House Kindergarten: for the happiness of your children! –

House Kindergarten: for the happiness of your children!

kindergarten house idea

The beautiful days arrive and nature slowly awakens to a new life. Do you have a beautiful garden? Will you give him life? Do you have children? Would you like your children spend more time outdoors?

Then choose a childs home - a nice way to give your children their own space and to decorate your garden beautifully.

Large house kindergarten in pink

child home rose garden

Start with reserve space in the garden. Next, it is important to choose the right cabin for your children. It exists on the market a huge number of huts models. For this reason, it is highly advisable to take into account the fact that each child has its own design house and building materials are different.

Modern house for children in the garden

Modern childs home

Note also that the various huts are for different age groups. You can find both for boys and for girls. Before buying the house, consider the price which is essential for parents. It all depends on your budget and your personal preferences, such as the size, materials, quality of finish and the mark of the house.

green garden play house

Green childs home

An important element is the material. You can choose between wood and plastic. If you are looking for an original idea for a small garden, you can build a small treehouse. Wood is a noble material, elegant, aesthetic and natural.

You can build a log cabin on a tree

house wood garden games

For this reason, if you are looking for a more traditional design that fits well with the environment of the garden, go for a childs home in wood. But do not forget - even if the wooden models are more aesthetic, they require more maintenance. Plastic cabins are very colorful and easy to maintain. They are very well suited to smaller cabins as they are molded and smooth to the touch.

Plastic cabins are very colorful

cottage plastic children

You can play on the shape of your cabin. If you are looking for a more modern, geometric shape, use a rectangular house. For boys, a good choice is the hut on stilts because it inspires adventure. We must also think the editing. Plastic models are supplied in kit form and are easier to install.

original form of Children play house

original form cottage garden

To stabilize your small house, you need a base. The ground must be flat and horizontal. The base will allow the cabin to stay dry. If you opt for a wooden model, know that the base is essential to prevent mold and deformation of the boards. It is important to think about the size of your cabin. It depends on your needs, of course, but remember that the larger size costs more. The more your house is, the higher the bill will be higher and it will occupy space in your garden.

children's wooden house in the garden

House child timber garden

Another element that is not negligible, is security. At this level, plastic shacks offer less dangerous rounded corners for children. If you want, you can add a slide or a trampoline.

Playhouse red heel color in the garden

house child heel color red garden

If you are good handymen, you can try to build the house yourself. You can even make a small table with chairs in front of the hut. It all depends on your budget and preferences. Do not forget ! Fun with children is the most important thing. Create lasting memories with your little ones. For inspiration, check out our photos selected for you and choose the child home that suits you the most. It's your turn !

Beautiful playhouse

house kindergarten

Small children's hut in the garden

small hut kindergarten

Large wooden shack stilts slide

large wooden stilts toboggan hut

Small wooden house girls

wooden house girls

House in a garden for children

zoom garden house kids

Children Plastic hut in the garden

plastic garden house hut child

Beautiful house for wooden children

beautiful wooden house children

Maisonette small wooden

child small wooden house

Garden wooden house for children

Garden view house children games

Garden with tree house for children

Garden tree house children games

Children Cabanes

different huts kindergarten

Still ideas - Children huts

Zoom Children huts

wooden house kindergarten

modern house kindergarten

beautiful house kindergarten

home garden wood child

house kindergarten purple

violet colored small house children

beautiful garden view cottage green wood toboggan

big home child rose garden girls

large house kindergarten wooden slide
home child pink gray wooden garden

zoom small child hut
zoom small hut garden wooden stilts

small plastic green house

zoom red toboggan house kindergarten

hut garden green kids

pettite house children

home garden plastic children

green house child

yellow red house children

garden house for children plastic

yellow house kindergarten

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