Develop a summer kitchen in the garden –

Develop a summer kitchen in the garden

pictures of kitchen'été avec coin repas

A summer kitchen is a place that serves not only prepare food, but is also often part of office shady trip out of the house.

It is a place to live especially needed in areas warmer climate, to protect against attacks from the sun.

the summer kitchen, which is essential in hot climate

kitchen to'été design moderne amenagement terrasse

If you have a door to the garden that you do not borrow often, you might accommodate a transition piece between inside and outside. This would allow you to feel you out, without crossing the scorching sun during periods of hot weather.

a transition piece

kitchen to'été exterieur photos terrasses modernes

This summer kitchen can be furnished in a modern style and contemporary or rustic, Provençal and Mediterranean. It is relatively easy to produce a beam structure, somewhat in the style of a pergola, you could then cover with wattle, or climbing plants. And if you are motivated, you can build a room, one of whose sides would be open, and that would give the garden, but with access to the inside of the house.

beams covered canisse

kitchen to'été moderne amenagement terrasses

This piece can be fitted in the perspective of a small apartment, with kitchen and space for dining, which could turn into a garden for an aperitif or to gather around an open fire when rafraichissent evenings.

a mini apartment

kitchen to'été decoration exterieure terrasse scandinave

If you opt for a modern style, you can get the garden lounge furniture and summer kitchen and so design your dream location. Another alternative is likely to make or buy recovery furniture, wooden pallets for example.

Modern furniture for modern style

stainless steel outdoor kitchen work plane

In a rustic, wooden bench is a must, but the stone furniture is always in fashion, and will make you feel in the shoes of a Roman emperor. This summer, you'll struggle to go on vacation, because it is they who will invite you! See our gallery.

kitchen for the summer: landscaping chic country style

kitchen to'été évier pierre

kitchen decoration idea opened with corner meal outside

kitchen to'été grande table bois

terrace kitchen with lounge and dining corner

summer outdoor seating

landscaping kitchen and dining corner

outdoor kitchen wooden furniture

relaxing outdoor kitchen to your terrace in summer

kitchen to'été murs pierres

to feel like an emperorwaterfront terrace amenagée

the stone is a unique material

stone work old glass Protection Plan

Mediterranean atmosphere

canisse outdoor kitchen ceiling

everything is ready for friends

kitchen to'été barbecue rustique

a well cool

table seating cave suspensions

enjoy the scenery!

Rattan furniture metal pergola

exterior coatings tadelakt kitchen

outdoor rustic kitchen

kitchen to'été construite roche

kitchen to'été entièrement équipée

kitchen to'été compacte protection canisse

kitchen to'été couverture canisse

kitchen to'été plan travail béton

kitchen to'été aménagée terrasse

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