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Drum coffee table and stool – deco inspirations Recycling ‘

drum coffee table cheap Layouts terrace seating area for reading children's room

Creating your own furniture Recycling materials is one of the best ways to customize your living space to live respecting nature and revamp his house at low prices.

After the decorating possibilities tour with pallets furniture for indoors and with an island of custom-made kitchen, today we take a look at ways to reuse a wooden spool to shape a drum coffee table or the original stool.

Reel coffee table: how to customize a wooden spool furniture recycling craft

transforer a drum stool coffee table deco DIY garden furniture ideas

The drum is a cylindrical object of wood used for storage and for the transport of electric cables or a similar kind of thread. Of varying size, it can be used to create several decorations for inside and outside. Some DIY projects coil furniture require dismantling while others use it as is.

drum DIY project for a customized coffee table decoration

coffee table has nbois make yourself reel recup deco furniture ecological

As wood pallets, reels are naturally robust designs as they are made in a type of wood that must withstand pretty rough transport conditions; the coils being used outdoors, they are also well designed to withstand weather conditions outside.

Make a wooden drum coffee table by knowing the characteristics of the material

drum table cheap wood furniture deco recup terrace sofa range

However, by dint of being exploited, these coils are used like any other object. Your drum coffee table or stool original creative project should necessarily consider this aspect of the material. Try to profit through a decor with distressed furniture (like the style seaside or industrial design, for example) or, conversely, consider options to give your creation a look renovated (see below our ideas to be tested as part of your project).

Coffee table grinder raw wood and idea of ​​cheap Deco contemporary lounge *

drum coffee table natural wood lounge deco idea small cabinet to make yourself

Transforming reel wooden coffee table is not at all a difficult task. You could use such a coil is, by leveraging its worn appearance and making it an accent piece of furniture in an interior dominated by light colors.

How to integrate its wooden coffee table to reel in a contemporary interior *

how to make a coffee table with a drum is make yourself deco natural living

The ideal setting for such an object of decoration would be a painted white living room that will eventually involve some wood surfaces. If you dream of a brighter interior and you want a little more color, feel free to join the neutral color that is white with touches of yellow, red, orange or green.

How to make a coffee table with a wooden drum for a corner crafts

idea coffee table drum EDF wood manufacturing model

Use the shape of your coffee table drum up! Many coils are of a size that would suit perfectly to the decor of a child's room or playroom; Make it so the focal point of a corner devoted to manual activities your son or daughter!

Carry a coffee table with a drum to develop an organic atmosphere terrace

bass drum table terrace garden idea deco furniture outside to make wood

which characterizes the raw wood the appearance of a drum coffee table is also a good complement for the development of a natural ambience terrace.

Ideas for transforming a drum coffee table to decorate its interior or exterior

coffee table models reel furniture idea deco modern terrace lounge

Combine this small cabinet with an outer coating or wood accessories; please select other objects in more vivid colors (chairs, cushions, carpets ...).

Recycle a drum coffee table and imagine a DIY personal decoration for her wedding day

coffee table made of wood grinder diy wedding decoration wood furniture

The coil with an unworked surface would be an interesting addition to a country style wedding decoration. The raw wood is inevitably present in such a setting; if you decided to make your own wedding decor, like many couples today, you can pretty much bet on low tables like this.

Coffee table grinder - idea of ​​wooden reels turned into decorative items recycling craft for rustic wedding

drum wood table decoration table wedding chic rustic countryside

Whether your party be organized inside or outdoors, a coil transformed into table add much originality to your celebration!

Renewing a drum coffee table: how to embellish the colors of his wooden spool and restore its luster

model living room furniture was manufactured drum ideas deco recup

How to customize a drum coffee table and align it with its interior? If you have a space or contemporary Scandinavian style that already includes touches of wood, imagine a way to get the same color on your coffee table.

How to make a coffee table with a drum and harmonize creation with its interior decoration

transform drum coffee table cheap deco furniture recup

Glass Paper is a good starting point in this regard; it will allow you to get rid of the most worn layer of wood to completely change the look of your creation.

Deco template to customize drum coffee table by painting

reel spool low natural wood decoration cabinet table is make yourself

To quickly restyle a drum coffee table, nothing better than brushstrokes with paint color of your choice!

outdoor porch decoration with coffee table painted wood spool in white

wooden spool reel furniture decoration outdoor garden furniture terrace

Think about the colors you like and how you can combine with the decor of your home, your terrace or garden.

Idea to transform drum coffee table and customize your decor with rope

drum idea deco exterior terrace table cheap to manufacture furniture

And here's another good idea to recycle in a drum coffee table: give more personality to your creation using some rope wrapped around its base! This is a simple project to make and very chic to decorate an open terrace.

Carry a coffee table recycling craft wood with clever storage for books

small table grinder eds wood furniture has to recup' diy decoration bois

Want to make a coffee table made with a drum that is more functional? In this case, turn the lower part of your storage reel for books and magazines!

ecological decoration with wooden drum transformed into mini living room coffee table and library

Deco reel low storage model table books ambience DIY furniture Nature

Feel free to add your furniture some wooden planks that serve as additional support if needed.

Set up a reading corner or games room with a coffee table made of wood reel

how to turn a drum coffee table deco écologiqu make a coffee table

This idea will give you the opportunity to store more books in your reading area or create a mini library for your child.

wooden table in small coil reel with storage for children's books

Table drum library wooden furniture nursery to manufacture

Small books will be stored at the ground level, which will facilitate the access of small to their collection of comics and favorite stories!

Storage Tip reading children's corner and reel wooden Table

drum storage table trick books natural wood ambience decoration

Complete the decoration of this den with a comfortable chair and a floor lamp, to improve the brightness.

Using wood grinder in its DIY projects to achieve multi-function furniture

drum stool coffee table modene padded storage children's books

Moreover, you can further customize your coffee table grinder and turn it into a stool with library. If this idea sounds interesting to you, simply make a padded stool with storage for books, as shown above.

Make a table grinder with wooden top and metal legs

size drum coffee table deco feet nursery natural ambience

To make a coffee table drum even more likely, get inspired by the latest news on Deco with metal materials!

Round wooden table model to oneself coil and metal legs

drum coffee table model to manufacture wooden terrace lounge deco recup

Disassemble your grinder and use one of these circular parts into a wooden tray which should be added metal feet.

How to make a coffee table wooden reel two levels for DIY decoration contemporary living

model reel wooden coffee table cheap decoration contemporary living

And to optimize space more and get a little clever shelf, take the two plates and add metal feet.

Photo furniture recycling craft for original design furniture and DIY idea wooden table

reel spool coffee table decoration idea wood furniture model living room has make yourself

You will get a small piece of furniture with storage, which will be perfectly adjusted to the height of your sofa and your lounge chairs!

Low modern design Table with drum and foot wooden planks

wood furniture living room has manufactured storage reel table model wooden feet

Apply the same technique, replacing the metal legs with wooden supports and build a wooden coffee table natural and modern style!

Make a round table with wheels and round top in wooden drum

drum coffee table on wheels example diy deco cheap living room furniture

Need a little easier to move furniture? Attach casters feet wooden tray for a piece of practical and functional sofa!

Natural deco inspiration with end table in reel recycling craft

drum coffee table to a piece of wood sofa furniture cheap picture

In short, give free rein to your imagination and your creativity and take the wooden reel as a base to carry out the furniture you need! If you have collected more coils, transform the remaining ones you stools, taking inspiration from one of the models below:

Modern Stools to make oneself small coils for industrial exhibition decoration

DIY deco lounge recup that make wood drum stool stool EDF coil

stool DIY tutorial padded drum timber with fabric geometric prints

drum stool DIY wood furniture deco interior trend

Idea reading corner deco stool with padded reel

drum stool wood furniture capitonne cheap recup deco idea

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