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Landscaping Garden: try permaculture!

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To optimize your outdoor garden furnishings, we offer a small incursion into the fascinating world of permaculture. The word permaculture is a portmanteau word, a neologism derived from the fusion of two words permanent English agriculture.

His precepts are a set of practices and principles aimed consideration of ecosystem biodiversity to make the fertile land, all by exerting a saving of human and material resources. That is to say constantly analyze an environment and then apply a proper planning, which will allow optimum results in terms of crops, ecological and social impact, and saving as much energy. This reduces management resources deployed both on a financial and physical effort for the people, for the mechanical machines, with fuel consumption that implies, or the water expense.

rational use of water

Designers deco tropical garden ponds

Designers garden permacole optimizing space

Designers permaculture garden deco ideas

An outdoor garden furnishings permacole, in addition to giving you the satisfaction of nature work for you (unlike conventional industrial model where the farmer "fights" against her to dominate in a ratio of opposing forces, speaking operators agricultural matter) will leave you more time to design the ideal layout of your garden, landscape design is a pillar of permaculture.

landscape design is a pillar of permaculture

Designers garden pictures

collaborative work with nature

Designers garden plant ideas

Considering the interactions that occur in the ecosystem there apply learned systems ideas as ideally operate in nature without human intervention. For example, by observing the flow of water on the field during a downpour, we can facilitate this flow and channel it to direct to a rainwater collection pond, or to make a small pond or to build up reserves for watering the garden.

Rainwater recovery basin

Designers garden permacole rain water basin

optimize water in arid areas

Designers garden permacole aquaculture

the creation of a water level below retrieves the soil nutrients

Designers permacole garden pond building

Aquaculture provides to grow edible seaweed or used for soil

Designers permacole garden pond

A permacole outdoor garden furnishings will subdivide the land into different zones. This design can be applied to environments of different sizes, what interests us here is the zoning to carry around a house special, yours for example. Areas Permaculture is a way of organizing space concentrically around the center, which will be zone 1, your home in this case. Based on the frequency of use, frequency of travel required to access and time spent in each area, we can determine what types of elements will find themselves more or less close to the center. generally defined six areas, depending on their proximity.

the zones are defined by their frequency of use and interest

Designers permacole garden terraces nearby

divide the area into zones which depart from the dwelling

Autonomous permacole outdoor garden furnishings

these areas are based on the distance from home

Designers permacole garden stone paths

each plot, vegetables are grouped by affinities

Designers garden permacole Frankling

Zone 1 will include the portion of the garden where we go daily. For example, it will include a spiral of herbs that we use in each meal or to prepare herbal tea. In summer, tomatoes and zucchini are also monitored daily; If you compost, you'll want the compost is not found at the other end of the garden to be emptied regularly, same to an outhouse.

access to herbs without getting dirty feet

Designers spiral herb garden permacole

tomatoes are the most accessible because it takes control daily

Designers garden permacole collard greens

same with peppers, eggplant, zucchini, ...

Designers garden permacole polycultures

ease of access to these spirals of herbs, also very decorative

Designers permacole garden stone mounds

develop permaculture garden OAEC Sonoma County

develop permaculture garden perennial mounds

develop permaculture garden adjoining greenhouse

permaculture vegetable garden develop friendships

develop permaculture garden log mounds

Of course, we must manage the disturbing aspects and find a reasonable compromise distance, depending on frequency of use and your observation of the place: where do the prevailing winds, there is a plant barrier between home and compost ... that's permaculture: observe, understand the local terrain, list the ways you have to deal with a situation, and from there, identify what you want, design development to achieve, then implement, and finally adjust over time what has been done to keep it in line with your projects.

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develop urban permaculture garden Chicago

develop permaculture garden ashram Quebec

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develop permaculture garden hedges

develop bamboo permaculture garden design

develop permaculture garden mulch terraces

permaculture garden design scarecrows trays

permaculture garden design Montana

Design permaculture garden lawn irrigated

permaculture garden design trench mound mulch

permaculture garden design plant diversity

permaculture garden design Bealtaine Cottage

permaculture garden design cactus cultivation

permaculture garden design mounds

permaculture garden design contours

permaculture garden design mulching shrubs

Designers tropical garden permacole

Designers permacole garden plants drought resistance water-retention

Designers design permacole garden mulch mounds

Designers garden permacole Kinston Wisconsin meditation center

Designers permacole garden pond

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