How to wrap a few ideas not to be missed!

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Over the years, fewer and fewer people start to write letters. But there is no greater act than writing a beautiful letter to someone you appreciate.

For this, the appearance is very important. In this article we'll show you how to make a budget. Check out our ideas into pictures and our tutorials to help guide you.

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The envelope is not only intended to letters. It is used as well to put a greeting card or a small gift. There are paper, fabric, cardboard and other unique materials. Often, stores are found in paper and simple colors. But it would be even better to personalize your envelope. To do this, simply take your courage and realize yourself.

How to make a paper envelope or cardboard? Discover our tips!


Before you begin, choose the material you use for your project. Opt for paper or paperboard is the most simple. But be creative and choose colors and patterned paper. And if you have the artistic soul, you can decorate your own envelope.

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do not always have an envelope in hand and sometimes in a hurry. In those moments we often wonder how to make a self-enclosure. First, grab the selected paper or cardboard, scissors and glue. First, cut a square that you temporarily bend two, so that you keep a brand that will form two triangles. Fold the top corner to the middle. Do the same with the fold on the other side. Next, fold the bottom corner a little above half. Then rebattez the other corner. Tape the edges and voila!

How to original envelope - discover our tutorial!

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Here is an interesting idea. For this project, we have to cut out 4 circles of the same diameter. Glue them together one over the other. So you are going to train in the middle square. Then, begin to fold slowly circles on both sides, then the one below. And finally finally, fold the last circle below the other to close everything. This package is ideal for close small gifts or small greeting cards. Do not hesitate to play with colors.

idea-core-paper writing

Are you tempted to write a letter to the person you love? Here's an idea envelope to achieve in minutes. It will certainly impress the person who receives it. For this you'll have to cut a heart the size you want. Then, fold out the two slightly rounded sides. Then put the board that exceeds below and paste it. And voila, your envelope is finally ready!

paper vintage button-string

The examples that you were shown are simple, practical and easy to implement. However, you can also play with the textures and the decor of your envelope. You can choose paper or fabric to give more originality to your idea.

realization-creation-paper button

In the tutorial above, we show you how to make a closure for housing, which is different than making glue. To close your shell, you can do it from wax, a decoration item or button. For the envelope button, it must first provide yourself with cardboard. Then he must cut a small circle that you'll break with a thumbtack. It will serve you later to close your envelope.

idea-origami-color envelope
Do not hesitate to be creative. To make your envelope, you can use origami. This will help you to make your creative and original envelope.

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