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25 balcony design tips terrace small space

furniture balcony terrace exterior design

You have a small outdoor space? We have great news for you: this summer, the small terrace balcony design is no longer a challenge! To prove this, we have collected a series of ideas for creative furniture and decorative, extremely ingenious and practical.

You can see them below:

Landscaping small balcony terrace space: a simple idea to install flooring

Planning floor wooden terrace balcony small spaceWant to completely transform the look of your small outdoor space? Bid on a new floor! Try the wooden decking and you'll see how it completely transform the appearance of your balcony. Good to know: Some wood coatings (such as gratings offered by Ikea) are so simple to install and remove you can install them yourself!

balcony terrace furnishings: practical furniture idea for small spaces

Hanging shelves deco balcony terrace

Looking for an ingenious solution to develop a small balcony or terrace apartment in the city? In addition to all the other furniture for small spaces, you now have the opportunity to ask an ingenious storage on your mini ramp outside space. It will be your cabinet door plant, shelf or a small table is yours!

balcony terrace layout small space with small grill for outdoor healthy meals

barbecue grill deco balcony small space

And for lovers of the kitchen, there are now also versions mini grill and barbecue place in a corner of the balcony to prepare delicious dinners in the open.

balcony terrace garden furnishings small space with little greedy practice site

flower pot outside Layouts small terrace balcony area

For a natural and fresh decor, do not forget the flower pots and balcony boxes. They will also be a source of additional privacy for balconies vis-à-vis!

Pots outdoor flower and idea for the small space balcony patio furnishings

terrace balcony gardening pot plant tray

Grand Vintage plant pot and beautiful idea of ​​city planning terrace balcony

Planning outdoor balcony terrace pot

The plant pots, especially those of large format will help you develop a small garden on your balcony. If you have trouble choosing which plants to grow, choose species that withstand high heat, such as palms and ferns!

Tips and accessories for balcony patio furnishings and mini urban garden

idee decoration terrace balcony

Watering orinigal for development of small garden balcony and terrace urban

balcony garden watering folding Layouts

If you love gardening, you'll also appreciate the idea of ​​a collapsible watering can therefore pose more storage problems on a mini balcony.

balcony terrace layout small space: do not forget the mood accessories!

object modern deco balcony terrace

The evenings are probably the best times of day to spend on a balcony or a terrace. While the heat has not yet left inside our buildings, these outdoor spaces offer us the first whiffs of fresh air.

Furniture and accessories for small outdoor space and furnishings terrace balcony

balcony terrace furniture ikea furnishings small space

The atmosphere at this time of day will be even more enjoyable if you decide to place a few small lights: candle holders for plant pots or hanging, lanterns, plates for candles, to you!

balcony terrace layout small space with hanging pots of flowers and plants

balcony terrace furniture storage management

The hanging baskets are a great option for mini balconies. Be installed in a corner of the outside space for a small additional green key.

Original idea of ​​vertical garden design to small terrace balcony area

balcony terrace furniture layout outside lounge

balcony terrace furnishings: how to get a green area in a small area

idee deco furniture small balcony

Another idea very convenient for compact spaces: the vertical garden. It is now accessible even to those who do not like DIY, since large decorative items from brands offer specifically designed pots for this kind of garden!

Landscaping terrace and small balcony smart accessories for a relaxed atmosphere: Wireless speakers *

small outside balcony terrace deco furnishings

Accessories for outdoor spaces become increasingly interesting from one year to another. The good news for those who have a small balcony or terrace? Manufacturers are no longer content to launch designer products for gardens of imposing size. Among the most original accessories that we have identified: the speakers in the shape of small multicolored cushions! They work via Bluetooth, which means you can listen to music on your mobile.

table decor idea and urban planning balcony terrace for summer

idee deco balcony terrace glasses

Crockery Deco corner meal outside on balcony and terrace

Layouts deco table terrace balcony

We know: the atmosphere in an outdoor area of ​​small size is determined by the accessories that exposes it. So try to find those that appeal to us most cheap!

terrace balcony furnishings: create a small dining area with space saving furniture

furnishings designer furniture balcony terrace outside

Landscaping terrace balcony and mini dining area with modern folding furniture

decoration terrace balcony modern furniture small space

Take a drink, read a book, surf the net, drink a cup of coffee: these are some activities that can be practiced on his balcony if they have a little bit of outside seating. For this, not require large expenditures of impressive size or furniture. Even folding chairs will do!

balcony terrace furnishings: small cushions idea of ​​outdoor spaces

ikea furniture Layouts modern balcony

balcony terrace furnishings: choose colors for a successful Deco

deco exterior balcony patio cushions

The atmosphere of your outside will be more douilette thanks to some cushions. Choose colors and decorations depending on the rest of the decor or destination you selected for your holiday this summer!

Floor Cushions for city terrace balcony design

decoration modern design balcony terrace

multicolored cushions for summer and festive decoration

exterior balcony floor cushion

The floor cushions are another option to consider for mini outdoor spaces, especially if you like the decor of Oriental and Moroccan style.

original balcony terrace with hammock Landscaping

deco balcony hammock wood furniture

Finally, here's an alternative for those who do not like the outside with lots of furniture and prefer a more original decoration: hang a hammock on your balcony and give yourself a cruise ship atmosphere!

How to arrange a mini practical and modern exterior balcony

amenager a small garden on the balcony

* Wireless Speakers EU Roll by Ultimate Ears

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