Courtyard – some nice ideas and decoration practices –

Courtyard – some nice ideas and decoration practices

wood-design courtyard

The courtyard can have multiple functions - it can be converted into a place of relaxation and relax or can serve as a natural transition to the garden.

Its decoration is part and must be made depending on the decorative theme of outer space. It is very important to choose the flooring suitable for this space.

Idea deco small courtyard

small courtyard-design

The choice of flooring for your Croft depend on the function of the space, its use, the general decoration of the house and of course your budget. Wood is a good choice if it is dry and sunny spaces well. For wet areas rather choose natural stone lighter shades.

Idea bluntly inner courtyard

Layouts-idee courtyard

The tile is another option and you can find it in a wide variety of styles and design. If you choose brick as flooring, you must have a clear vision of how to arrange the bricks. Set them on a sand base. Concrete slabs or blocks are also very suitable options for this type of development.

minimalist interior garden decoration idea

courtyard-style minilaliste

Your inner green space can be turned into an excellent place of relaxation. Depending on its size, you can choose appropriate furniture like armchairs, a coffee table or a large sofa. When it comes to furnishing a small yard, you just have two beautiful wooden chairs for example. Here are some ideas to make your square a very nice place.

Courtyard decorated with wood

deco-wood interior courtyard

modern deco idea indoor garden

yard indoor-design original

small square furniture idea

Inner-yard modern-Layouts

Small courtyard garden with wooden furniture

Inner-yard modern-Layouts

Zen interior garden decor


Contemporary Deco interior garden


Indoor garden with Zen decor

Layouts grand-yard indoor

Original decoration of courtyard


interior garden interesting design

yard indoor-design original

interior garden furniture

yard indoor-wood furniture

interior green space with pool

yard indoor-pool-modern

Original idea of ​​bathroom in your private square

yard indoor-room bath

Deco small wooden garden

yard indoor-deco-wood

Friendly atmosphere that gives the wood

yard indoor-modern-wood

The tiles - easy to maintain

Inner-yard-deco tile

Wooden flooring for your garden

deco interior courtyard-garden-wood

modern, bright interior garden

yard indoor-deco-modern-contemporary

A nice place for family reunions

yard indoor-deco-modern

Natural decor for a beautiful green space

yard-interior-decoration stone

The water basins provide a note of freshness to your private garden

Inner-yard-wide pool

Furniture that complete the atmosphere of the house

yard indoor-furniture-idea

indoor garden trendy and practical

Inner-yard decoration idea terrace wood

Modern courtyard design-idea


interior courtyard-garden-decor-modern

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