Making a teepee for children: easy project to do yourself –

Making a teepee for children: easy project to do yourself

how to make tipi children's room boy

The tipi is a kind of typical tent indigenous peoples of North America, hence its name "Indian tent." In a conical shape, it was usually built of wood and animal skin to be very easy to assemble, disassemble and transport.

Today, the teepee has become a very loved by children accessory. It can be used for the decoration of a girl or boy's room or to adorn outdoor space and provide a playground sheltered from the sun or wind.

How to make a tipi for children: DIY tutorial *

make a teepee for children at home Indian hut

The tipis are sold by many toys and decorative items manufacturers nursery. But they are also very simple to make at home. Here is a tutorial that will explain how to make a teepee for kids and give you some decorating suggestions of this type of tent.

Build a teepee for child wooden bars and cloth

Indian tent fabric manufacturing child

Making a teepee for children is an inexpensive exercise and does not require much time. In fact, the tipi you see in the picture below was performed in less than an hour. And what's even better: the construction of the tipi requires no knowledge in sewing!

Make Indian teepee tent for children: list of materials needed

make a teepee for child boy girl room decoration

Here is the list of materials needed to make a wigwam at home: 4 bars of wood, sisal rope, a fabric of your choice (the fabric used for this project is 180 x 270cm), 3 screws, 3 seals, scissors, lighter (or a candle and matches), a drill.

How to make a teepee for children: build wood and rope structure

make a teepee for DIY plane child

To create your tipi, first cut a large piece of string and seal the ends with the lighter or lit candle.

Make a teepee for children: set the bar with rope

tutorial make a teepee for child deco cabin child

Then, using the drill, make a hole in the upper part of one of the wood bars. Insert the string within the hole and tie a knot on the other side.

The teepee structure begins to take a familiar form

make a teepee for children tutorial deco room boy girl

Then, gather the four bars and measure well the crossing point by choosing the most stable position for the future structure of your Indian tent. Once this process is complete, make a second hole in another wooden bar. Insert the string into the hole and then wrap it two or three times around the bars to give more stability to your structure.

Photo of wood frame and Indian tipi tent rope to child

make a teepee diy child deco Indian tent

Repeat these steps with the bars 3 and 4: measure how they intersect, make a hole, insert the string within the hole, wrap the rope around. You have completed the stage of construction of the wooden structure and you can place the fabric around the bars.

Making a teepee for children: dressing structure with the fabric of choice

make a wigwam idea huts child

To do this, determine where the middle of the fabric and start to wrap around the wooden structure, while setting it up near the rope and bars crossing point.

Fixing the fabric on the structre using screws

make a teepee for child photo inside room

To fix the tissue more easily, make a hole in three bars, then use the joints and screws.

Photo tipi inside: the remaining tissue is wound at the base of the tent

make a teepee for kids instructions make it yourself

Continue this procedure in order to dress the whole wooden structure with the fabric and to attach the latter to a much stably. When the entire teepee dressed, you can cut the remaining tissue or roll in a discreet way inside the tent.

Photo of the result of the DIY project of an Indian teepee for kids

make a teepee for kids easy DIY home idea

A teepee of this kind can be used for decorating a girl or boy room because all children love to play and play in such small tent.

Indian tepee tent: how to decorate it?

make a teepee child map Indian tent fabric wood

In addition, tipis are very suitable for creative and original decoration projects that kids love so much.

DIY Idea girl tipi Deco

constuire teepee child deco vintage girl's room

For example, for a girl's room teepee, one can use a wreath to place on top of the tent.

Example tipi nursery or baby

Construction tent tepee deco girl child

Otherwise propsez your daughter together create a beautiful wreath in bright colors to hang above the makeshift door of his teepee.

Think of the interior of the cabin for children

child tries idea deco easy DIY bedroom

Remember not to develop the space inside the tepee with a comfortable floor mat, plush cushions, fake fur ...

Deco exterior fabric Boys teepee

build cabin room for child teepee

If you want to create a tipi decorated with specific patterns, go for a fabric you bought expressly for this DIY project. Otherwise, use materials you already have at home: even a white or beige fabric should!

Idea decoration tent tipi-it-yourself

teepee idea child deco fabric wood

In fact, your child may even prefer this option because it gives him the opportunity to show his talents in painting!

Tipi with bohemian chic deco exterior

DIY tepee tent inidienne party chic bohemian child

A teepee of this kind can also serve as outdoor games area. And as this tent is really easy to set up, there would be no problem to move in your spring garden and inside the house in the fall.

tipi construction and garden decor idea

tipi tent to build oneself deco exterior child

In addition to offering a new playground for your little one, it will be part of your festive decorations and garden party.

How to use your DIY tepee for decoration of an outdoor party

Indian tepee hut child deco exterior garden

And now, here's a video that will show you another way to make a teepee child quickly and easily:

Tutorial and tipi manufacturing idea for inner child

* DIY Tutorial and photos by Julie Blanner

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