Choose an appropriate garden fence to your property –

Choose an appropriate garden fence to your property

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The main function of a garden fence that is to define your property in relation to the public domain, and to prevent outside intrusion, ensuring you respect your privacy.

But we must also consider other aspects when it is time to choose one, as does differentiate several internal areas to your property, creating an area for the garden, for example, separate from your dining area, or protect access to the pool if you have small children.

garden fence to delineate space

garden fence color wood painting

The role of a garden fence is obviously also decorative, aesthetic aspect is paramount, since you've probably put a lot of effort to create a pleasant outdoor environment and to your liking. It would be a shame to spoiling by installing an ugly fence or whose mix of styles would be shocking, or that would give you the impression of living in a prison. We will make a summary of the different aspects to bear in mind when you decide to close your home.

a decorative role

Modern steel garden fence

Any type of closure, as well a natural hedge as a fence prefabricated, has very different characteristics. Choosing a garden fence should be so that its integration is harmonious with the surroundings, and thereby increases the value of the property. It is important that your fence does not become an invasive element, although it is based in the middle and not swear in the surrounding landscape.

seamless integration

garden fence outdoor deco idea

Depending on your needs, you can choose between different types of fences. If you are looking for something that makes wall and protects your property, you could opt for a construction hard, like a wall of concrete blocks or concrete blocks. Or what is trendy, wall Gabion, which comes from gabbia Italian, literally meaning a cage. Gabion is a wire frame containers, which are introduced in average sizes of stones, and stones mixture can even create decorative. For internal compartmentalization of your garden, you can extend the style of the exterior fence, but by building low walls, stone for instance, or using half gabions modules from the outer wall.

walls gabion

stone fence garden stones

Sometimes, fences and walls are used to demarcate certain areas of the garden, or to hide from general view. This is the case for example of the service areas, or driveways for passing your vehicle, or even non-developed areas. A garden fence may sometimes be used to guide your guests along the path that they can follow inside the garden, like small alleys, and preventing the same time to have access to areas where you do would not they go, while redirecting in appropriate places.

dividing zones

Planning fences Service area

Fences therefore also serve as protection compared with vis-à-vis, they keep you out of sight of passersby or neighbors. In this light, it is also quite possible that the side speakers are higher than your front speaker. If that is the goal you seek, you can imagine a high wooden fence, dotted with vegetation and shrubs, medium sized high for efficient rendering and harmonious. It is a way without compromise to ensure visual opacity to your fence, you can plant the ground lavender walkways, landscaping for a delicate transition.

high fence and vegetation

wood panels pergola

If you plan to install internal fences, they will of course be less massive than those that you install on the edge of your property, and that keep you away from unwanted incursion. If you live in the countryside and you prefer a more rustic solution it sells relatively inexpensive wooden modules to demarcate the garden from the rest of the garden, or delimit any area as needed. A simple, economical and green idea for internal partitioning your garden is to reuse wood pallets, their main advantage being that they let in light, like a garden fence gate elsewhere. A fence is ideal if you have to manage the animals and prevent them to go where they do not have the right. Low hedges are also a very practical and elegant solution for partitioning within a garden. If you are DIY, fence living willow is quite easy to achieve, environmentally friendly and cheap, with an effect that will surprise your friends when they admire your skill in braiding.

garden fence for animals

barrier timber screened

An important point in the right choice of a fence is to determine the material in which you want. This choice must be made on the criterion of the style of your home, its color must fall within the range of tones from the rest of the garden, to the choice of accessories should follow the general line of your landscaping. All fences are not always colorful, but be aware that if this is the case, the highlights are those that attract the most attention of your guests, and that will stop their gaze on your type of pregnant. While dark colors are not perceived as clearly. If you choose the light green, natural color, your speaker will merge perfectly into the surrounding vegetation and will be virtually invisible. While the white, the contrast it provides, will be much more visible, which will focus on your fence. Remember that in autumn and winter when the leaves fall, everything will be much more visible.

colored wooden panels

Decorative panels painted

Different materials available to make a garden fence are wood, metal, cement, cinder blocks or walls elements gabion. You can also choose to combine these elements with a wooden fence overlooking a small stone wall, or hang a wire mesh creepers, type of vine or ivy. If you are not the type hedge-cutters, there are recoveries fences imitation plant walls, which consist of a synthetic green cover. Technological advances allow a rendering that same mistake connoisseurs.

Decorative synthetic foliage

artificial hedge plant roasting

The wood allows many configurations, thanks to the ease with which he works, and fits perfectly with many styles. It can be of different finishes and undergo numerous treatments that allow it to resist without problems to climatic conditions whatsoever. A classic is the white picket fence, high-mid, flag type, but the wood is beautiful in its natural color, with just a little protective coating that will highlight the beauty of its grain. wooden trunks, or railway bearings, allow a personalized and original furnishings. If you want to give a youthful look to an old metal fence, you can hide under a beautiful rustic fence.

natural tone of the wood

wooden garden fence

Fences constructed of masonry, such as concrete blocks or bricks are strong and solid, perfect for modern homes but also to a more traditional style. especially the stone, can be introduced into a wall of decorative elements, such as pillars or columns, an impressive and elegant decorative effect. A masonry fence is one of the most expensive solutions, but you get a single result from a style perspective. Before you decide for this type of solid construction, have well aware that you engage in the long run, if you were to change your mind at the end of construction, you would have to face substantial additional costs. Be sure of your track, and analyze well your expectations.

solid masonry fence

Closing terraces walls

The metal fence can be very decorative, think Victorian style, but they require regular maintenance, and application of a primary rust layer. The alternative is an enclosure made of aluminum, but again, we must consider all the factors and taking into account the financial aspect, which can vary greatly from one option to another. See our photo gallery, and make your choice.

exterior design of house: wooden fence idea

fence panels wooden wall Home Carport

Closure for zen garden

Zen bamboo portal

Wooden fence for modern garden

furnishings garden fence wood walls

Closing decorating idea for garden

iron decorative element

modern style Fence: stone idea

gabion wall DESIGNRULZ 16

elegance and simplicity of wrought ironwrought iron garden fence

massive fences

cement walls terraces

the simple charm of bare brick

apple brick wall

combination of materials

inner bottom wall

integrated plant

Closing semi occulting vegetation wood

and create a space with flowers

Garden fence Metal flower parterre

modern wooden design

modern wooden fence Domino MENZ HOLZ

combine options

Closing Closing The white garden Cerberus Francaise

natural enclosure

Natural bamboo mats screen

support for decorative elements

rustic fence decorated

PVC imitating wood

white PVC fence garden

to let the light

low fence frontage

3D virtual design

wood fence gate

classic style

Closing perforated wooden garden gate

a thought harmony

glycine wooden gate

importance of protective varnish

classic wooden gate

a harmonious blend of materials

garden fence panels glass

simple, contemporary style

Zen garden fence

full protection

High metal fence garden

classicism of a beautiful fence

palisade natural wood garden

wood mixture and interesting stone

wooden fence stone columns

alternating patterns

concrete wall panels

the wall to isolate the timber soil

wall concrete panels

the wall compartmentalizes the interior space

Wooden wall palisade

use a wall as floor

wall stone metal fence

embed patterns

decorative masonry elements

balanced weighting of materials

fences different materials

Anti-barrier hens

Mesh fencing garden

light colors are noticeable better

garden fence panels reed

difficult terrain

IEAF garden fence slope

closing as outside decorative element

Combined closing wood cement

successful combination of materials

cement fence wood

use walls to define areas

Closing walls stone bricks

chemically untreated wood but weatherproof

wooden fence garden

iron, for a lighter construction

Closing metal Betafence Palladio

a Victorian

Decorative low fence

wrought iron wine cellar

barrier wrought iron garden

create harmony with plants

hanging plants panels

wooden fence of a Zen garden

wood fence panels

apertured part palisade

Closing reeds garden

stone fence garden

garden fence painted blades

panels perforated wall covered vegetation

Concrete walls design

wall concrete stairs

low wood fence

lime plaster wall

white wood barrier

wood fence stakes

plexi stone wall

wooden fence stone garden

Wooden panels assembled

decorative gabion wall

White concrete wall

fence climbers

Wall decorative plants

stone walls soutainement

soutainement stone wall

Internal stone wall

mixing styles fences

Composite design closure

fence garden shrubs

aluminum garden fence Valencia Bb

spaced steel garden fence

Mixed terraced fences

Closing garden raw logs

wooden fence Fence Adonis La Francaise

masonry wall fountain

design composite wooden fence SILVADEC

Gross rustic wooden fence

Closing built-in furniture

composite wood fence alu amounts

Concrete walls soutainement

Wall covering design palisade

Closing painted white garden

wrought iron portal

Design wood panels

vegetable decorative wood panels

openwork white garden fence

traditional ivy wall

solid wood panels

gabion wall Betafence Zenturosecure grounds

Closing wooden panels

plastic aisle edge

Closing braided garden Van Wetter

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