Make a water basin to decorate his garden or terrace

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Want to make a water basin to decorate a corner of your garden or your terrace? Designmag provides a complete record of the embodiment of such a foreign element of decoration.

Find all the essential information on the manufacture of a pond from scratch, on plants and containers to choose from. So enjoy and try this DIY project deco during the period of spring and summer!

Make a water basin

to adorn its outdoor space is a good way to compensate for the lack of space for the installation of a larger water garden. It is also a fun and refreshing project to try with family during a hot day. And, of course, it's an original way to give more color to an area outside of the house.

How a water pool outside - let yourself be guided by our DIY tutorial!

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Make a water pool really is not difficult in itself. To prove it, we reveal the stages of manufacture of such an object DIY decor in an economic tutorial in terms of money and time. The first step in producing a mini water garden on the preparation of necessary materials.

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Here is the list of these materials: a pool of water, the specific floor (with a high percentage of clay), specific flower pots for your aquatic plants, a fertilizer suitable for use in a water garden, gravel , bricks or clay flower pots, water plants. On this last point, see the various options in the list of plants that we provide in the following section.

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Before continuing with the tutorial, take the time to review some details of these materials and their importance for making your small water basin.

Choosing the materials needed for manufacturing water pool outside

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Make a water basin begins with choosing a suitable container. This can be purchased in stores or online. It can also be an object Recycling 'you already have at home. The size of the container determine that your mini water garden. So make sure that the chosen basin fits well in outer space selected for the development of this decoration!

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If you are wondering what you could well use as a container for a water basin, some examples: an old barrel cut in half, a basin is used no longer even a clawfoot tub vintage ... Any other object which resist corrosion well would also be appropriate.

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For aquatic gardens very small, provide a very large bowl or as, why not, a ceramic pot cache imposing appearance.

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If you dream of making a water basin trend, consider a container made of corten steel. This very current material is known for its excellent weather resistance and in particular to corrosion. It is a wonderful option for the construction of a modern water garden!

Our recommendations on the size of the container for your mini water garden

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The shape of your container has no decisive importance. Round, square, rectangular, it must nevertheless have, ideally, a depth of at least 30 cm and a diameter of at least 60 cm.

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Such a pool will give your plants enough room to grow in time. And further, you could accommodate several different plant species. Of course, you can also decide to bet on a container smaller. Nothing prevents you, for example, to opt for a large jar to decorate a coffee table on your deck.

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Good to know: in the latter case, you would probably need to transfer your aquatic plant in a larger pool once it has developed sufficiently.

Choose flower pots for a pool and aquatic plants healthy


To make a mini water garden, know that you would need specific flowerpots. These should allow the roots of your plants to be in direct contact with water. This is a vital point for the proper development of your plants, so do not neglect it! Indeed, it is through the network flowerpots holes that your plants can source substances necessary for growth. Furthermore, it is equally important to choose pots adapted to the size of your plants and their roots.

How easy recreational water for his garden or terrace

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The first step in the manufacture of a water basin through choosing a location for your creation. As this is a mini garden containing live plants, this choice will depend on the characteristics of plants you plan to use.

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In general, we recommend you find an area exposed to sunlight for at least 6 hours of the day. Of course, you can adapt that principle to the particular requirements of the plant species you selected.

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Then install your plants in flower pots for water garden. To this, add soil and fertilizer in the pot. Then place the sole of your choice and add a little water to add more strength to the ground.

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Eventually, fill the whole of a layer of gravel of about 1.30 cm. It is placed directly on the floor inside the flower pot.


Once this work is completed, carefully dip the flower pot in the basin filled with water.

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Repeat this procedure with all the plants you've selected. And here's a little tip: Use bricks or clay pots as carriers for your plants.


This will give you a more interesting and natural surroundings, with plants placed on different heights.

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Some aquatic plants do not require the presence of soil to grow. Instead, they float freely on the surface of the water gardens. You plan to use plants of this kind? Then place them in your pond once you have stored most pots bottom of the container.

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Finally, even add a little water in your pond. Do not worry if the content seems a bit muddy at first. This is a natural effect which should go after one or two weeks.

What aquatic plants to choose for an outdoor water basin?

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After this tutorial which shows you how to make a water basin itself, see what types of plants most suitable for such outdoor accessory. As one can guess, the details of the particular characteristics of each species will be useful in determining whether a specific plant should your decor.

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For example, some large species will be most appropriate aquatic basins with large or very large diameter. Others, however, will be easy to maintain even in a small water garden. This is particularly true of water lilies and other plants that float on the water surface.

Small aquatic plants for a water basin outside colorful

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Caltha palustris is the Latin name of the plant known also as the "marsh marigold" or "marsh marigold". It is a species with small flowers of golden yellow color. It grows in clumps in the water basins and near waterways. Its beautiful flowers herald the beginning of spring.

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Primula vialii is a plant of the family Primulaceae. It is characterized by its lance-shaped flowers. The primrose blooms in colors of pink or white in the months early to mid summer.


Iris laevigata is a nice option for those who want a water basin full of color. Also known as the iris behalf of Japan, this plant has beautiful flowers of blue color that rise on a stem from a height of about 10 cm. This is what makes it a great decoration for a water pool built on several levels.

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The yellow iris grows on the edges of marshes and aquatic basins. With its golden flowers marked touches of brown and purple, it helps you get even more varied hues in your water garden.

Outdoor Plants spectacular for a water basin that does not go unnoticed

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If you have a water garden large format or want to decorate the space around your pool of water, go for a spectacular green plant like gunnera. This is a plant with green flowers that typically appear in summer. During the rest of the time you will benefit from its beautiful foliage shown in the image above.


The Calla elliottiana and is an aquatic flowering plant native to Africa. It belongs to the family Araceae. His particuliarity ? It offers you the opportunity to beautify your outdoors with flowers shaped yellow trumpet.

plants of water basins, water-outside-deco

The next plant, which refers to "troll" alabaster color is used for decorating the edges of ponds and water gardens. In nature, it also grows near streams and lakes. You can enjoy its beautiful flowers during the months of June to August.

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In fact of its appearance, the species pistia stratiotes is designated by the name of water lettuce. Its green foliage floats freely on the water surface in order to bring the water gardens same fresh look in the warm months. Much appreciated by wildlife natural pools for its shade, it is also because of its rapid growth, a very good choice for impatient gardeners.

Ideas plants with floating petals for recreational water


Water lilies are certainly the species best known aquatic plants and admired. the nymphaea tetragona is perfect for decorating small water basins. It will delight you with its white flowers that give off a pleasant scent during the summer months.

idee-plant-outside-decoration-water basins

The pink water lily is another representative of the family of nymphaea. This is a variety that specialists designate by the name of James Brydon. As the white water lily, this plant is a good solution for the decoration of a small water basin rich in varied shades.

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The giant water lily and also known as Victoria Amazonian label, the name being chosen in honor of Queen Victoria of England. It is a plant native to South America whose flowers can grow up to 3 meters in diameter! Already remarkable by its leaves, it also has beautiful flowers of white or pink color.

Make a water basin minimalist style with easy plants to maintain

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The family of cattails (Typha in Latin) is certainly among the most often associated with decorative water gardens. Easy to grow, the family members of cattails are also one of the most trend for those who would like a modern water basin choice.

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The Pontederiacea family includes species called pickerelweed to heart-shaped leaves. This is a pretty plant used for decorating Water Garden borders. Florissant during the period from the end of the summer, it is a beautiful design solution of modern water garden.

Making an aquatic garden with customized decorations

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Before closing this large dossier on aquatic pond creation for DIY deco garden or terrace, say a few words on accessories for such outside corner. In addition to flowers and plants, a water basin can be also adorned with a water fountain. Again, it is free to choose a fountain by the appearance we want to give to its exterior. A fountain shaped sympathetic figure or a sleek waterfall, a retro style accessory ornate ... These are just a few variations that can be enjoyed. Not to mention it is also possible to produce its own original fountain!


Goldfish koi type allow us to add more color and life to our pools. often associated with modern deco style and Zen and Japanese gardens, these friendly fish will still force us to do attention to the choice of plants and maintenance products for the water basin.


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