Hanging plants and beautiful planters

Jellyfish suspended carriers orange blue

Today we take a look at how to display hanging plants in original containers without the need for soil. And also the opportunity to find a perfect place for them.

When displaying of hanging plants in hanging baskets, make sure you choose a place in your home where your plants get enough light. Whether you keep your plants hanging inside or outside, remember that indirect light is often preferable.

Hanging plants in a flower pot by Etsy shop CorPottery

hanging plant pot flower shop Etsy CorPottery
A series of options waiting for you when it comes to finding the perfect planter. One of the most popular selections today is hanging pod. The pods come in a variety of colors, many pods are painted with interesting patterns and suspended by ropes to the catchy colors.

Planter suspended with neon macramé by ThriftedandMade

planter hanging neon macrame ThriftedandMade

The metal also can be used to whip up an elegant pendant to plant, it is an idea borrowed from Finnish traditional ornaments. Generally made from straw and used to decorate a Christmas tree, the modern variety is often made of metal and used to hold hanging plants.

A trio of flower pots hanging magnificent

flower pots hanging magnificent trio

You can specify your choice of material, aluminum, copper and brass are all options to consider. Copper is avoided since it is toxic to certain Tillandsia. Handcrafted from copper or brass using centuries-old metal spinning techniques, the chains also not to forget for a perfect decoration. Planters for hanging plants that are really unforgettable made from yarn treated with a nontoxic hardener. Durable and waterproof, it is a creative and color beam that will make people happy!

Himelli a flower pot holder inspired by Finnish tradition

Himelli flower pot holder inspires Finnish tradition

Another form of flower pot holder Himelli

flower pot holder Himelli

A hanging plant in a metal frame

suspended metal frame plant

Chains for hanging flower pot is a good decorating idea

chains hanging flower pot decoration idea

A suspended with two floors with blue glass

suspended two-storey blue glass

Planters for hanging plants made of treated yarn

planters hanging plants made over deals

Large planter hung from peacocktaco

Grand-hanging planter-peacocktaco

original hanging flower pot

suspended carrier colored glass

Hanging flower pot planters different colors

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