Pergola design, garden design in 60 examples –

Pergola design, garden design in 60 examples

garden pergola design Layouts

The pergola is a garden building that serves as shelter to protect but not isolated from the outside. The pergola design inspired styles, existing since antiquity.

It has become increasingly trendy because it is often home garden the living room where the family spends his evenings in summer.

The pergola: a garden shed which is an extension of the house

design garden pergola house extension

The pergola which also exists in the arbor variant is particularly valued when the covers climbers. It also allows the installation of lights and decor that sublimate our garden throughout the year. More and more people also choose to install a small summer kitchen, to have everything on hand when you take your meals outdoors. Or a summer lounge, which will be exclusively devoted to him to relax, to sip a nice little cocktail. Here are 60 examples of pergola design that have great ideas that should inspire you.

A pergola design turns your outside

deco exterior design pergola

If you are looking for inspiration in garden design, then le'idée pergola is for you. The pergola choice should be on top of your planning list garden for summer nights and even winter. Have comfortable furniture to relax, entertain and dinner can make your home pleasant outdoor, especially if they are under a beautiful shelter.

Pergola black rectangular, minimalist design

minimalist black design pergola

The pergola consists mostly of post and beam and therefore has no walls, unless you opt for a sliding rain guard.

Pergola Greco-Roman style

design pergola former tranditionnel

For building your pergola design we recommend you choose one that is in the same style as the house for a harmonious and pure appearance.

Pergola with elegant columns

pergola columns Greco-Roman style

Nevertheless, the design of your garden should be a fun and relaxing experience.

Pergola ultra modern design

beautiful garden furniture pergola

Pergolas are a great solution for too sunny areas of your garden. They are not only practical, but also serve as decoration to beautify your outdoor space.

Pergola with interesting decor

roof design pergola vault

When you decide to landscape your garden with a pergola, you can choose a permanent or removable construction.

Idea modern white pergola

vinyl design pergola

Now there is a solution for your summer house

The removable pergola is made of lightweight materials, such as PVC or aluminum, you need to store for the winter. It is the ideal choice for a vacation home, you stay only during the seasons of spring, summer or fall.

Pergola elegant black


If you own a house with a garden that you want to take full advantage, then it is better to opt for a final pergola construction. So you can use it during all seasons of the year. It will protect you both from the sun than rain.

A pergola suitable for balcony space

balcony extension pergola

The permanent pergola will take more time to build level, but once it's done you'll be quiet for a good period of time.

Pergola as massive extension of the housemass fabulous pergola

If you want to opt for permanent pergola, part of the house, then call a constructor. A concrete pergola remains strongest.

Idea wooden pergola decorated textiles pergola with curtains

Rectangular, hexagonal or square, pergolas wooden pergolas are ideal for your terrace or your garden, thanks to their natural and durable appearance. In addition, you can make yourself.

Style Pergola "Greek Islands"pergola with bamboo roof

Perfect for all types of exterior surfaces suitable ground, the key is to develop them while developing the adequate furniture in the same style. Look for sofas, cushions, small tables and hammocks for relaxing moments.

Idea pergola with retractable fabric roof

pergola with retractable roof

Despite the roof of our arbor sometimes faces the striking sun or wind. To protect yourself, opt for curtains sliding fabric or a wind guard.

rectangular pergola with creeperpergola with climbing vine

In terms of construction, the most used materials are wood, metal and stone letter. Generally it is constructed of four vertical posts which support a flat roof.

solid wood pergola design for small gardenWood small garden pergola

The pergola is not only used for relaxing moments. It can be installed to protect your garden, your pool or other outdoor space.

Small pergola design in white with fireplace pergola in fireplace patio

You can build your own pergola

Know that the pergola kit comes in several stores. By purchasing you can save money and time.

contemporary pergola on terracepergola contemporary design balcony

Generally the roof of the pergola is made of beams placed at distance from each other for more ventilation and light.

Idea antique style pergoladesign pergola columns antique style

Whatever the budget you have and pergola design you choose, do not forget to add your personal touch by adding veils, fabrics, accessories and furnishing an agreement with the atmosphere.

Idea pergola modern design


If you want to opt for a design out of the ordinary, this is an original design pergola design.

Pergola against the wall, wood and stone designpergola design against the wall

Whether garden or terrace, the garden arbor will ensure your peace of mind and protection all day long.

More and more people install a pergola design in their garden to enjoy sunny days, but also to protect themselves from the rain. But that's not all. Make sure it is in harmony with the style of your garden and it is decorated according to the mood you want to adopt.

wooden roof, columns hewn stonepergola design with fireplace

And finally, to extend its service life it is important to take care. For wooden pergolas, it should be treated regularly against insects. Also, think about the deal against moisture every 2 to 3 years.

Pergola with Festoonpergola design with pool

Regarding pergolas iron must be treated against rust and make a painting aerosol occasionally. Regarding pergolas removable fabric or PVC, remember to clean them regularly and remove them during the winter, when you are not using them.

White Design pergola with climbing plants

white pergola design with plantsPergola in patio, wooden red designredwood pergola designIdea pergola oriental style with waterjetpergola oriental designPergola on wooden terrace

pergola rectangular timber designDesign pergola patio, dark wood design pergola garden design dark woodoriginal pergola, balcony extension

original pergola on balconystone columns in waterpergola wood stone poolexotic pergola, woven bamboo roofexotic bamboo pergola styleSmall medieval-style pergola medieval style pergolaPergola space for rest in the gardenpergola-style-MediterraneanDesign pergola with rustic-style structure

rustic wooden style pergolaPergola as safe passage

pergola garden pathA small pergola makes garden decor small pergola with roofSmall romantic pergola with fire and lighting

small romantic pergola with firewooden arbor with plants

wooden arbor gardenIdea arbor vaulted French stylearbor arch with plantsOutdoor bath under pergola

basin'eau sous pergolaPergola against the wall as an extension pergola backed massive construction

Design pergola leaning on the door of the house

pergola backed vaulted roof

Design-arbor-wood house

pergola idea leaned on stone supports

Design-arbor garden lounge

Design pergola garden terrace

pieerre terrace-arbor-idee

garden arbor idea for breakfast

arbor garden curtain-rest

Design pergola with jet cooling water

pergola with falling'eau

garden arbor rise against the house

terrace pergola design

garden area with pergola for moments of rest

dining pergola amenagée central fireplace

dining area open fire

rustic pergola

pergola summer kitchen

pergola pool edge

tree shade pergola

Dining basin fire

pergola hangings

dining vegetable partitions eclectic furnishings

potted tree roof terrace

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