How to develop a beautiful garden feng shui decor –

How to develop a beautiful garden feng shui decor

This is a system of rules and principles for creating a harmonious environment. The principles of feng shui can be applied to all areas but more often they are found in the landscaped gardens.

Basic principles :

The word "feng" means wind, while the word "shui" - water. These are the two key elements in the lives of ancient Chinese. When choosing a place to build, we must take into account the environment because the shape of the future construction will depend on this environment.

Garden Feng Shui with modern decor

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Garden Construction plan:

In ancient China it was believed that each house is guarded by mythical creatures and the task of the inhabitants of the house was to strengthen their benevolence. The tortoise, phoenix, tiger, dragon and snake are from Chinese mythology of "feng shui" animals. Each animal represents an element, color, direction and has a particular symbolism.

The turtle represents longevity and support, the phoenix - the positive changes, happiness and hope, the tiger embodies the defense, the dragon brings success and the serpent is the symbol of wisdom and patience.

The phoenix should be located at the entrance of the house and the turtle is placed at the back of the house. The hierarchy is very important in the relationship between the dragon and the tiger. The dragon must overhang the tiger. In the garden the large trees and higher shrubs should be planted in the eastern part of the garden. The western part is reserved for the hedge and smaller shrubs. If you want to enhance the symbolism, you can place the statue of the animals in the corresponding corners of your garden.

For the development of the functional areas of the garden feng shui, you must follow the Chinese ring which is composed of 9 sectors including 8 with a triangular shape. Each area corresponds to an aspect of human life and an element, color and direction. It is from this that we built the garden plan that will be split into nine functional areas.

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The functional areas in detail:

The flower beds are not characteristic of Zen style. The flowers are a part of overall composition and are planted outside a particular structure.

The North-west is "the friend and teacher" - this is the relaxation area. The element of this area is the metal and the main colors are white, silver, blue and even yellow as the color of gold. Suitable plants for this place are asters, peonies, ornamental grasses and irises.

The West represents children so this is the perfect place for a playground for your children. The plants are white or silver as the larkspur, the snowdrop or lupine. You can complete with yellow flowers like yellow tulips and chrysanthemums.

Layout and Design of a Chinese-style garden

feng shui garden ideas deco Layouts

The southwest is the relationship with the autrui- is even an area dedicated to relaxation. You can have plants that recall the love and friendship. The focus is on flowers of red, pink and purple. The earth element can be represented by gold and beige shades.

South is the area of ​​the glory and status. Appropriate plants are tall plants pyramidal and orange or red. Maple, sour milk thistle or medicinal plants, as well as mint, basil, lemon balm are welcome in this area.

The South-East represents wealth and this is the place that you must book the water in all its forms in your garden. The plants in this area are lupine, purple and shake his. The element here is wood and it must be accentuated by severe silhouettes and narrow shape of leaves.

Zen garden with flowers and stone lantern

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Ballast is the direction of the family. Think about it to a hedge that must be maintained by all family members. The element again is wood and green - the color of fertility will help create a more harmonious relationship with your relatives. The flowers are primroses, crocuses, etc.

The North-east symbolizes knowledge. The area is suitable for perennials that symbolize the process of long-term relationship as well as fruit trees. The earth is the corresponding element and the color is dark green.

The North is career and changes in the workplace. The plants should be with curved leaves of different shapes. Water is the essential element and the colors are blue and purple - clematis, plum or iris. You can complete with jasmine or daffodils.

The center symbolizes health. This is the heart of the garden where the positive energy is centralized. In this part you can plant medicinal plants and plants with orange leaves or golden color as the iris and the yellow lily.

Deco idea of ​​a modern garden Zen garden decoration idea

Chinese Garden with Deco statue Chinese garden deco idea

Water garden with Deco statue water garden deco statue

Beautiful modern garden Zen garden feng shui design

Garden decor with wooden bridge Zen garden feng shui deco

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Zen garden decoration Layouts

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