How to lay a wooden deck? –

How to lay a wooden deck?

how to put a deck outside modern idea

How to lay a wooden deck? If you ask yourself this question, then this article is for you! In this publication we will try to outline the basic steps to put a deck, as well as information on the aesthetic and practical qualities of certain types of wood.

All our ideas and tips are illustrated with an outdoor gallery with contemporary design wood cladding.

How to lay a wooden deck?

how to ask a coating wooden deck floor outdoor lighting

We all wait, impatiently, spring and sunny days. We see them here soon and it is time to think of his landscaping, his garden and terrace. Small or large, any outdoor space deserves to be treated with care to enjoy it at any time, with family or with friends. In this article, we will look to the advantages of wood as a material for coating the exterior spaces and we will give you some valuable tips to maintain it throughout the year.

Terrace design with floor coated wood on the second level of a contemporary house

how to put a deck idea outside ground wood coating

You have chosen the wood to dress your home terrace or roof terrace? What a wonderful idea! Wood is probably the most modern material and most loved in interior as well as exterior design design. The terrace is usually a green and open space that requires very little to be well furnished and decorated. Choose a wood covering for the outdoor area ensures a more natural atmosphere and a contemporary look.

Contemporary wooden terrace in town and stone with small pool

how to put a deck idea modern exterior design wooden bench trend

Put on his floor wooden deck has several advantages: it is easy to install, easy to maintain, easy to integrate all design styles with its natural aesthetics. Some prefer the minimalist charm of natural wood, while others prefer the practical side of the composite wood. Which one to choose depends on your needs, your means and time you want to spend to maintain it. There are several types of wood: white cedar, red cedar, white oak, mahogany, teak, pine and many others. All species have different aesthetic and practical properties, some are lighter in color, while others are being darker. White cedar and white oak are very rigid, for example. If your outdoor area is very exposed to the sun and rain, a hard gasoline resistant and is chosen, preferably, class four *.

Covered terrace with wooden flooring

ask a terrace wooden floor sofa trend coating

The look of your wooden deck also depend on various surface treatments to obtain various and interesting visual results.

City Terrace with flooring and decorative wooden wall

idea exterior flooring wood design pattern wooden wall idea glass panel

Roof terrace covered with wood fireplace and view of the beautiful city

deck coating wood outdoor furniture idea trend wood plant home

Wood is easier to integrate in a specific field as concrete, for example. The first is more flexible. Least the blade is thicker, it will be fragile. This also applies to its width. More blade is thin and wide, it will be more likely to deform. If you have a deck regularly exposed to the weather, our advice is to choose thicker strips of wood so that they are more resistant to weather conditions. With proper maintenance, this choice is a long term investment.

City roof terrace covering, furniture and wooden pergola

terrace town wood flooring idea roof wooden pergola garden bench

Regardless of the type of wood you choose to trim your garden terrace or pool environment, regular maintenance is required to maintain its natural appearance. Remember that wood is a natural material that breathes and humidity influence many. It can easily rot without appropriate care. If you do not want your flooring becomes grayish at some point, it is advisable to add a stain once a year.

A beautiful roof terrace of a cafe in Paris

exterior design idea wood coating wood blades pose idea

Exotic woods are usually the most expensive species found on the market. Teak and pine can reach between 80 and 100 euros for a square meter, for example. Much of the garden furniture is made of teak or mahogany. These two exotic wood species are suitable for the flooring. They are against quite expensive. According to professionals, the red cedar is the best solution for terrace flooring thanks to its quality and its price quite affordable.

Terrace covered with red cedar East, Design Joe Wood

terrace red cedar siding tend idea put wooden terrace

The exterior wood is usually exposed to two factors that may spoil the sun and moisture. The sun's rays have an impact especially on the aesthetics of wood, while the humidity can sometimes be fatal and even destroy the wood from the inside. What to do to prevent water damage to your wood flooring? It is during the installation must be especially careful not to install the blades too close to each other and to install way to create a slope that will be responsible to prevent water from getting inside the wood.

Town deck with wood siding with aged effect

idea how to put a deck diy trend coating wood floor

To prevent your wood flooring begins to mold or rot, the advice is to find protective finishes that have been treated with linseed oil. They are cheap, easy to install and they retain moisture in wood. The same rule is applied to wooden garden furniture.

Roof terrace house with wood covering and furniture design

terrace roof coating idea modern exterior wood gas plant pot

Fancy a dressed wood composite deck? Composite wood is less natural appearance than natural wood, but he also is very durable. Made of plastic resin derived from recycling and wood fiber, it requires much less maintenance care and the sun does not change very little color. It is also less slippery. Its price is sometimes higher than that of natural wood, but still quite affordable. The cheapest option probably remains the natural wood because there are certain softwood species sold at 15 euros per square meter.

The wood also invites the terrace as pergola and wall panels

wood pergola outside patio idea develop modern space home

Before making your choice, study the market, prices, properties of different woods and above your land. It is vital to choose your flooring wood deck depending on the terrain of your garden and climate. It will be a shame to invest in essence exotic and rather expensive cosmetic timber, but few for your area. There are several online sources ** that can guide you and help you in your choice of siding.

Modern outdoor space with composite wood siding and outdoor kitchen

modern design idea exterior wood coating ideas

What type of wood to choose also depends on the style you want to recreate in your garden and on your terrace. For a minimalist style and Nordic-inspired, one chooses white oak or pine and installing wooden furniture. For a contemporary terrace outside, we choose to dress its composite decking and arrange with furniture in wicker, for example.

Beautiful roof terrace with flooring and gray wood furniture

design idea exterior terrace ask Deco wood coating plant dining table

With what material marry wood? In a previous article, we focused on the combination of wood with authentic charm of the stone. If you want to know more about this subject and how to integrate these two natural materials in its space garden or terrace, please see our publication on this topic.

Here's how to build and decorate a small garden with terrace in town

contemporary exterior design flooring idea deco table chairs plants

Idea of ​​small garden with terrace, wooden flooring and decorative plant

how to put a deck idea plant pot outside decor

deck flooring with small wooden blades

terrace arrange idea take soil trend contemporary exterior terrace
terrace house with wood siding, covered and modern

modern exterior wood deck flooring idea modern furniture coating

A terrace overlooking the sea that dream ...

terrace wood siding exterior modern idea beanbag furniture design garden

Modern design house designed in harmony with the environment

Contemporary home design idea wood flooring wood trend

city ​​roof terrace with wooden flooring square raised blades

roof terrace idea develop modern outdoor space Deco trend plant

House contemporary architecture with wooden deck coating

coating court house idea wood contemporary house terrace

Roof terrace atmosphere cocoon city with lots of vegetation

how to put a wooden terrace town chair Deco idea patio plants

Contemporary outdoor area with flooring, furniture and wooden pergola

idea wood deck coating idea pergola garden furniture cushions modern trend ideas

Having a city roof terrace is a real treat

terrace modern city idea floor coating plant pot Deco furniture

Coating and natural wood furniture for the modern terrace

wooden deck furniture coating idea roundtable plant deco chairs

modern city terrace with natural wood floor coating

terrace outdoor furniture natural wood coating wood floor idea trend upholster

City roof terrace covering, wooden bench and open outdoor fireplace

Wood idea outdoor fireplace patio terrace area accommodate coating

midsize Terrace city with ground covered in dark wood

terrace town wood siding exterior idea trend develop

* For more information: natural or wood composite deck

** Wood species: ideas and tips

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