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outdoor light for garden, terrace and balcony: a game of shadows

Photo modern house exterior light

decorate with exterior light garden, terrace or balcony is a wonderful idea! To fully enjoy the beautiful summer evenings outdoors, proper lighting is of course essential.

For dinner or a drink, you need good light to feel comfortable and not be afraid of the night. Since the choice of fixtures sees broad, we have selected 97 ideas exterior design, elegant and original fixtures that can decorate your outdoor elegantly discreet and original ... Let's find them!

Outdoor Light: bright flowers by FLOS

bright flower garden decorative lighting idea original flos design

The soft light is perfect to relax and enjoy its beautiful exterior: garden, balcony or terrace. With the high energy consumption in the world, it is customary to be exposed to strong light. It's bad for the eyes and unnatural. It is not therefore surprising that the best outdoor lighting solution that is powered by sunlight. Neither too strong nor too weak, this solution is economical, practical and, of course, environmentally. There are many solutions: Bright flower pots, rope light, floor lamp and many others. The flower pots have become a real trend because they fit nicely decorate each outer space. Just put some for its external well lit and decorated with élégance.Vous can opt for classic shaped lamps or luminaires in different and original shapes. IKEA offers a wide range of solar lights in the form of flowers, birds, owls and others. Many design companies also offer light flower pots in different colors. Find solar lights for his taste is not very difficult.

outside light with light garland

outdoor light garland lights balcony

If still you live in a region north and does not take much sun, it is advisable to opt for other light sources not find the black in its outside! The candles when they are made of wax, are also an ecological and economical choice. The manufactured home is not difficult, you just stock up the necessary material

outdoor light with candles

outdoor lantern light candles garden idea

For larger areas, it is to design spotlights. Illuminate, for example, the staircase of your garden and terrace is essential for the safety of all: your family and guests. The simplest solution is to decorate your staircase with bright tapes ( "strip led" in English), became very trendy lately. You can also decorate your balcony with these bright bands highlight its contours.

Beautiful garden and terrace with original lighting

light of'extérieur eclairage moderne jardin

Fancy a mysterious atmosphere in your outdoor? If you like the lighting a bit futuristic, choose LED lighting. The LED or light emitting diode is an electronic component that allows the conversion of light into electricity. This is a fairly recent innovation in the knowledge that the high-power LEDs and white LEDs have emerged in 2000. Compared to other technologies, their lifespan is much higher. This solution is also very economical.

bright balls for a chic outside

outdoor garden light garden decoration balls

Our advice is to always opt for the most economical solutions and environmentally friendly because now the power consumption of a dwelling (excluding heating and hot water) is 12%. The luminaires that consume less energy are preferable. The lighting powered by solar energy are the best solution. Finally, an outside space beautifully decorated with sweetness does not require too much light. We now invite you to discover our large file of examples and ideas inspiring bright décor:

Conserved transformed candlesticks

outdoor lighting idea retains outer decorative fixture design

romantic outdoor light with candles

candles romantic idea modern pool design outdoor lighting

Blue lighting with modern solar lights

solar light blue exterior lighting exterior decoration lamp idea

Shadow play

Outdoor Lighting garden bright idea deco wall

Decoration and Lighting Buly by New Garden

bright design idea balcony garden design light ball

Idea lighting for your garden path with solar lights

garden path outside lighting fixture solar Deco idea light string garden layout idea long white wooden chairexterior decorative candle light idea glass bottles light idea outside garden furniture terrace chair design table Outdoor Lighting light deco idea Garden Terrace solar lights garden landscaping idea Deco Industrial light string decoration key exterior decoration idea idea light string lighting balcony garden furniture wicker sofa light candles outside terrace garden light string original idea Garden lighting fixture garden layout idea deco light spots bright idea staircase garden modern outdoor lighting fixture terrace outside light bright idea garden pergola seating spots Garden idea driveway lighting fixture aisle lighting solar garden outside garden design idea shaft suspension luminaire blue outdoor light led lighting terrace garden chairs white garden idea bright flowers flos garden decoration idea exterior design modern lighting patio light string lighting idea armchair garden furniture wood dining table stone chair design LED lighting fixture garden design idea Deco idea light garland light snowflakes modern exterior design idea outside balcony garden lighting outdoor light strings idea light string garden lounge chair wood garden landscaping idea Brightly decorated garland terrace garden idea solar lighting idea garland light balls lighting outdoor garden terrace ceiling idea garlands bright balls garden lantern lighting idea suspension garden furniture wicker wooden table pool garden idea original modern exterior lighting palms modern design outdoor lighting idea spotlights Solar outdoor lighting decoration idea driveway garden outdoor lighting fixture modern idea Deco Lighting garden path lighting idea tree outside stone house idea lamp exterior lighting cheap solar garden decorated tree light string balls bright idea tree light string exterior decoration idea light string tree idea exterior design modern lighting Canned candlesticks idea deco exterior light

wooden candlestick diy garden light decoration idea

Exterior idea bright star deco modern design lamp outdoor light decoration Star bright idea modern exterior decoration garden decoration outdoor tree lighting modern idea exterior lighting candles diy garden light outdoor lighting idea balcony terrace garden Deco exterior idea candle light modern design pots

Outdoor Lighting design idea deco outdoor garden lighting decoration

light string decoration idea outdoor garden lighting idea outdoor bar stools chair design outdoor lighting fixture design idea modern deco exterior spotlights outdoor lighting idea led lighting spotlights lighting pool garden idea led lighting decorative outdoor lighting Light-outdoor-lighting-house-exterior-led outdoor lighting home decoration idea outdoor garden soft lighting outdoor lighting original idea plants decorative wall brick Garden fountain idea outdoor lighting idea romantic idea garland outdoor lighting garden cushions garden bench Led modern exterior design idea garden light decoration lighting Outdoor Lighting adhesive tape design idea staircase balcony garden lighting Outdoor Lighting bright spots idea modern pool fountain Light pyramid garden decoration idea Modern lighting gardens aménagment Vintage metal lamp lighting outdoor garden furnishings modern idea picnic romantic light string idea exterior lighting outdoor pool modern design idea palm lighting flowerpot bright idea modern outdoor lighting lighting Solar suspension idea modern outdoor lighting outdoor decoration light fixture modern design modern design idea outside light apple idea deco exterior lighting peperone telcom outdoor lighting idea bright apples peperone telcom bright flower pot idea Deco plants solar outdoor lighting decoration idea pots of flowers plants Deco idea patio lighting light string garden furnitureoutdoor light decoration light string idea balconysolar light string ikea furnishings idea balcony garden lounge chair outdoor terrace garden chair idea flowerpot cushions exterior lighting chandelier idea garden chair luminaire low wooden table outdoor fireplace terraces lighting fixtures idea garland outdoor garden terrace table chair garden idea romantic idea illumination garden furniture design suspension modern chair garden table terrace wooden house ideas Solar garden lights lighting idea long wooden patio chair suspended Deco flower pots bright idea light spots pool terrace pool lighting ideas solar outdoor light decoration cheap bright tulip outdoor light decoration solar garden idea tulips allee garden-deco-garland-light solar lighting idea garden driveway light outdoor garden idea Deco idea exterior light lighting pool terrace design outdoor wall outdoor lighting fixtures idea pool lighting spotlights

outdoor light decoration light string garden terrace balcony

light outdoor garden decor idea suspension candles modern lighting

light outdoor garden lighting idea

Outside idea illumination light string LED garden lighting

light decoration outdoor pool garden

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