charrette is a perfect addition to the home decor

original red metal jardiniere idea

A board, three or four glass jars and a little dexterity make it the perfect planter. The contrast between strength and delicacy is kind.

The simple gardener clearly demonstrates the beauty of flowers

original idea gardener window flower terrace

There is also the gardener like fake bench. The pots are arranged next to one another on the bench. In fact, in the bench, since it is hollow.

Choose a garden not too large to have enough space on the terrace

original idea terrace gardening flowerpots

Imitation charrette is a perfect addition to the home decor. One or a few pots of flowers to turn into a desirable accessory for each terrace.

The vintage planters are preferred by artistic owners

jardiniere original idea vintage style

The wood cut in two trunk is a great option for the original planter. red buckets, brown, white, blue, pink that are hung by a rope are an original idea for the garden terrace in the modern home.

This garden is green like plants

modern deco flower garden terrace

If you have a bike retro style you do not use, the basket can be used as a single pot. The vintage style is very fashionable these days and the bike is an essential complement!

The natural tree turned into wonderful garden

home deco garden tree flowers

For a double effect, combine the planters with some paintings of flowers. There is never enough plants on the terrace!

The strong rope is an integral part of this original garden

home deco flowers white green tree

The planters feature integrated wheels are a practical idea. They are easy to arrange and give the chance to use the space effectively.

Special boxes are usually placed on the floor

home deco flowers wooden terrace

If you have children, planters in animal shapes are for you! Small cats and dogs are friendly wood and original.

iron lanterns for a mysterious and charming garden

home deco flowers metal wood terrace

Even the most ordinary garden is refreshed by decorative elements. Paint pots in a few colors, invent irregular shapes, combining different materials such as wood, metal and plastic are always possible activities.

The cascade of green branches is a veritable feast for the eyes

home deco flower green plant

Use various types of planters to give a more dynamic look to your patio.

Deco terrace with pots hanging

home deco pots make yourself

Flowers are the essential decorative accessory for every modern terrace. They live in the apartment and also home province.

in different shades Pots for a WOW effect

flowers deco sun terrace house

Remember that the boxes can be used to grow vegetables and fruits. The last two can coexist with the flowers in a nice way but never in the same pot Planter is not only a practical object but also an artistic accessory

Beauty and style with flowers everywhere

deco purple floor terrace house

Do not limit regarding the shapes and colors. It does not exist correct and false combinations. It all depends on your needs and your goûts.Expérimentez with the original idea gardener and you will find your own style!

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