The breeze plant view: Protect yourself from view of neighbors –

The breeze plant view: Protect yourself from view of neighbors

aisle box trees spheres

You want to create a visual barrier between your yard and your neighbors? Think about breeze plant view which, as its name suggests, will help you protect yourself from the looks of your neighbors.

The plant artificial breeze view for easy maintenance and a chic result

easy to maintain artificial boxwood

A breeze hedge view is a perfect choice for backyard overlooking the neighbor's garden, or for gardens that overlook the street, exposing the view of passersby.

Some pots with flowers outdoor topiary spheres

box trees in outdoor flower pots

There are several breaks for plants that will help you define your space while keeping it classy and elegant. The boxwood is a favorite sight breeze since plants can be pruned and planted in pots of flowers outside as the image above, or planted on the ground to form small hedges.

A variety of cactus to isolate themselves from the world

cactus partition Mexico

If you want a more exotic look, opt for Cactus (ideal in hot weather) or bamboo Fargesia, a rare species of bamboo that is not intrusive. Depending on your tastes, one will take you to South America and one in Asia.

The wind plant view is vital to create an intimate environment even outside

den delimited breeze plant view

The cedars are also an excellent choice if you want more height in your garden. We like the contrast in terms of height between plants on the ground, carved boxwood and finally, the row of cedar below.

Box trees and large cedar for privacy

pruned box and a row of cedar

If you have neither the time nor the patience to grow a nice breeze hedge view, go for the box artificle as in our example below. Easy to maintain and less costly, the polyurethane version emanates elegance with clean lines and you only see the fire!

Artificial hedges to protect from the eyes of neighbors *

Artificial boxwood hedges by Hooks and Lattice

If you still want a breeze plant natural view, why not opt ​​for the Italian buckthorn below? Authentic, it grows relatively quickly and, by its vertical nature, it is perfect to mark a garden.

Add the Italian buckthorn for more greenery in your patio

Italian buckthorn green dresses garden

You can also plant buckthorn along a blank wall to add character to your garden or decorate an otherwise empty wall.

blank wall adorned with bamboo for more greenery

small bamboo along the wall

Fargesia bamboo is another idea if you want to fill a void along a wall.

Pool lined with bamboo for an exotic look

pool surrounded by bamboo

In the example above, the terrace is bordered by another variety of bamboo Fargesia. We love the contemporary look that exudes this terrace!

A long row of cypress defines this beautiful terrace with pool

pool protected by row cypress

The cypress is another option for those seeking a little privacy in their garden. High and narrow, it is ideal for planting in rows and thus define a space.

A nice breeze plant view can also be used to decorate a wall

plant breeze view to decorate purple wall

The Leyland Cypress is a popular choice but be aware that its lifetime is limited to a period of ten to twenty years.

Green walls in privet for such a natural look and aesthetic

breeze protects plant for house looks

If you have the patience, the breeze plant view you need is privet. The privet hedge takes time to grow, but the end result is absolutely gorgeous and green. It is important to consult a landscaper if you want to enjoy it.

Privet requires patience but the result is surprising

throène a wall carved by wind view

Superb entry with chic cactus

beautiful entrance with cacti house

A beautiful example of a house entrance dotted with cacti and, below, a Mediterranean-style terrace, bordered by a row of cypress trees.

Terrace lined with several cypress

an avenue of cypresses along the terrace

* Hooks and Lattice

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