Vertical Garden: create, optimize, decorate –

Vertical Garden: create, optimize, decorate

vertical garden idea diy modern wall

The vertical garden comes to the outside and inside to make our functional and aesthetic spaces. The vertical design of a room, a garden or a terrace is becoming more and more for a simple reason: the space saving.

Taking advantage of the vertical dimension is optimized and makes original space. Nowadays, many people fit very well in a small space and live in dwellings designed not only in width, but also in height. If you want to know how to make a successful vertical garden, we invite you to discover our record of 24 ideas of vertical gardens to realize oneself.

How to make a vertical garden at home?

vertical garden wall outdoor garden DIY arrange idea

Create a vertical garden is not complicated. In general, to create one, you first must choose its location and then provision of objects or recovery furniture (wooden pallets, dresser, drawers, etc.) to achieve it.

vertical garden located in an old recycled furniture: long live Recycling!

vertical garden idea diy diy furniture Recycling objects

Which plants for vertical garden? It should be noted that the technique of vertical garden does not apply to all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Some require large depth of earth. For cons, the vertical garden is ideal for small crops and aromatic plants.

Wooden pallet transformed into small vertical garden with flower pots

wood pallet ideas diy flower pots

What vegetables for vertical garden? It can grow salads, cherry tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic and many more. In terms of fruit, strawberries adapt most easily. Regular watering is necessary as is also the case of potted plants. Sometimes the soils dry out quickly. Finally, remember to ensure your small garden of fruits and vegetables a location not too sunny or too shady.

The vertical garden is practical and aesthetic: an idea to build yourself

vertical gardens vertical garden idea idea develop
Idea to achieve with a wooden pallet: easy, practical, ecological

diy idea wooden pallet vertical garden vegetable garden

A vertical garden can be installed on the balcony, terrace and even in the kitchen or living room. Wooden pallets are perfect for making an original green wall. Multiple objects can use to create your wall masterpiece. With cans or bottles, plastic or glass, it is possible to create a modern view breeze with colorful vegetable buttons.

Original idea to achieve with glass jars and suspensions

Garden DIY suspension modern idea develop space

The planter gardens are perfect for aromatic plants. To make a vertical garden, simply superimpose them. This way you will not only optimize the space, but also decorate and make it more original. Another idea, very original, the vegetable garden wooden pallet.

Plants are the best decoration outside and inside

space outside garden idea arrange furniture terrace

The tendency to make furniture and objects with wooden pallets is present again! There are two ways to use a palette to create a vertical garden: install pots for plants in the palette or put the plants between the boards of the pallet.

Wooden pallets are very convenient and easy to handle

wooden pallet boxes diy idea

You can also make a living wall with plants and vegetables. The principle is a little more sophisticated than the wooden pallet. Finally, it comes to your outdoor garden, the climbing vegetables are a good idea: beans, peas, tomatoes and others.

Ideas to make with wood pallets for a delicious garden

garden wood pallet idea diy garden plants develop

Idea planters and breeze view: practical and aesthetic combine in this beautiful piece!

idea breeze garden view outside arrange flowers pots plants

Growing vegetables in pots and then hang them high on a structure is also a possibility, close to the pockets garden. You can also use cans. Do not forget to pierce the bottom.

Original idea to achieve with wooden planks, source: Ginger Snap Crafts¹

Planter wood pallet diy idea arrange garden

Create a corner paradise for your plants

develop outdoor garden flower pots idea wood planters

An original idea of ​​recovery is the reuse of plastic bottles. You can cut them in half and then hanging with ropes. Avoid the transparent plastic bottles because in general the plant roots do not like light.

Idea of ​​reusing a wooden ladder: turn it into vertical garden!

DIY garden idea develop modern exterior trend brick wall

The plants blend with the garden fence to create a harmonious union

vertical garden idea wood planters diy

The pockets vegetable is one of the most productive examples. A number of major plant lives very well with the conditions of this type of planting. You can transform your old range-shoe pockets garden fabric to plant seedlings.

The pockets vegetable is one of examples of the most productive vertical gardens

kitchen garden idea pockets DIY vertical garden

It is also possible to create a garden wall using as support of the fence your garden. The pots can be made of the same material as the wooden fence.

Use your garden fence to install planters

space-amenager terrace-small-space garden-diy

The furniture and hanging objects are always practical for two reasons: they take up less space and they create a touch of originality inside and outside.

Flower pots on a suspended wooden shelf

idee-garden-vertical-wood diy

You can use any object to create a garden wall. By making your own is the best solution for a small space.

Wall with gray pots interesting and modern design

Wall garden diy flower pots idea wall wood furniture

The vertical garden is seen modern design. In town, we often live in small spaces and for those who like to plant vegetables and fruits, this type of garden is an ideal alternative. Floor by floor, your plants will grow and you will not even need the floor space.

Flower pots installed on a metal grid

vertical garden idea arrange flower pots DIY Wall

Large wooden planters modern design

DIY wooden planter garden wall develop diy idea

Modern construction made with wooden planks and small metal pots

Wall garden diy wood planks idea flower pots

original idea to achieve with a metal grid and ceramic pots, source: Aka Design²

Garden idea develop space armchairs ceramic pots

¹Ginger Snap Crafts

²Aka Design

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