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60 ideas for a Japanese style rock garden to share

Layouts ideas exterior house rock garden

How do you imagine your dream garden? Do you want it to be terraced, with lots of green plants or minimalist style? Do you also have a pond or a pool of water in your garden?

The dream garden can take many different forms in our imagination but today we will present the rockery garden Japanese-inspired. With these 60 interesting ideas, we would like to show you diversity in garden design with stones. And it is quite possible that you find the perfect garden! Here are 60 images with inspirational ideas for your future relaxing garden:

minimalist style rock garden

Japanese rock garden decoration

The rockery garden Zen-inspired is a space without flowers or trees symbolizing the welfare - peace, meditation, order and discipline. A characteristic feature of the Japanese rock garden is available.

Modern house with garden rockery

Layouts outdoor rock garden

The rocks in the Zen garden are arranged asymmetrically and their number is necessarily odd, often 5, 7 or 11. Most people choose the stones and rocks of various sizes and shapes to accommodate groups with then.

Japanese rock garden decorationminimalist decoration rockery garden

Japanese garden decoration idea

deco gravel garden rockerySmall stone garden

rockery garden Layouts small space

Mini zen garden

rockery garden deco interesting

For the perfect rock garden it is important to develop it. First you must get an idea of ​​what you want to achieve as a result. The right place to scatter your rock garden is a place away from sunlight.

house exterior with stone and pebbles

modern home rockery garden

The rock love the light and the sun but do not support all the time, especially during the hot days too.

Deco Zen garden

zen rock garden Layouts

Before you have your rock, you must take care of the land. Drainage of it is very important. If you garden is sloped, place larger stones in the opposite direction of the slope. If your soil is clay, so consider adding coarse sand.

Japanese garden with rocks

Japanese minimalist garden rockery

Japanese garden decorated with rocks and pebbles

rockery garden Zen designJapanese Garden landscaping Layouts interesting Japanese garden outsideZen garden decoration ideaLayouts Japanese rock gardenDeco interesting Zen gardenJapanese rock garden deco interesting

Garden Deco with pebbles

Zen garden pebble decoZen garden decorated with a statuedeco zen garden statueRock minimalist style garden minimalist Japanese garden decoGarden decoration with rocks home deco modern Zen garden

Japanese garden decorated with a wooden platform

deco rock garden deck woodZen style terrace Decodeco terrace Zen Layoutsrockery garden decoration with flowersstairs flower garden rockeryLarge Japanese-style gardengreat Zen rock gardenDeco Modern Zen gardenLayouts idea modern Japanese gardenzen garden with bambooLayouts idea rock garden plantsZen garden decorated with pebblesrockery garden idea Layoutsinteresting idea deco zen gardenZen garden decoration ideadeco rock garden ideainteresting idea Zen Garden Layoutsalles idea Japanese garden woodZen-style water gardenfront garden stones Layoutsrockery garden relaxing spacegarden interesting modern LayoutsJapanese garden pond water rockeryModern Japanese garden ideamodern Japanese rock gardenJapanese garden succulentsJapanese garden wooden bridgeJapanese rock garden flowerstypical Japanese garden ideaZen typical Japanese gardenJapanese garden rockery yin-yangZen minimalist style gardenZen minimalist garden fence bamboolandscaped garden stone drivewayJapanese style rock gardendeco sand garden rockerymodern rock garden terraceZen garden rockery deco ideaContemporary rock garden houseminimalist home Japanese rock gardenultra modern minimalist garden housesmall garden deco stonessmall modern garden rockeryZen small urban gardenrockery garden deco interestingrockery garden relaxing arearockery garden pond waterJapanese rock garden woodrockery garden exotic plantssea ​​view garden rockerywood rockery garden terraceZen modern urban terrace

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