The contemporary patio – 17 ideas to inspire you –

The contemporary patio – 17 ideas to inspire you

terrace wall waving chic umbrellas

A patio is a space to rest, gatherings, exchange gossip, the family meal ... Often it can be an inner courtyard, nestled space at the back of the house or of a terrace on the roof of a building.

In our article today we present 17 ideas for a modern patio, elegant and original.

This shaded patio overlooking a garden in the sun

courtyard shaded relaxation area access green garden

For a satisfactory result, it is better to live in a sunny country in order to assess an outdoor terrace. Some of our examples have really refined shaded courtyards, lined with a pool to cool off. We can also install a trendy design fireplace that will be the centerpiece of your patio. The options are many, just look!

Terrace boasts luxurious sunken seating encircling a very fashionable fireplace

patio sitting area below about modern central fireplace

The lanterns hung between two trees give this a very charming air courtyard

patio overflowing charm lanterns hanging trees

green terrace with a bench in the sun and a dining table in the shade

terrace garden dining table bench resting shadow

This beautiful shaded courtyard is a small swimming pool and a landscaped corner chairs

shaded patio FURNISHED afternoon with friends

Modern terrace on the roof offers a beautiful view

Modern patio splendid corner sofa for roof

Courtyard lit at night for a soothing atmosphere at the pool

patio lit night reflection pool wooded lake

sublime terrace with raw marble table and an ultra-modern fireplace

original terrace raw marble fireplace design table

sunken courtyard dominated by a green slope

Court sunken green corner fireplace design

minimalist patio roof to admire the city view

outdoor terrace dining tables overlook Lake soothing

Contemporary chic furnishings terrace roof

modern wooden patio landscaped beautiful city view

Contemporary wood patio den subtle lighting

garden patio chairs resting in the sun

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