Bookmark DIY projects in 17 craft activities to test! –

Bookmark DIY projects in 17 craft activities to test!

bookmark DIY model-original-manual-activity-idee

Making a DIY original bookmark is a fun and fast manual activity. creative project suitable for large and small, modern bookmarks are made in various materials: paper, various textiles, leather and even metal.

A print and cut in minutes or create from scratch, these DIY bookmark ideas are so friendly that you could even use them to make a personalized gift. Explore our projects below!

Bookmark DIY in various textile

bookmark DIY deco-natural-fabric-Japanese

We're launching right back into the thick of it with a series of brand models DIY page to manufacture from various textiles. Our first project you will create a Japanese-inspired aesthetic object. Specifically, it is an accessory made with the named textile dyeing technique shibori.


The shibori technique is one of those old Japanese arts that continue to impress. The principle ? We take a piece of tissue is desired dyed and treated in various ways before sliding into the paint. In the Japanese tradition, each of ways to tie or twist the fabric has a different name. You can read more or invent your own technique. The idea would be to dye your piece of cloth before proceeding to the next step of the project.

bookmarks, gift tissue-shibori

Once the piece of dyed fabric, dry, cut it to obtain a textile dressing. It is intended to wrap a rectangular piece of cardboard or an old bookmark. Glue or sew its edges the shibori cloth. Then, add the final touch to your creation: make a hole in the top and insert there a leather string.

bookmark personalized DIY model-tissue-letters

Our second tutorial takes up the idea of ​​DIY bookmark fabric giving it a natural deco twist. This is achieved by colored textile employment and simple appearance. The piece of fabric is cut into a bookmark classic page.

bookmark-a-producing tissue-letters

Then he is to decorate as you wish. You could punch a hole and add a little ribbon, for example. Otherwise, use ink and textile buffers to add custom decorations.

Make a DIY bookmark-end leather dyed in bright colors


In addition to conventional fabric options, there are also original bookmarks made of leather. Our third idea of ​​manual activity you present one of the varieties. This is a bookmark that DIY can be created from a small piece of leather that you rest after another DIY project deco (eg, a key fob to oneself) .

make-a-bookmark-leather-paint model

The method to follow is quite simple. Cut the piece, then use a sponge pad brush to apply paint of your choice. For a modern geometric effect of inspiration, protect the rest of the surface with adhesive, as shown in the picture above.

Make an original bookmark son in knitting

diy bookmark pompoms child

To these ideas of creative activities in fabric and leather adds the ability to create an original bookmark son in knitting. Made son of varied colors and adorned with a tassel, this type of bookmark is fun to make and will appeal to your children. How to Make a DIY bookmark of this type? The technique is very simple and can be adapted to a manual for small business.


To start, you should choose a color. It will depend on the recipient of your creation. The vivid shades are ideal for children and pastel colors for an object that will offer a friend. As for dark shades, they will agree to a personalized gift on the occasion of Father's Day.


Then proceed to the cutting step. You would need two son: a shorter, which serves string to mark pages and another, longer, we will shape shaped tassel. You can measure the length of the first taking as the model a book of conventional size. As for that of the tassel, it is to be determined according to the size you want for your small decorative tuft. Make it by wrapping the son knitting so that it forms a small ball. Finish by tying the end of the son around the ball.


Then proceed to the next step of linking the two son. Attach the string to bookmark tassel making a knot. Using scissors, cut the ends of the son pompom shaped as to get the result shown in the photo above. Finally, thoroughly clean the cake before use.

Building a brand creative and cute metal page


Recently we talked about the popularity of metal deco objects. They form a wall decoration option we love for its chic and modern look. But did you know that it is also possible to create a custom bookmark metal?

page original brand-metal-cat diy

Similar to metal jewelry, books for this bookmark pages works like a paper clip. It is to do with some metal or plastic son it would twist to form loops. It is the latter that will allow you to fix your design on a sheet of a book or magazine. Get inspired by this idea to several small jewelry books shaped like animals or other objects!

Ideas for crafts to make a paper bookmark

To not tag your pages with little pieces of paper of all kinds, nothing better than natural bookmark made paper. To print from a model ready or build yourself, the options are endless!

A wonderful selection of DIY brand page to print

DIY brand page has printed-paper-free model

To save time and enjoy a DIY bookmark interesting, choose a model who downloaded and printed at home. We offer in our selection in this section.

diy-bookmark-paper-free printing

Brand Model paper printed page by Design Eat Repeat, download here

The classic brand page is characterized by its rectangular shape. It allows us to slide more easily between the pages of a book. So please have a little thick paper and print your own colors in bookmarks by putting a model in the picture above.

bookmark diy do-a-paper-print-design-eat-repeat

For easy and practical use, make a small hole on one end of the cardboard and add a string. This is a convenient way to find your bookmarks quickly when you inserted between several pages of a cookbook.


Brand original page to manufacture paper for children by Lia Griffith, download here

Make reading more fun and enjoyable activity for children becomes a breeze with bookmarks inspired the imagination of fairy tales! In the shape of animals of the forest, seasonal decorations and even their favorite television series, paper bookmarks stimulate children's interest in books.


So a great way to show your daughter or your son how to have fun with a book on classical support!

Making a DIY brand small page with one of these models to print

bookmark DIY deco-print-paper

Specimen mark diamond shaped page Pop And Soda download here

After the bookmark models in traditional paper form, see some original ideas of little small. Practices, these bookmarks are designed to help you regain your reading in the right place but also indicate several passages in a textbook, dictionary or similar book.


Thanks to their small sizes, these diamond-shaped cardboard pieces are inserted between the pages of magazines and cookbooks. They allow you to find and a picture or a dish without delving into the book in question.

how-to-bookmark-paper book

For this project DIY brand page in original form, grab a sheet of cardboard on which he would print the template. Then cut diamond following the contour of the drawing. Finally, use a utility knife to make an opening that will help you fix this little bookmark on a sheet of paper.


There you go ! You now have a little DIY brand page paper you have achieved in just minutes!

how make-a-little-bookmark-easy

Make a bookmark for easy paper idea by Sugar Penguin, download here

Bookmarks for books on the top picture are inspired by the same idea. They were invented to give you the possibility to organize your education, or your kitchen decor ideas. How? Using a series of paper bookmarks of different color. They fit easily on a sheet and allow you to find your page with their colorful pieces in various shades.

Imagine a small paper bookmarks for children's book


DIY brand page for children's book by Lonnie Jacobse, download here

Bookmarks for children's books adopt a cute version with this model brand original page to make in minutes! Fun and cute, they are manufactured by the method described below.


To begin, please have thick paper and download the file with this model of personalized bookmark. Then proceed to step printing at the end of which you would have two models bookmark fox shaped head (blue and orange).

diy bookmark fox-paper-diy-deco-child

Then cut out the fox heads following the model in the image above.
make-a-bookmark-child DIY-paper-lonnie

Using a knife, make a hole in the paper to achieve the result shown in the picture above.

DIY brand page paper print-tutorial

The custom bookmark is now ready for use. Show it to your child and have fun together flipping one of his favorite books!

Brand paper DIY page to make and customize according to their desires


Besides the models to print, there are also several types of bookmarks and paper bookmarks to make from scratch. We present a few interesting examples.


To make a custom bookmark from scratch, nothing better to start with a thick sheet of paper and some paint colors that you like. Cut a rectangular piece of paper (you can also take a bookmark that you have at home and use it as a model to determine the size of your creation). Then apply the colors on its surface. For a more accurate result, plan a little paint protection sticker to help you combine different colors.


Decorate a bookmark in white paper, it can also go through the cutting shapes and letters. They are to stick on the DIY bookmark, following the example in the picture above.


You have several options to make an original bookmark of this kind. With paper or cloth decorations to be fixed on the white surface using the adhesive; with washi tape or other similar adhesive ...


Speaking of adhesive, also say that there is another quick and easy way to customize a piece of paper for marking pages. To do this, choose an image or phrase that you like. Print it in shape, colors and fonts of your choice. Finally, paste bookmark with glue or decorative adhesive.

Make a bookmark-shaped mustaches


Like small bookmarks? Try to make one or more shaped mustaches! Equip yourself with a sheet of black paper, a pencil, scissors and glue. Then, follow the steps in the tutorial up to create a trendy bookmark of this kind!

Make custom page for children, an idea manual activity that inspires us!

project-creative child-bookmark-original-idea

To mark the end of year holidays or vacation period, invite your little one to make oneself bookmark. Help him to draw the outlines of a snowman or an animal on a sheet of thick paper. If necessary, attend it as at the time of cutting.


Then let your daughter or your son the freedom to choose the decoration for his creation. Colors, beads, decorative and various textile son, here are some ideas to propose!

Create a personalized bookmark with tassels or drawings


Passion for reading, you have many bookmarks as you would customize? Test so the idea of ​​manual work on the picture up and invent decorations shaped tassels!

how-to-a-Bookmark-customize it pompoms

To do this, obtain a son of yarn to knit and follow the steps shown in the tutorial above. When your tassel is ready, make a hole in your bookmark and attach this beautiful little decoration!

tutorial-bookmark-DIY-paper-textile-gift idea

As for those who like to draw, they have the ability to customize a piece of paper with the technical doodle. Watch the video below to learn more:

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