Making a vertical planter pallet: tutorials and inspirational ideas for photos inside and outside –

Making a vertical planter pallet: tutorials and inspirational ideas for photos inside and outside

fabricating a vertical planter wooden pallet diy

Live wood pallets! Super practices to achieve any kind of DIY project and Deco, today we look at the different ideas how to make a vertical garden with pallets.

You will find it very simple and super nice!

fabricating a vertical planter wooden pallet diy

The vertical garden is a big trend for several reasons. It is practical, functional and super nice. It can be installed anywhere, even if you live in a small space, the vertical garden it snugly. Recently, we were concerned about how to create a vertical wall with wooden plank and chicken wire. Today, specially dedicates this article to the vertical garden with wooden pallet. You will find some tutorials and lots of inspiring pictures for your interior and exterior home!

Making a vertical garden with pallets: selection of some easy ideas to make

You're not very good at DIY, but the idea of ​​making a vertical planter wooden pallet tempting? Well, you fell on the right place! In the following lines you will find some vertical garden ideas made with pallets very easy to make and require only basic tools.

The simplest vertical planter model to perform and the one you see in the picture below. No need to disassemble the pallet, it is left as it is. It only protect with the geotextile felt. Cut a piece (a band) geotextile felt appropriate for the size of your palette. Fold the geotextile felt to form bins within the pallet. Then attach the felt with the stapler. Once the protection of wood made, just add peat moss and potting soil and to drag succulent (or garden). And behold, your vertical garden with pallets is ready!

pallet Recup-wood-diy-recup pallet-timber-gardening-vertical

Fabricating a vertical planter with pallets and wooden boards

Below you will find a vertical planter model palette that has an additional wheeled bin. For this project, you will need more tools.

The necessary equipment is:

  • size pallet 120 x 80 cm
  • Battens 120 cm length
  • screw
  • screwdriver
  • saw
  • nails
  • hammer
  • brush painting
  • paint (in the case of this tutorial, Monica * chose white paint)
  • plastic (or geotextile felt)
  • 5 L brackets
  • 2 pegboards
  • metal plates
  • stapler
  • Sandpaper
  • 4 wheels (optional)

fabricating a vertical planter wooden pallet diy

Fabricating a vertical planter with pallets and wooden boards: the steps

It begins with the creation of bin on wheels. Indeed, it is composed of several wooden boards cut. The walls of the tray and the bottom of the tank consist of planks of the pallet stacked on each other. As you can see from the picture, removing some planks of the wooden pallet to be used for the lower tray. You will see in the photo how to do it. Based on your tray ready, it's time to form the walls with the help of additional wooden boards. Take the two wooden planks and cut in four equal parts. Screw each end an L medium (See the photo below).

important Note : It is essential to leave a little space between the boards so that water can flow freely.

Making a vertical planter pallet: tutorials and inspirational ideas for photos inside and outside

Now it's time to assemble the pallet on the bottom of the tank. For this, you will need nails, a hammer, a The carrier and saw and screws. In the picture below you will see all the steps to complete your project.

And the last step: fill with potting soil and place the plants you want. Here are some ideas vegetable garden :

  • radish
  • lettuce and spinach
  • potatoes
  • herbs, dill, parsley, basil, thyme, coriander
  • peas

fabricating a vertical planter wooden pallet diy


If you do not have ready-made pots, you can use canned or empty glass jars. A draft Recycling 100%!

pallet gardening-vertical-manufacture

The palette is perfect for a mini vegetable garden in the kitchen or on the terrace. Whether it's good to enjoy fresh herbs throughout the year! make-a-jardinire-vertical-en-pallet timber

Fabricating a vertical planter wooden pallet with succulents

We are big fan of homemade vegetable garden, but if you want to create a green wall for purely aesthetic purposes, it is still possible to opt for succulents. These are very durable and require very little maintenance. You can create all kinds of original compositions and install inside or outside of your home.

pallet gardening-diy-plant-fat pallet-vertical-gardening diy garden

More and more people are investing vertical space to maximize their home. Living in a small apartment is no excuse for not having the green home! To make the vertical planter project pallet below, simply remove some slats of the pallet. In this way, your plants have enough space to live and enjoy the sunshine. Painting is optional. You can keep the natural and rustic look of the pallet or the paint for an original decorative effect.

pallet wood recup-gardener-make-diy

Making a vertical planter pallet with chicken wire

The chicken wire is very convenient when you want to create a vertical garden. Usually it is used to create a vertical garden with wooden or vegetable table. In the case below, we see another version of the vertical garden of pallet and chicken wire. The idea of ​​the fence is to keep plants and rooting them. Also seen sphagnum moss. As you probably already know, sphagnum moss retains water and ensures an always well moistened soil.

pallet timber-gardening-vertical-diy gardening-vertical pallet-diy

Fabricating a vertical planter with cans or glass jars

And if you want to invest your vertical space outside or inside, but try even easier project to realize, use your paddle as a shelf or attach directly to your flower pots. To fix, you can use screws or suspended. Below there is shown a pallet which serves as a storage shelf.

make-a-jardinire-vertical-en-pallet of wood

gardening-vertical pallet-timber-diy-ideas make-a-jardinire-vertical pallet-timber-diy make-a-jardinire-vertical-wall recup pallet pallet recup-gardening-DIY-ideas

* The great tutorial Monica

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