DIY bracelet – 34 accessory projects that impress –

DIY bracelet – 34 accessory projects that impress

diy wristband model has make-metal rope braid watch

Make her own jewelry and accessories to wear is a great way to complete her look while highlighting its passions and personality. The manufacture of small items like bracelets, necklaces and earrings is a fun activity that does not require much effort and expense; try one of our craft ideas for DIY bracelet to persuade you!

Creative Project to personalized accessories make a DIY wristband nautical rope

diy wristband easy idea nautical rope nautical style tutorial

Get ready for the summer months with a DIY project nautical strap ultra fast to achieve! Get a bit of rope, preferably in shades of white and blue, and experiment at will with decorative marine knots! Knot chair, Zeppelin, square, eight, monkey tail ...

Model DIY wristband easy to manufacture white and blue rope

diy accessories rope strap model easy style seaside tutorial

Find out what's behind these somewhat curious names, select the node that is best for you and turn it quickly into jewelry. Wear your creation during your vacation on the sea or ocean but also in town with an outfit that evokes the beautiful colors of the Mediterranean!

Idea of ​​creative bohemian style jewelry: a DIY leather bracelet beaded

deco DIY Bracelet beads bohemian chic accessories make yourself

The bohemian chic style has always been synonymous with creativity and truly original jewelry. bright, punchy colors, ornaments and natural organic materials, these objects combine wonderfully with outfits boho style. Combine them with a bracelet customized that you will achieve in a few minutes!

Example of personalized bracelet to realize oneself in leather and blue and gold beads

chic jewelry model to make yourself leather beads

Take some thin leather and beads in a vivid and natural color; looped with leather cord and secure the beads on both sides with some thread and a suitable needle. Of course, you can combine pearls of many colors and materials.

Jewelry to make yourself tulle rope and metallic beads

diy modern trend accessory bracelet making oneself

Here's an idea of ​​DIY chic urban style bracelets that impress with their bright colors complemented with trend metallic colors beads.

Photo of jewelry do yourself: fabric bracelets and metallic beads

DIY Bracelet metal beads DIY tutorial model to do

The basis of this accessory was performed ropes tulle cold shades; The beads are then fixed to this support. This is a nice accessory that you wear with a little dress in neutral colors or a dress in a color present on the materials used for the project.

How to make a customized accessory inspired by the geometric patterns

diy string bracelet golden beads easy DIY model

Hexagonal shaped beads and a color trend rope, that all materials needed to make this very stylish accessory!

DIY bracelet in gold and purple: DIY tutorial to try

diy tutorial rope bracelet DIY accessories gold trend

If you want to get started in making this ornament, follow the tutorial on the image above!

How to create a DIY bracelet for winter and recycle his favorite sweater

DIY sweater fabric strap uses modern accessories to make yourself

You have an old sweater and you are wondering how to recycle? Try to make a small accessory for the winter!

Idea jewelry making at home: DIY wristband cheap textile

diy ideas strap cheap sweater easy DIY

Cut a piece of your sweater and wrap it around an old bracelet round plastic or wood. Finally, it would suffice to sew the piece of fabric and your creation is ready to wear!

How to customize a chain bracelet with beads in vibrant hues

diy tutorial strap accessory blue rope gold beads to wear

The metallic colors are a major trend at the moment and this applies both to the interior for objects that door as accessories. Follow this trend and make your own original bracelet with a string and beads.

Idea of ​​adult manual activity: make a DIY chain bracelet with beads

diy modern boho style bracelet beads gilded oak

To succeed this little project of easy DIY Relookez an old gold chain, silver or copper by adding beads in bright colors.

DIY Bracelet friendship: a fabric jewelry heart motif to wear or give as a gift

diy tutorial easy strap weaves ropes adult manual activté

Do you like crafts? Get inspired bracelet model decorated with hearts on the image above and make your own collection of cheap and very cute jewelry to wear with gold accessories or as gifts to your loved ones!

DIY Heart friendship Bracelet: DIY model for original gift wedding guests

chevron diy accessory strap string textile manufacturing idea

Invent interesting color combinations and add your homemade bracelets at your birthday gifts, Christmas or Valentine's Day. Or, use these original jewelery to offer to your wedding guests!

Jewelry and accessories tend to self: leather pattern and golden beads

diy leather bracelet beaded craft activity model to be

Here is another model of DIY bracelet leather and beads. Inspired accessories seen in fashion shows, it will only take a few minutes to perform.

How to wear leather accessories and metal to be fashionable

how to wear a black leather strap diy beaded accessories

To make your own copy of this item, please have a little leather and metal beads should be set on the bracelet with a suitable needle. Wear this trendy bracelet with other metal accessories, as shown in the picture above.

Oriental-inspired jewelry: ring strap to carry chain and beads

DIY chain ring strap tutorial step by step to make yourself beads

Make yourself a fine and feminine ring bracelet? It's entirely possible ! Follow the tutorial on the photo below to get there.

Example of jewelry-it-yourself - fun and original project for adults

diy ring chain strap creative idea DIY tutorial activities

Jewel personalized name to make for himself or for an interesting gift woman

diy wristband materials gilded chain to manufacture self same idea

You remember that episode of Sex and the City series where Carrie Bradshaw, arrived in Paris, had lost her favorite necklace, a small pendant with his name hanging on a chain? Now you can have a replica of this bracelet shaped jewelery with your name or your darling!

How to make a name and bracelet jewelry chain to Carrie Bradshaw

diy wristband trend cheap materials metal chain accessories to wear idee

To make this accessory, some preparations are necessary: ​​take a piece of paper and pencil and find a way to trace the name of your choice in one go, without lifting your hand. Then, reproduce this model with your materials! Of course, this technique also adapts to the creation of other various forms of accessories (ribbons, hearts, etc.).

Small trendy accessories: colored bracelets with gold accents to accumulate on his arm

jewelry make yourself easy DIY model house

Given the popularity of metallic colors, it is not surprising to see several interesting projects with accessories in shades of gold, silver and copper.

How to wear fashionable jewelry and follow the latest trends without spending a lot

diy tutorial example of metal accessory strap

For this DIY bracelet, these shades are harmonized with bright shades that are on the ropes as the basis for the decoration with gold buttons.

Chevron Bracelet Leather DIY hand painted, modern accessory to achieve

diy how to make a trendy bracelet rope bracelet geometric prints

With this leather band, we rediscover another trend of the moment: the geometric prints.

Leather DIY model geometric prints

diy accessory model bracelet make yourself textiles

If you enjoy working with this very specific material, do not miss the opportunity to make your own bracelets painted with chevron-like patterns! Make several to wear with your favorite jackets and vests!

cute bracelet idea for girls to customize according to their tastes

idea to make a bracelet diy tutorial easy boho accessory rope chain

Want a cute and comfortable accessory? Experiment with small pompoms cozy that are so fun to wear!

Bracelet pompoms to create textile and metal

bracelets DIY jewelry model adult craft activity trend

Use it as a base on which you should fix the remaining layers of your bracelet to make to your preference of colors and materials!

Oriental-inspired jewelry: two bracelets set against the evil eye

project manual creative activities adult DIY accessories bracelet

As the ring strap seen above, the accessory in the picture is inspired by oriental style and tradition to protect against the evil eye by wearing a pendant necklace or some other type of jewelry.

Bracelet double oriental style with original features eye-shaped *

DIY accessories to wear beads bracelet ideas to make yourself

Its manufacture is much simpler than it seems: use two identical bracelets and hook them together with an ornament in the form of an eye!

How to wear multiple bracelets homemade wire

original diy jewelry rope son idee creative activity

Collect several small fine and elegant bracelets fabric and metal! Wear them with casual outfits or modern style.

Example of creative manual activity with son pastel shades

idea to make a rope strap diy accessories

And why not make your own wristwatch multicolor variant? Test a variety of options: with rope, beads attached to a small chain, fine ribbons ...

How to customize his watch with a DIY bracelet rope, beads or ribbons

wrist watch model make yourself rope DIY tutorial

Here is a tutorial that guides you through how to proceed to recreate such a DIY wristwatch you:

Easy bracelet DIY tutorial son custom shows in various colors

homemade strap watch itself create even manual activities

How to make a wristwatch original harmonizing with her outfit

wristwatch house DIY accessories to do

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