Coffee table garden to yourself: 24 creative ideas –

Coffee table garden to yourself: 24 creative ideas

small coffee table outside idee

The furniture DIY is an activity that fascinates more and more French people of different generations. Whether to beautify our homes without spending a lot of money for the sake of protecting the planet or simply because we want to enter into the role of a designer, the production of small furniture for inside or outside is a fun and satisfying hobby.

This publication is dedicated to all our creative readers who gladly seize any opportunity that comes their way to a coffee table garden or terrace!

Coffee table garden to make oneself wooden pallets

DIY coffee table garden furniture range

Decorate the outside with pallet furniture today is a classic way to give its garden furniture and a tendency natural. Pallets are a very accessible material that can shape a thousand ways to make a whole set of furniture for the terrace: a coffee table garden, sofa or comfortable armchairs and cheap.

Coffee table garden to make pallets: how to customize its creation?

furniture pallet coffee table garden idea

To customize the look of a coffee table palette, many people decide to use a bright paint color and suitable for the summer season. Another interesting solution to perform a custom effect is to install wheels below this piece of furniture to make it even more convenient and easy to move on the terrace.

Garden coffee table with pots of flowers for outdoor integrated even fresher and more natural

idee garden table make yourself

Coffee table wooden garden decoration with natural-it-yourself

coffee table plant pot make yourself

The coffee table wood pallet garden also lends itself to another game and can become a two-in-one furniture if you decide to install a few flower pots.

Deco table pallet garden with succulents and stones

DIY coffee table garden idea

So a good way to give the exterior an even more natural look by using modern and always fresh plants!

Idea coffee table wooden spool garden - a draft Deco simple and interesting DIY!

deco coffee table Garden Terrace

Make garden coffee table with a coil is very simple and the effect is awesome!

make a table of wood garden

If you want a slightly more original solution, why not revamp a wooden spool into a compact table and friendly? Always natural, like furniture pallet, it is even simpler to manufacture and customize, using the techniques listed above.

How to make a coffee table garden through an old tire *

idee deco coffee table terrace garden

Photo of outdoor seating with coffee table dressed tire garden hemp rope

coffee table Garden tire manufacturing tutorial

Those who like low furniture will appreciate our next idea which consists in achieving a coffee table garden in an old car tire. This DIY project also gives you plenty of decorative liberty with a paint color that complements the rest of your garden furniture; a stylish dress in hemp rope for a rustic look or sea ...

Achieving a modern decor with outdoor coffee table garden concrete

concrete garden terrace deco coffee table

Idea to create a coffee table concrete garden and wood from an old stool

Photos small table concrete garden

To add a little practical furniture to your outdoor decor, you can also make a coffee table concrete garden. If this idea sounds interesting to you, simply choose the design of your furniture. This could be made entirely of concrete to support a modern exterior or have wood parts to better fit into the atmosphere of a cool and artistic terrace.

Coffee table for bottled wine garden furniture and wood

Garden DIY deco coffee tables

Coffee tables wine bottles: soluiton original and chic in different formats and sizes

Photos garden table make yourself

The coffee table garden bottles of wine and wood is a project that will only take a few hours and has a very stylish and very refined air! Throw in a glass surface to emphasize its modern look and to protect its wooden parts!

coffee table multifunctional garden produce: exterior for ottoman

coffee table ottoman outdoor terrace garden

coffee tables and stools garden furniture Deco

garden tables easy to make

The stools and outdoor cushions are a great alternative to coffee tables garden for small spaces. And they are very simple to make! Choose a paint color or upholstery fabric that matches the tone of your furniture and you'll get an outside seating very successful!

Small table for natural stone garden

idee garden table do oneself

Fans of natural decoration still another possibility: it is the stone coffee table. It is authentic, original and very easy to implement. It would suffice to select a stone whose shape resembles that of a round or square coffee table and carry in your garden furniture!

coffee table and end in natural wood trunk sofa

small table wooden garden furniture diy

Deco idea terrace with natural small table

coffee tables deco exterior garden

Speaking of organic decoration, let's not forget the projects of small coffee tables and crude wooden end tables. Again, your task would be to identify the basis for your future cabinet, place it in your garden and possibly treat it with a little hairspray to improve the resistance of its surface!

Idea for coffee tables custom garden: recycle your old furniture

wooden garden table idea after making a sofa

Small original garden table Vintage design

make a coffee table garden

Some older furniture that keeps in his house only need a brush stroke to become end tables for our terraces. So before you throw them, think of ways to reuse them in your decor!

Mini table versatile garden or terrace

small DIY furniture terrace garden tables

Many of us use our gardens and terraces for part of the year only. For the development of such an area, no need to buy or make a piece of furniture designed solely for use outdoors. Rather prefer multipurpose projects. You'll have a mini single table to place inside or outside depending on the time of year!

Coffee table garden to yourself: DIY tutorial

coffee table original garden to make itself even

Photo coffee table patio & garden

coffee table garden DIY pallets

* DIY project by Persia lou

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