DIY Idea house: 45 creative decor suggestions –

DIY Idea house: 45 creative decor suggestions

DIY home ideas interior decoration tips

Small creative projects are a great way to take care during his free time but also create objects that can be used to decorate the house and make a gift to a close.

With this record, we suggest you choose a craft idea or DIY home decor to show your talents and your imagination.

Idea DIY home: making a wine bottle vase for indoor flowers

DIY ideas DIY home deco vase easy

When it comes to finding creative decorations and cheap, the Recycling objects' such as wine bottles, are the first that come to mind. There are a lot of interesting objects that can be made into wine and these original vases are proof. To make it a home, cut the top of a glass bottle, then sand the edges of your vase to use it safely!

Interior Garden and DIY idea of ​​original vases specimens

tutotiel DIY home deco original vase

If you want to make several small vases, try this very cute DIY project with the specimens. The number of containers is unlimited: you decide the size of your ornament! For DIY decoration project, you would also need a wood block, sandpaper and a drill to make holes in wood.

DIY Deco vases with mini plastic tubes

gift to make itself even mud ideas

Here is a variation of the same proposal DIY, to be carried out using plastic test tubes, paint protection adhesive, acrylic paint in different shades, two wood blocks (here painted white) to be used holders for test tubes, a drill and a bit of glue. Execute the project by covering the blocks of wood, paint color of your choice, then make holes for tubes and glue the blocks together. Finally, decorate the pieces with multicolored paint.

creative project idea and easy DIY home for vase

deco vase diy original object idea

Here is another suggestion for indoor flower containers decoration: it is an idea of ​​manual activity very simple and practical that will help you decorate a vase that you do not like particularly.

Suggested manual activity: make a concrete vase

DIY creative projects concrete vase

If you are passionate about creating clay objects, get inspired by the picture above to shape your own vases in modern style.

DIY suspension pot metal tubes plant

deco idea homemade DIY suspension

This original suspension is a beautiful ornament for an interior garden. It is made in the ends of metal tubes should be cut after measuring the flowerpot therein will be placed. To fix metal pieces, use a bit of wire or string placed inside the tubes.

DIY Idea house: wooden rope suspension

flower pot hanging interior door plant decoration

Those who are not comfortable with metal objects DIY could take up the idea of ​​the photo above to make door-plant or plant pots made of wood and rope.

Creative Activity for Zen-style decor: make a vase of organic materials

deco design objects zen creative hobby home

Here is a DIY idea house for lovers of Zen style and accessories influenced by Japanese tradition or the art of feng shui: make a vase with stones and bamboo.

How to decorate his indoor flower pots

flower pot home deco craft activity

Indoor plants bring us much happiness and for service to them, one could imagine creative ways to decorate their pots monochrome!

DIY decoration idea with mini indoor garden

make a mini zen garden easy tutorial

What to do with these old cups of tea or coffee? Turn them into mini lovely gardens!

small terrarium and natural decoration object Photo

small terrarium advice interior deco DIY idea

The terrarium is a different kind of interesting little garden which is also a beautiful ornament for closed spaces. Place it in a corner of your home or offer as a gift to a friend!

Idea manual activity for the interior: vertical garden homemade

how to create a vertical garden home interior decoration

Those who do not have an outside green space often dream of having a green garden. If you are in this situation, we have good news for you: Now you can create your own indoor garden greedy little space in the form of vertical garden.

DIY Idea easy home: small storage pounds of copper tubes

DIY DIY home deco modern idea

If you like DIY ideas with metal tubes, pourqoi not try to make a storage of books or magazines, like the one on the picture above?

Tips and Deco: make his own arrangements for books

how to organize its storage object design house

Or, test your handyman talent with this idea of ​​manual activity which consists of a basket of wire. Besides being convenient, this cart is open to several customization options!

modern decor for the interior leather with storage

DIY library easy DIY idea leather

To arrange home while introducing more authentic materials, try this original idea of ​​compact storage for books in leather!

Door - copper tubes jewelry and original gift idea and cheap for woman

DIY tutorial copper pipe carries jewelry

You can also create a bright and chic jewelry holder in metal tubes mounted on a wooden stand. Simple, practical and stylish!

How to make a basket for self cat

basket cat to oneself

If you have a cat or a small dog, metal tubes also serve you in the manufacture of a cozy bed for your pet. Clever is not it?

Knife and idea Deco customized for kitchen

DIY accessories kitchen knives door

Need a knife holder to better organize your kitchen? Make-a yourself with the following materials: a wooden board, a drill, a little glue, lacquer, 2 brackets (or other means to fix your kitchen accessory wall), 4 screws magnets according to the number of knives.

Personalized decoration for the kitchen and bathroom with glass jar

Gift cheap soap dispenser DIY

Speaking of kitchen accessories, here are a DIY home idea for this space: a soap dispenser in glass jars. Practical and pretty, he would find his place as a bathroom design chic countryside or seaside style!

Make a wooden coffee table to a corner of his living room

DIY tutorial low wooden tables

Do you like this wooden coffee table? It is really easy to do: all you need is a cut wooden trunk and a little sandpaper. To move this piece easily, add wheels using a drill!

DIY Idea house: wooden nightstand and tube

DIY deco small table seating ideas

modern bedside table wood and metal

diy idea deco house nightstand

Here's another simple wooden coffee table to make Recycling materials. The most talented tinkerers will be able to create everything from 4 metal feet, 4 wooden planks, screws, a drill and a little stain.

How to hack a small coffee table with stone surface

make a coffee table DIY house

This small furniture is similar to the table above, with the exception that it has a rough stone surface.

furniture creative project after marble sofa, metal and concrete

table end table DIY DIY tips

That's an interesting little coffee table type end table. It consists of a concrete base, a foot made of metal tube and a mini marble surface. Great, right?

Little decoration and coconut storage idea

DIY DIY decoration idea coconut

Recycle the remaining coconut transforming them into design bowls, like the one on the image above!

Organizing entry with this idea home DIY coat rack

idee deco entrance to house a coat rack

To better organize your entrance hall, a gain tinker coat rack space! It is practical and it would house no problem jacket, handbag or other accessory.

Tip storage with wooden door key to self *

door entry key wood decoration ideas

Why not complete the look of your entrance door with a small wooden stick?

How to decorate her front door a mat homemade

make a doormat deco door entry easy ideas

Contrary to what one might think, this mat is very simple to make: one on the top image is made of artificial grass and framed by a string along.

practical and aesthetic Storage tinkering cardboard and rope

deco trick rope basket cabinet storage

Let's stay a while on the subject of practical storage and smart furniture with this basket dressed in cardboard was covered with rope. To make it a home, you would need a cardboard, rope, a glue gun, a brush, scotch and water colors (optional). If you like DIY decorations rope, you will be interested in our craft ideas with this material.

Making a bookcase small space

storage cabinet idea cheap room child

This library small space will be perfectly suited to a child's room or a reading corner. Make it from a piece of antique furniture that are no more or you start to scratch some armed with wooden planks, metal tubes, screws and nails, glue and a drill!

Proposal for interior decoration: storage tray for workspace

Original shelf easy to do trick deco house

If you are lucky enough to have a work area at home, you can enjoy some of our DIY decor ideas to make it more attractive and more functional. Pictured above, a small storage tray-shaped, perfect for a home office or a DIY space.

DIY decor easy to better organize its home workspace

deco do so even wall chart

This wall chart is a very simple idea to help organize a work area equipped home: lay out your notes to accomplish your daily tasks more efficiently!

DIY kitchen decor: Original Tea homemade

example deco table DIY cake tray

There are several ways to show their talents in the kitchen, even if you do not like cooking. Create a shelf for cakes like the one in the photo above to impress your guests with a little glue, vases or other metal supports, metal scissors, the gold paint color , silver or copper and flat plates.

Original decoration for kitchen accessories

makeover house wooden kitchen accessories

You prefer a DIY decor project for kitchen that is a little easier? No problem ! We offer to adorn your meal preparation tools with a little paint and marbled paper. The result is very original, as you can see yourself with the photo above.

Idea of ​​small decorative glass and concrete-it-yourself

modern deco original gift idea jar

If you want to reuse your old glass jars, try to use them as a flower pot or as a handy storage, as is shown in this picture.

Candlesticks for elegant living room decor

candleholder made idea home interior decoration

Side deco items for the living room, small candlesticks clay and concrete are among our favorite DIY projects!

Mini candlesticks concrete idea and DIY home for the living room
DIY candle table decoration idea

Project of creative leisure: decorate her photo wall

house idea interior wall decoration

How to dress the walls of a room and personalize the inside? With photos of his family, of course! Arrange them as a great collage on white walls of your living room or your bedroom and quickly transform its look.

Idea for easy manual activity: create a storage tray for garden tools and stones

suggestions DIY decoration design exterior garden idea

Customize your garden is easier with a DIY idea home! In the image above, a boot storage suggestion and garden tools to make using an old wooden top and white pebbles.

Decorate your terrace door - wooden pallet plant to create yourself

furniture plant bears idea deco exterior recup cheap

To make your patio more enjoyable, complete with its decor door furniture plant pallet of wood, like the one you see above!

DIY outdoor decor: wood and glass candle holder for a modern terrace

idea deco exterior object diy candlestick wood

And for your outdoor lighting, try to make this wood and glass candle holder! To do this, grab two glass shelves, three wooden boards, patching plaster, glue, sandpaper, candlesticks and tealight candles.

Suspension fun for kids room and idea of ​​manual activity for children or adults

activity-hand suspension child object decoration

Modern style wooden decoration homemade

creatives original interior deco activities

* Idea DIY home by Francoise and me

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