99 gardens and terraces with modern design pools

pools modern terrace design

Water in all its forms has always evoked the imagination, dreams and passion. Arise in the garden or on the pool deck listening to the sound of the water and resting, or make baths in the sun - it's a real luxury for the senses.

Today we offer you to discover our 99 pictures pools modern in the garden or next to a terrace or patio. You will probably find an idea for the development pool of your dreams, look!

Original design of terrace with two smaller pools

Design terrace swimming pool two

House with original design pool

original home form pools

modern design pool

Contemporary Layouts idea pools

Deco pool landscaping

pools modern design idea

luxurious and ultra modern swimming pool

Layouts pools deco design

Deco terrace with pool and views

original design idea pools

Modern transparent Pool

cascading pools design

Deco relaxing terrace with pool

modern design pools

elegant pool contemporary design

Layouts deco pools

form pool Layouts pools deco idea

Luxury villa with pool Layouts pools decoration idea

modern space with outdoor pool Layouts pool outdoor area

Decoration pools with sun loungers Design Layouts patio pool

Development of felled with interesting pool Layouts interesting pool

Wooden patio with pool Layouts wood pool patio

Pool with unusual design ultra modern pool Layouts

Large terrace with pool Layouts pool terrace

Small wooden villa with pool Layouts terrace deco pool

Bedroom with pool viewdeco bedroom pool view

ultra modern patio with pool decoration pool outdoor area

Pool with original decoration decoration design pool

Swimming pool with exotic decoration decoration exotic pool

pool decorated with rocks decoration pool rocks

Deco terrace with pool decoration spa pool

During summer a hot day, nothing is more refreshing than a pool. Although often considered a luxury, they can be integrated as well in a garden, on a terrace. In addition to being a nice place to relax and refresh, pools can add visual interest to your garden.

decoration villa pool

That said, the pools can also be an important investment. Gradually, as you start to consider a pool, consider the size, shape and style that best suit the location and size of the space.

design large swimming pool

The location, size and the desired activity will determine the pool of models that could serve you better. If you live in a place where there is not warm more than four months a year, an outdoor swimming pool might not be worthwhile and should be considered an outdoor pool.

Design deco pool

Whether you are inside or outside, the size of the space will dictate the shape of the pool. Carefully consider the amount of space you want to devote to the entire project. If you have a long and narrow space, opt for a rectangular pool.

large artificial pool

Know that having a pool requires a lot of maintenance time. So if you do not want to spend time on it, consider installing a Jacuzzi or other type of SPA.

great deco pool

large design pool

Install a small waterfall to make it more pleasant swimming and add a bar and lounge chairs for optimum relaxation. A table next can help you entertain during the holidays with friends, while an outdoor shower is often very useful after a swim. Do not also forget to drop a few umbrellas nearby to take full advantage of your moments of rest near the pond.
great original design pool

The pool is the perfect place to spend quality time with family and playing with children. Besides, if you have children you must think about safety considering a part of the pool especially designed for children.

Garden outdoor space Layouts idea

The pool is beautiful in itself, but that does not prevent you from building on a beautiful decor all around. Natural elements such as plants, stones and wood, are to be considered for this type of landscape.

pool area Layouts idea

Do you know the infinity pool? This gives the impression of being linked to the sea in front of you. This is an inexpensive project but the result is amazing!

modern deco pool garden

If you want to enjoy your pool at night, take into account the lighting. A dim light in and around the pool is ideal for your evenings outdoors.

wood patio pool

This is not because-you have a small outdoor area that you can not enjoy a nice pool. They come in all sizes and forms and just find one that will fit best in your home.

wooden patio roof pool

If you live in an area where the climate is changing, opt for a semi enclosed pool. You can install it so that it remains half open in summer and closed completely during the cold and rainy season.

Layouts idea-space-outside-modern

Layouts idea deco pools

idea pool terrace Layouts

Modern decoration idea pool

garden deco pool

garden pool design

garden deco pool

triangular garden pool

home garden idea pool

modern pool house garden

patio pool feeding

design patio open pool

Modern patio pool

modern deco swimming pool patio

deco swimming pool patio

Asian deco pool

deco waterfall pool

modern deco pool

Original decoration pool terrace

rustic deco pool

wood pool design

pool design interesting

light design integrated pool

pool original design

Original design outdoor pool

outdoor pool garden

irregulère form pool

original form pool

interessante pool terrace

Green light pool

Modern decorated pool

modern original design pool

modern open pool closed

pools original design

pool terrace garden idea

Modern decoration idea pools

modern deco idea pools

deco idea terrace pools

deco wooden pool deck

wood pool patio terrace

wooden pool deck

wood decoration pool terrace

Contemporary terrace pool

terrace pool original design

terrace swimming pool design

Luxury pool terrace design

modern open pool terrace

terrace pool view

Modern relax pool terrace

terra decoration idea pool

deco villa pool

interesting deco pool villa

Modern design villa pool

deco villa pool

original idea pool villa

outdoor pool garden villa

Layouts garden pool design

contemporary design pool Layouts

Layouts pool minimalist garden

Layouts pool modern garden

Layouts modern swimming pool

deco garden with pool

garden modern idea pool

modern house design pool

Modern patio pool

terrace swimming pool design

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