Barbecue – original ideas and tips deco and practices –

Barbecue – original ideas and tips deco and practices

garden barbecue modern space extereiur

barbecue season arrives and it's time to prepare your garden or outdoor space at the times you spend outside in the company of your loved ones. In this article we offer a list of preparations that will help you create a festive atmosphere around the BBQ garden this summer.

Barbecue round garden

garden barbecue round

The first thing to do to a BBQ garden is well on to invite the world to come and then decorate your outdoor space. Send invitations for your party around the barbecue can be a very fun idea. If you lack inspiration, take a look at the site of PurpleTrail you go find a number of interesting ideas and personalized.

contemporary garden with barbecue

BBQ contemporary modern garden

But this is the appropriate decor that will help you create the perfect ambience around the barbecue. Try incorporating original fixtures, make a decorative table and find interesting accessories for your garden. Be creative and you could turn almost any decor in order to please your loved ones.

design garden with barbecue

BBQ modern garden idea

An original idea is to use jam jars for your barbecue deco. You can easily turn the empty pots in beautiful candlesticks or vases for your flower garden. If you decide to use them as candleholders, put in first some sand before the candles. This will create stability and the candle will not move. You can also wrap with fabric or colored paper for added effect but be careful that lazy candle touches the bet or fabric. Do bouquet of flowers and prefer to use some pots as vases. Put them next to the ground, or on the table next to the barbecue. You can also easily create candleholders hanging with a rope to a lantern effect.

Garden with bar style barbecue

garden barbecue bar style

As for the table decoration, nothing is more appropriate for a barbecue party in a red and white checkered tablecloth. plastic table sets are also a very good option for the outer table. They exist in a wide variety of styles and colors and little more is that they are easy to clean. You can also use scarves as a center deci or napkins. Put sandwiches in original trays. Try to create a table decoration at different levels. Flowers and plants will help you create an even more elegant deco.

Garden with wooden grill

BBQ terrace wood

Think of outdoor luminaires. You can even illuminate your trees decorating them with hanging lights or lighting chains. Paper lanterns are perfect for a party around the barbecue. If you do not have outdoor fireplace in your garden, you can improvise by creating a campfire to roast marshmallows or just sit around.

Garden design with metal grill

garden barbecue original design

As for outdoor furniture all depends on the type of event or party that you organize. In all cases for a party around the barbecue, the table is a required element. It must be large enough and comfortable for your guests feel at ease. Choose outdoor chairs based on the table or a wooden bench. The outdoor cushions are also an excellent choice that will make your more modern and contemporary exterior decoration. Here are some ideas into images.

Barbecue modern garden

garden barbecue bar Layouts

Outdoor kitchen with BBQ

modern outdoor barbecue kitchen

Contemporary outdoor kitchen with barbecue

Outdoor barbecue kitchen design

ultra modern outdoor barbecue

outdoor kitchen ultra modern barbecue

Outdoor kitchen with stone barbecue

deco interesting garden barbecue

Contemporary design garden with barbecue

decoration garden barbecue

original garden decoration idea with barbecue

Original BBQ terrace decoration

BBQ terrace decoration

terrace deco modern design

deco minimalist barbecue terrace

Layouts barbecue garden idea

Layouts barbecue terrace idea

idee deco garden barbecue

garden barbecue stone bricks

garden barbecue modern design

Garden Outdoor cooking BBQ

modern deco garden barbecue

outdoor barbecue garden design

modern garden design BBQ

barbecue garden outside

Original BBQ model garden

Modern garden barbecue

garden barbecue pergola

Zen garden style barbecue

patio garden barbecue

wooden terrace barbecue

minimalist style barbecue terrace

deco stone terrace barbecue

Original BBQ terrace design

modern outdoor barbecue terrace

modern fireplace barbecue terrace

Modern wood terrace barbecue

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