4 modern creative design and high class pots planters

design idea deco plant pots

Today we will present four major building workshops design pots, bins and planters designed for indoor plants and outdoor home.

These are great manufacturers who manually work the glass, metal and terracotta. Each excels in the field of modern design in its own way contributes to a new vision of the flower pot object integrated with the contemporary urban environment.

Craftsmen work on glass, metal and clay to make pots design

design idea separation pots garden modern design

Bd Barcelona design is a Spanish manufacturer who revolutionized the design of the pot or outdoor planter. their philosophy is to create objects that adapt to the evolution of the urban habitat. It develops the concept of objects and furniture for transit areas, such as department stores, airports, public garden. These are almost futuristic design pots that are also meeting places and rest, with space to sit and put his glass.

Design Pots: Bd Barcelona creates garden furniture

modern exterior decoration design pots

With its craftsmanship, the Vierkant workshop based in Beernem in Belgium, creates very contemporary pots flowers from pure Flemish tradition. The pottery is strict and square shapes, fitting naturally into the environment. There are also pots' Victorian 'mid-ups,' orangery pots for traditional and a series of high slender jars, each in different sizes and always with the square as a starting point. All objects are made entirely by hand in Beernem workshop.

The art of molding clay of the earth for large pots and small formats

ceramic pots deco design

The design collection pots and planters Vondom represents the top in the field of decorative jar of high quality. It is intended for the outside and inside. The double wall Llum collection offers a backlit system. The light can be neutral or color. Fang The collection offers a wide range of colors and shapes according to the tastes and desires of each. All Vondom products are made of high density polyethylene rotomoulded.

Of outdoor pots lighting system

pots outside lighting design

The workshop De Castelli, famous for its steel works is based in Italy. Again this is a craftsmanship of many generations in the family. We invite you to see the vases and pots for indoor and outdoor, impressive size and a design that combines art and crafts. Pots and planters are simple and pure forms, they change size and material to acquire a new aesthetic significance.

Vases and flower pots steelDecastelli Oxo collection vesselBD Barcelona Love with her outside to potty

Bdlove Barcelona outdoor potA wide range of colorsBdlove Barcelona flowerpots

Vierkant with its square pots for exterior

Vierkant pots outside shopThe contemporary design earthenwareVierkant square flower pots workshopVierkant also creates roundedVierkant curves flower pot shopGeometric shapesVierkant design flower pots workshopAll sizesVierkant pots of flowers outdoorsFang Collection at Vondom

pots design fang vondom An integrated lighting system in VondomVondom design pots Ilum

Indoor jarsVondom design garden potsDe Castelli Riviera collection Decastelli Riviera collection flower pots Decastelli Sky Steel collection

Decastelli Delta contemporary pot

Decastelli design flowerpots

Decastelli interior garden

Decastelli red planter

Decastelli inside vases Decastelli vases outer metal Decastelli vases inside metal

Decastelli inside red vases

Vierkant workshop terracotta flower pots

Bdlove modern design pots

Decastelli collection Dafne Demetra

Vondom design pots lit

Vondom design pots sculpture

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