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flooring trend: 75 ideas for a modern terrace

coating wood floor modern trend

What floor coating trend choose for her deck or patio? Brick cedar wood, tiled concrete, the choice can quickly become very complicated. But taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of each type of coating, it becomes easier later to know which will be best for your patio and your budget.

So in this article, we will look to contemporary flooring details and we will also present 75 ideas how to decorate your patio.

flooring tend to the terrace

floor tiles tend concrete coating

Natural stone is often chosen for the flooring of the terrace. Unfortunately, it can be expensive to deliver and its installation is quite slow. But if you choose stone available in your area, then it will cost you much cheaper and this will be a greener choice. Once installed, natural stone is extremely durable and requires very little maintenance. You can opt for an irregularly shaped stone to create an original design of soil, while for a more uniform appearance you will need to cut modular stones. The color of the natural stone is very beautiful and can have shades of gray, blue or red, so choose the one that will accent the decor of your home and outside.

Design deck coating

floor coating tends contemporary tiling

Concrete is in recent years become a very popular floor covering, especially when it comes to ultra modern spaces or industrial design. The basic concrete is inexpensive, does not require much maintenance and is durable enough, even if any cracks are difficult to repair. Concrete pavers are easier this perspective to repair because you can simply replace the damaged pavement. New technologies can give the concrete a stone look, brick or any other material. The concrete pavers are durable, practical and come in many different designs.

terrace decoration with concrete floor

floor coating concrete slabs trend

The wooden deck is perhaps the terrace type we see most often. Wood is chosen for its warm and natural look. Install wood flooring on the terrace is a simple project even for DIY enthusiasts greatly reducing the price. But the wooden deck floor request to be cleaned and sealed every two years. Using local wood is more environmentally friendly and can be cheaper. If there is a sloping area, you can build a deck in stages to follow the slope.

Deco idea terrace with tiled floor

floor coating tends stone slabs

It is rare to see a terrace with brick floor terrace with wooden floor, but the brick patio is just as beautiful and attractive option. Brick offers a nice retro look, it is relatively slip resistant and is easy to maintain. But it is good to know that the bricks in the ground can move with time making it more difficult area to clean or maintain. The bricks can form many interesting patterns such as, for example, plaited pattern, chevron or the circular pattern. By growing moss between the bricks in the ground, you will avoid cracks but the soil can also become slippery when wet.

terrace minimalist decoration with wooden floor

coating wood floor idea trend

The tiled floor coating is also often a preferred option by the owners. The ceramic tiles installed outside can be very non-slip and resistant to freeze-thaw cycle in winter. Choose tiled specially designed for outdoor use which is denser and with a minimum level of absorption. The tiles usually request to be sealed to prevent cracking. You can use the accent to create a border tile, tiling contrasting to create diamond patterns or small tiles for a mosaic effect. Today, the tile comes in a variety of designs and styles. There is even the tiles imitation wood or concrete often used for decoration of the terraces of modern style.

Original decor modern terrace

soil trend concrete coating

The choice of floor coverings is truly amazing and for your deck you should choose depending on space, design and budget. In all cases, you should opt for a practical coating, modern, easy to maintain and that will accent the overall style of your home and your exterior. And if you need design ideas, here are 75 very good proposals in pictures:

terrace decoration with faux wood tiles

floor coating tends tiles imitation wood

ultra modern terrace with wooden floor

floor coating trend elegant terrace

Contemporary design Terrace with concrete lining

floor coating tends terrace design

Deco idea terrace with concrete floor

decoration tiled floor terrace

Terrace with original floor covering

floor coating elegant terrace trend

Deco Modern terrace with fireplace

terrace tiled floor coating

terrace tiled floor coating design

modern decoration floor terrace

decoration outside terrace tiles

floor covering modern trend tile

decoration wood floor terrace

decoration tiled floor terrace

decoration design floor terrace

modern contemporary deco terrace

deco wooden terrace design

deco modern outdoor terrace

modern deco floor terrace

deco tiled terrace coating

deco terrace floor coating

deco tiled floor terrace

deco stone floor terrace

reetement floor terrace design

coating deco floor terrace

coating wood floor terrace design

coating floor terrace design

coating wood floor modern trend

coating floor tile design trend

floor covering design trend

floor covering design idea trend

floor coating tends modern design

floor coating trend elegant

floor coating extereiur trend

floor coating design idea trend

floor covering modern trend

floor covering modern trend terrace

soil trend red shade lining

floor coating paved trend

floor stone pattern coating

ground stone coating modern trend

natural stone floor covering trend

coating wood floor terrace trend

coating floor terrace design trend

coating floor terrace minimalist trend

ground wood coating terndance

coating floor tiles terndance

coating tiled floor terrace

coating tiled floor terrace

Contemporary terrace floor coating

coating design floor terrace

coating contemporary design floor terrace

floor terrace gravel coating

coating minimalist floor terrace

modern terrace floor coating coating stone floor terrace

coating wood floor terrace pool

Wood modern design terrace

Modern outdoor wooden terrace

deco idea wooden terrace

modern wooden terrace design

Modern design floor terrace

Modern outdoor patio bricks

coating design floor terrace

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