fresh ideas and layout design of your outdoor space –

fresh ideas and layout design of your outdoor space

space outside accommodate idea lounger cushions wood

On the balcony, terrace or in the garden, we try to spend the summer outside. The layout of your outdoor space has emerged as an essential requirement for long days and nights at full moon.

To make the most beautiful days in exceptional surroundings, take a look at the selection of exterior spaces below, which include outdoor Deco furniture, barbecue, fireplace or elegant flooring .

With the arrival of summer think about the layout of your outdoor spaceoutside space idea arrange sofa wooden floor cushions

Rather than move to a bigger house, a lot of people looking to expand their outdoor space. Consequently, patios and outdoor gardens are becoming larger, more luxurious and safe. The outside terraces have become centers of activities, entertainment and relaxation. A well-designed patio will serve not only to additional living space in your home, but will also increase its resale value.

A design outdoor space can increase the value of your homelandscaping modern idea chair

Since your outdoor space will be the basis of your outdoor living, it must be well built and attractive. You may even consider an external landscape designer, who will be able to help you determine the size, shape and style that best suits your needs. Think of your outdoor space project as a holistic environment in which plants, terrain, water jets and decorations created by yourself and hedges, walls, decks and other structures - all will contribute to cause a sensation and a specific and unique function.

The materials are to choose very carefully Zen space outdoor coffee table idea

Protect your outdoor space by bamboo siding and prefer the sound of water from a fountain to noise. As colors, stay trend using pink, gray, green or white. Add exotic plants like eucalyptus or Pittosporum and flowering potted plants. The freshness is guaranteed with different foliage and water points - a stream or fountain.

The ambiance of paradise depends on your chosen plants

patio stone bench

To create a beautiful landscape, a beautiful outdoor space and valuable your home, you Walk back to take the time to really think about what you want this valuable space looks like. Get inspired exterior spaces below that will help you transform a courtyard outdoors paradise of your castle. These photos have outdoor areas specifically made and with different themes.

The design of your outdoor space can make unusual shapes

lawn geometric design outdoor space

Even a small yard looks totally gorgeous design with a modern and luxurious landscape. It turns into a serene place for rest, moyenant traditional lines married well with the environment. Even a townhouse can get a design of outdoor space very pleasant if you add seating area for dining and relaxing.

Small garden in the courtyard lonely tree back patio

Stone Garden Path

path defined green courtyard

Setting sun on the terrace

coat-of-sun terrace-spacious

Pebbles for outdoor decoration

outdoor space rocks Layouts

Plants also climb walls


The contrast of materials can be a very good idea

various materials patio design

The wild and natural spirit leaves a note of melancholy

outdoor space park trees

The clean lines are trend

marble staircase lawn

Climbing plants are a perfect camouflage

plant design geometric pots

Trees and plants give life to concrete

Design staircase trees lightcombination steel timber wall staircase

Layouts as green court herb pots outside court Design staircase court wild lawn outside courtamenageent urban outdoor space water as a design element exterior space green back yard design exterior wood ground pebbles coating wood passageway back yard trees contemporary design stairs wood floor revetment court Elegant decor pebbles ground plants outdoor space natural materials Garden Wood back patio patio wood green berries geometric outdoor space water decoration outdoor area geometric decoration pot plants nice back yard any family home patio geometric decoration outdoor space Nature outdoor patio geometric decoration outside outdoor space geometry unusual plants outside contemporary house exterior space rocks green outdoor space contemporary house natural materials terrace garden green lawn futuristic patio benches paintings foam exterior patio outdoor space fragments steel staircase backyard patio home design Patio table design landscape green outdoor area garden wood stairs benches outside court bath sun outside patio Garden Japanese way outdoor lunch pass lawn outdoor area Wood back yard patio outdoor space Nature wood Plant pots outdoor space design backyard lawn sofa space outside plant design stairs outdoor space design wood terrace plants succulents outdoor area modern exterior design green wood outside patio

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