Building a Koi pond in his garden

koi pond with green plants stones

You have noticed that the koi pond rises in popularity lately? This arrangement designed for Japanese fish can completely transform your garden by bringing an aesthetic touch and original.

It still must keep in mind that koi fish require some special care. So if you decide to arrange a pond in your garden, you must obtain special equipment to maintain the temperature of the water, as well as machines for filtering.

Small koi pond with water lilies

koi pond with green plants

The pond must be deep enough and wide to allow easy movement of fish. Accessories are another element that characterizes the koi ponds. You can install rocks or water plants. Water lilies are particularly suitable for this type of development. In the images below you will find examples of beautiful ponds that might inspire you.

koi pond with a wooden bridge pretty

basin koi wooden bridge

Basin wooden garden

mini koi pond garden wood

round basin installed in a home garden

koi pond plants diy round

Mini koi pond in the garden of a Hilton hotel

small koi pond hilton

Small basin decorated with pretty plants

koi pond plants stones

Garden pond with a stone wall

koi fish pond plants

Idea planning a fish pond

koi pond wooden deck chairs

koi rectangular basin in home garden

rectangular plants bench basin

Pretty round basin redbrick

koi pond round brick garden

koi carp pond Contemporary

falling'eau jardin bassin koi

koi pond plants colors

koi pond green palm stones

koi pond fountain in garden

koi pond fountains garden design

idea stones koi pond

koi pond garden bricks

garden home koi pond lilies

mini koi pond lily garden

mini falling'eau jardin koi bassin

koi pond lilies nice design

small pond ko cut stones

bridge koi pond plants

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