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outdoor courtyard development on several levels

Planning outdoor courtyard staircase idea basin'eau

What Designers court choose: should privilege the aesthetic, functionality or both simultaneously? To answer this question and to give you some design ideas and decorating your garden and terrace, we present this case 13 equipped outdoor area with several levels of practical and modern way.

Let's find them!

Planning practice and modern outdoor courtyard for summer

planning practice outdoor courtyard garden lounge chair table tend idea

Summer is the perfect time to spend more time outside and enjoy the outdoors. For this, we need a large outdoor space comfortably and functionally furnished! Above we see an outdoor space designed by Intelligent Design Studio which is part of a private residence, called Tusculum. This court is very small, but to make it more visually and physically, the designers opted for a development in height, creating different levels.

Large outdoor courtyard with playground, Design Eldridge Londres¹ Lyndon Douglas photography

develop modern practice outdoor space ideas

This is also the case of this court designed by Eldridge Londres. Its size is significantly larger than the previous court, but it is also fitted at different levels to store triangular planters. In addition, it comprises a playground with slide and sandbox for children.

Large modern outdoor runs designed by Eldridge Londres, Lyndon Douglas photography

Planning outdoor courtyard idea wood tends garden furniture flower boxes

This courtyard, designed by Michael Kramer and Karen Kramer and photographed by Olga Soboleva, is very modern and elegant. It is fitted on many levels through the use of dark wood.

modern and elegant outdoor courtyard, design Michael Kramer and Karen Kramer, Olga Soboleva photography

Planning outdoor courtyard trend chair bath chair design

At the first level were installed window boxes, the second - a relaxing bath and an outdoor relaxing area. wicker chairs on the go with the coating of wood flooring.

comfortable outdoor courtyard, design Michael Kramer and Karen Kramer, Olga Soboleva photography

outdoor courtyard resin bath chair modern stone staircase cushions

The fourth area to visit is located next to the Avoca Beach, Australia. This court is entertaining, with a fireplace and an outdoor dining area that constitute the two main levels of the court. The hammock is a real stroke of heart!

The courtyard of the residence designed by Keir True North Architects², photography by Brigid Arnott

Planning outdoor courtyard view garden lounge chair wood coating wood bench

This courtyard, designed by The Landscape Artists and located in Sydney, Australia, is also arranged at different levels. It features an outdoor dining area, a garden with relaxation area on the second level and a stone staircase that connects all.

modern courtyard with stone staircase in Sydney, Australia, designed by The Landscape Artists

develop outdoor courtyard tend idea stone stairs dining chair wood garden

This court has multiple levels for entertaining and relaxing, furnished with cushions and comfortable modern furniture. The water basin is the focal point of this outdoor space.

Modern Court and landscaped garden with water basin, Design by Bartholomew Landscaping

develop outdoor courtyard basin'eau tendance pouf jardin idée escalier pierre

It is large and spacious. The pool of water gives it a rustic and modern look both. The wooden fence around it is very discreet and does not create a feeling of isolation.

The pool of water is the focal point of the development of this space, Design by Bartholomew Landscaping³

Outside court tends table chair Deco ideas flowers

This court has multiple levels to relax, have a drink and share a meal with family or friends. It was designed around the pool in the middle of the den and the dining area.

Mosman appointed courtyard and garden, designed by Harrison's Landscaping, photography by Natalie Hunfalvay

outdoor courtyard arrange idea ottomans outdoor pool garden furniture

Having a swimming pool is always nice and relaxing. Small or large, it is always refreshing!

Modern outdoor space, design Harrison's Landscaping, photography by Natalie Hunfalvay

exterior design courtyard garden table arrange pillows

This court is very large and spacious. It is ideal for organizing summer evenings outdoors. The lighting is soft and well suited. The pierre rose gives a very original side in this modern space.

Great runs ideal for organizing summer evenings outdoors, Design by Space Designs

pierre rose design outdoor courtyard design cushions wood garden bench space low wooden table stairs

This courtyard, designed by Line Builds, has a footprint of large slabs, a stone outdoor fireplace and a second raised level with a garden area.

Small landscaped yard operatively, Design Line Builds Matthew Millman Photography photography

develop idea courtyard design outdoor fireplace stone staircase

Having an outdoor fireplace always makes the warm and welcoming space. One can enjoy his court not only in summer but also in winter!

Small landscaped courtyard with fireplace, Design Line Builds Matthew Millman Photography photography

modern space outside courtyard arrange home stone

Here is another medium sized yard, designed at different levels. With this intelligent design, the greenery and the green wall, it looks much bigger and taller than she actually is.

Court established by Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders, design and photography David Gast, interior design Martha Angus

amenager garden-terrace-table-lounge garden-idee-yard outdoor

We have mentioned several times that nowadays small spaces are sometimes the most difficult but also the most enjoyable, to convert. Make a little more room than it actually is always a challenge. The court below, designed by Fossey Arora Design is small but, with many levels, it looks bigger and it is perceived as comfortable and functional.

Modern courtyard design Fossey Arora Design The Garden Construction Builders, Blooming Photography photography

develop outdoor courtyard trend wood staircase stone basin'eau

Modern courtyard design Fossey Arora Design, Photography photography Blooming

modern wooden staircase outdoor courtyard sofa cushions

This courtyard, designed by Art in Green, was separated into a number of small areas which have different functions. In this way, it is functional and comfortable to inhabit. The floor is covered with white stone.

Northbridge Court and garden designed by Art in Green, photography by Peter Brennan

Garden arrange space outside courtyard idea long stone staircase ground wood coating chair

The relaxation area is furnished with two lounge chairs in wood design. The pool of water forms a Zen area. The greenery is very rich and composed of different plants.

Northbridge Court and garden designed by Art in Green, photography by Peter Brennan

outdoor courtyard space idea develop modern stone flooring basin

This court is divided into an area at ground level with a garden and patio area, and a second level with a sitting area at the same level as the pool.

Court located in Orinda residence designed by Nick Noyes Architecture and photographed by Cesar Rubio

outdoor courtyard garden trend develop idea basin'eau moderne

¹ Eldridge London

² True North Architects

³ Bartholomew Architects

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