Chile: the echo of the summer approaches –

Chile: the echo of the summer approaches

Chilean aluminum long reclining chair modern design Chilean jose Antonio Gandía Blasco

Relaxing, reading nap taking the sun in peace, lying comfortably: Chile announces the approach of summer. It is a soothing and relaxing furniture.

Do you know the origin of this accessory become indispensable in modern design? Small historical return and a selection of forty Chilean design…

Chilean wood and reclining with footrest

Reclining Chilean wood recliner with footrest design Ethimo cruise

Chile is a model of long classic chair. This is mixed between the chair and the bed We both sat, both lying. Indeed, the lounge chair named for transatlantic crossings (called deckchair). During the great crossings of the ocean, folding chairs were made available to travelers because of the lack of space on the promenade deck. At first, they were in a recognizable color, often red carmine. Dedicated to relaxation of the passengers who had access to the bridge, which the travelers who had a first-class cabin, could book them in advance, along with their passage ticket. Settled comfortably on their chairs, legs stretched, passengers could relax, read a book, enjoy a croissant or drink champagne. Today Chilean have become key modern furniture in the summer. They are often times revamped, reinvented by inventive and ingenious designers. Found Chilean which have a seat for supporting the legs comfortably armrests Chilean, flâneuses of which the seat support is flexible and its commonly used in the south.

Chilean red canvas with armrests

Modern folding red purple Chilean Chilean marine canvas design chiaramonte emu group

Ergonomic, Chilean are declined in many materials to choose from: wood (mahogany, teak, rosewood), steel, plastic and others. We can distinguish three main types of sunbed. Chilean is the simplest form of the folding deckchair, to seat canvas and without arms, composed of three wooden articulated frames which fit together to make possible a folding flat. The recliner-chair is a slightly more sophisticated model. This strip of conventional elongate fabric is provided with armrests and folding. The armrests make it more comfortable, but also more cumbersome. The recliner-chair flâneuse is a model with a footrest, canvas, which hangs on the chaise longue.

Chile: Located halfway chair and bed

Chilean design design garden furniture skargaarden long reclining chair bjorn hulten design of'exterieur contemporain

The origin of the word "deck chair" is a contraction of the French word "chair" and the English word "lounge". "Lounge" is associated with a feeling of relaxation, laziness and tranquility. The origin of the "Chilean" word is not quite clear. He is sure that he is named after the country Chile in Latin America, located on the side of the Pacific Ocean.

Flâneuse teak with footstools

lounge chair teak wood chair with footstools original design Flores Fisher lounger model

Chilean folding canvas, Design Chiaramonte Marin

folding lounge chair Chilean design canvas red green orange by Chiaramonte Marin emu group

These design furniture for relaxation during the summer, come in different colors.

Folding chairs canvas different colors and original design Chilean red green orange by Chiaramonte Marin emu group

Folding Chilean, and white design

Folding canvas Chilean Chilean white design by Chiaramonte Marin emu group

The Chilean goes outside and inside

long modern red interior design furnishings lounge chair idea lixe collection 16

Comfort inside

Chilean red with black cushions modern interior design concept living room furnishings lixe collection 16

Outside area

long white chair Red modern interior cushions idea garden layout design lixe collection 16

Two white Chilean and design

Modern outdoor garden cool tilt Chilean skargaarden white bjorn hulten

Minimalist lounge chair wicker fiber Dedon

Chilean braided fiber dedon deckchair green resin lorenza bozzoli design

blue plastic Chilean industrial design Pinafarina

plastic chair Chilean garden Flaneuse plastic Pininfarina A lot of Brasil

Chilean red plastic

red plastic chair Chilean garden Flaneuse red plastic Pininfarina A lot of Brasil

Chilean orange plastic

recliner chair in Chilean orange orange plastic Flaneuse by Pininfarina A lot of Brasil

Chilean ash with armrests

lounge chair Chilean ash wood armrests design marco sousa santos

Chilean classic wood with a removable footrest

wooden lounge chair Deesawat collection industries tiera

long reclining chair, Fiam furniture design

lounge chair and sailing wooden chair design garden fiam legno tilt

blue lounge chair with feet resting Chilean blue exterior design Paola Navone Gervasoni

Chilean with black and white feet resting outdoor furniture garden designer Paola Navone Gervasoni

Chilean with foot rest for a modern outdoor lounge chair in black and white outdoor furniture garden designer Paola Navone Gervasoni

long white chairs with foot rest outdoor furniture design by Paola Navone Gervasoni Wicker

Chilean comfortable outdoor furniture design red cushion Alixe idea development terrace

Folding garden furniture white chair design comfortable cushions in the pool garden

folding and reclining lounger Chilean fabric too beautiful design of'extérieur contemporain

folding lounge chair Chilean teak wooden folding reclining comfortable chair with armrests Christophe Delcourt

Folding garden chair cloth comfortable cushion fabric idea Designers Design Studio Fiam Italy

long red reclining folding chair with comfortable armrests tectona original design to the relaxed beach

Blue folding chair recliner with footrest fiam Italy

Wood-deckchair and reclining wooden fabric with designer Christophe Delcourt armrests

Chilean folding armrests design Enrico Tonucci Numerouno outdoor furniture idea

Chilean design with armrests karl fischer leo Heitlinger mobel

yellow steel chair super cool modular design garden designer Björn Dahlström

yellow modular Chilean steel Nola Industrier industrial design designer Björn Dahlström

lounger yellow industrial design steel steel designer Björn Dahlström sold by Nola Industrier

Chilean yellow steel designer Björn Dahlström sold by Nola Industrier industrial design

Long design and reclining chair with armrests in foam, luxury furniture Serenity

modern exterior design idea Chilean terrace design furniture in teak comfort fischer mobel

modern exterior design idea Chilean terrace furnishings teak comfort fischer mobel

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