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A cat enclosures: Catio is not a prison

cat enclosure with cornice

A Catio cat is not for humans, do not confuse it with patio! Let me explain what I'm going to tell you before the tracks are blurred. Indeed a Catio is screened patio you can also yourself give your felines.

An enclosure for cat in the garden or the sun is within the reach of Kitty

fenced in garden
A place to chat secure and ideal for relaxes outside the house. A large cage or cat enclosures can be installed on a balcony on a porch or an attachment. Kuzmich (my cat) managed the feat to destroy three flower pots on the balcony of the neighbors, luckily no one was passing down the building!

The enclosure for cat depends on the space in the garden and your will

pens cat depends space in garden

So to avoid more damage, a catio necessary. In my case it was a well consolidated fishing net!
Inside the enclosure Catio or cat, pampered feline with the decorum and medicinal plants (heliophilous know what I mean), wood to sharpen nails and ledges for lounging are a game and Requires one for the clerk.

A corridor connecting the interior of the house is the fence is the perfect idea

corridor connecting house interior enclosure
Merging a great design with safety cat to enjoy the outdoors is the goal. No wonder that many residents of New York for example, are on the screening of their balconies to create shelters for their furry friends! In addition, the cat enclosure become new. The Catios are on the lists of many cat owners wishes, and why would they not?

An attachment built in the garden for the happiness of kitty

enclosed garden room built

A Japanese style for a pen for the cat inside the house

Japanese-style interior house cat enclosure

The so secure water garden can be a small jungle to the small tiger

water garden small jungle cat

A corner for meditation and discussion with the Buddha

two cats near Buddha Garden
This is the Disneyland for cat without a doubt!

fun outdoor space for cat

Goaltender glad his workplace

garden outside cat

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